#TheBlacklist S5, Ep. 6 "The Travel Agency (No. 90)" Recap/Review


This week's Blacklister isn't quite your typical to catch a villain kind but more of a capture before he's harmed as well. 

"The Travel Agency" is another one good hour of television that leaves you wondering till the very end about this week's blacklister. With some twist and mostly coming near the end of the episode, one being that the blacklister isn't all in the head as he's suffering from a relapse of memory (think of it as 50 First Dates). The blacklister is given the same assignment but killing those that were part of The Travel Agency. 

The other twist comes when after watching the blacklisters get taken down, Liz gets to thinking of what she really wanted to do, get married to Tom right here and right now at the end. As much as I loved the first non-wedding, this one was good enough. 


While Liz and the team go after the blacklister, Cooper goes out his way to help a son of a friend out of danger and thinking that he's doing drugs again. He and Red team up and have a nice adventure in this episode that had they given demands on where the kid was by given the drug dealer the ultimate high to even almost given their head blown off from the kid that they're saving. 

I've very much enjoyed watching Cooper getting a nice story. We got to see him be a badass at times. There was a scene with Red given a speech about how the justice system protects the police officers no matter if they kill someone one accident or on purpose. 

And not to mention Tom's search for Peter McGee, whos' taken the suitcase of bones. McGee's wife/girlfriend gets a message that she no longer knows the guy or ever met the man from a strange dude. When Tom gets her to help him dig into Pete's computer, they find out that he's using her name for credit cards and such. That strange dude informs his boss about the girlfriend and Tom working together. 

The episode had some very good moments from Red and Liz at the putt-putt course to Cooper and Red during their adventure, Liz and the wife of the blacklister talk about being a mother,  and not to mention Tom and Liz getting married. I do wonder who the strange dude is talking to and how bad this guy is that he wants those bag of bones. I will say that with a small scene of Tom and Red talking about suitcase was chilling at times. I thought that writing of this episode was very good. Overall I give this episode an 8/10.

You can catch The Blacklist Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.