#TheBlacklist S6, Ep. 2 "The Corsican (No. 20)" Season Premiere, Part 2 Recap/Review

Part two of the two-part season premiere of The Blacklist get Liz to ask the question is Red is a good man or a bad man. But it leaves with the biggest twist of all this season.

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As Red gets a tip of The Corsican for Liz and the FBI that he's going to bomb the United Nations building passing as someone that is delivering a suitcase to a diplomat. Trying to locate him getting there, Liz and Ressler find the suitcase, but The Corsican is gone in the wind. Donald gets to him in a stalemate, but he escapes after shooting a hostage.

While Liz is with the bomb, Red brings a familiar face, who happens to supply the bomb to the Corsican, Maxwell. As Maxwell gets ready to open the case, intense builds at every second. As Maxwell stops the bomb, Red is at the UN General Assembly given one of the greatest speeches in 2019, that was a remark on the history of films and even the cold war.

But when Liz comes in to tell him about the bomb has been stopped, she continues to think of the idea that maybe Reddington that we see isn't all that bad but good as he once again saves people from danger.  Later she calls Jennifer to tell her that they should take a step back, but Jennifer isn't ready to and tells her that they need to see this through.

As Red, Dembe, and Maxwell leave to get some salted pretzels, Red gets confronted by a street police officer asking for his ID but soon arrested him and learns that he's Raymond Reddington. Not only does the Task Force is in shock, but Liz as well and they try to get Red out of custody, but since it's an election year, the attorney general isn't dropping it (because she's running for Governor).

Liz visits him and tries to get him to tell about his agreement, but he says to her that someone has betrayed him, someone, close and told her to look for that person. But when Liz and Jennifer celebrate with a drink, it's Liz that admits that she's the one that betrayed Red and gets emotional about what he could be facing that includes the death penalty. But Jennifer isn't that emotional.

As Liz makes her remarks, Reddington is taken to jail as the Attorney General talks to the press about how she'll hold Red to everything accountable.

This episode, again, amazing, incredible, and just pure shocking moment that had my heart sunk to the ground at the end of the episode. Megan Boone shines in this episode like I thought she would see this season from Part One of the season premiere. You couldn't even read her with her questioning whether she's going to to do something to Reddington or not. And what I thought was it was going to be Jennifer that pulled the trigger, even after Liz tells her that she wants to back down because she thinks Reddington is a good man. Boy, was I played.

Does anyone feel that during the final scenes of the episode that it felt like a bit like when Liz was going to jail? Oh man, this is going to one here of a season, but I don't think that Reddington will be in prison for a long time, I give it at least a few weeks, maybe a month or two.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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