#TheBlacklist S6, Ep. 1 "Dr. Hans Koehler (No. 33)" Season Premiere, Part 1 Recap/Review

Thursday night aired part one of the season premiere of The Blacklist, and it seems that Liz is going to bring fire and fury to Reddington. Here's a recap!

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The premiere opened up like any classic Blacklist opening, a group of robbers coming in the bank to rob but also ruined Reddington's plan to rob the place too and not only got what he wanted but took the robbers out as well. But as soon as they escape, he dumped the robbers out like trash on to the street and escaped but returns what he stole and inform the banker to return this priceless painting that happened to be stolen.

Liz and Jennifer discuss what they think and should do about how to expose of Reddington for what he has done to their birth father. Of course to Jennifer, this becomes a bonding time with Liz because she has no one else. They come to the idea of looking into the house that they were at one time or another and not to mention the house that Liz shot her father. They talked to the local sheriff questions and planned to look up records of anyone that was hurt.

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In the meantime, Red gives Liz and the Task Force case to look for Dr. Hans Koehler, who is one of the most excellent plastic surgeons that help changes faces, even helped Reddington. But Ressler doesn't think they should work with Red after the events in the fall finale. But Liz wants to continue working and tried looking for Koehler, but Koehler was working on someone that happened to shoot him and his team after he was done. 

Red and Liz found the location where Koehler was and found his body, but he tells Red something that happens to do with a disk drive of all the names of his clients. Of course, Red got it and easier one, his out of the list. Liz, who's acting cool isn't doing much so when asking about Reddington's secrets and they get into another argument about telling each other the truth. 

But they know who the guy is that shot Koehler and tries to capture him, but escape. He's Casein Moreau also known as The Corsican, who's an assassin. But something tells me that we'll be seeing him again soon. 

Also not to mention, Samar is released from the hospital but doesn't quite seem to be all there and not the Samar that we know. There were times where she pretty much had to think somethings over like Dembe congratulating her on her and Aram's engagement. Keep an eye out for her. 

Overall, I thought that the premiere episode was indeed a thrilling and intense at times mainly between Liz and Reddington. Ever since that scene where Liz and Jennifer are talking about taking Reddington down just had my heart pumping throughout the episode wondering what's is going to happen. Also, the first meeting between Liz and Red were chilling as well, but the hold of each other hands was a bit touching and scary too. As much as there was strong character development of Liz through last season and this season, I think that Megan Boone could shine this season, unlike any other season. 

Also, there were many classic Reddington moments like the bank heist. When someone is surprised that he’s Raymond Reddington, it never gets old.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch Part 2 of the season premiere of The Blacklist Friday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c with an encore of Thursday's episode at 8/7c too on NBC.