#TheBlacklist S6, Ep. 3-4 "The Pharmacist (No. 124)"/"The Pawnbrokers (146/147)" Recap and Review

"The Pharmacist (No. 124)"


As Red is court try to win his case, he gives Liz another blacklister, Dr. Stark, a bio-scientist, who's in need of help after reports of an unauthorized human trial for MCDD has killed people. Liz and the team learn that Stark is not aware that his assistant is the one ruining the trails because of another company in competition. Later Dembe asked to see Dr. Stark and talked to him about his deal with Reddington.  

Meanwhile, Reddington goes alone to defend himself and pulls a big move of letting the judge that he has an agreement with the FBI. After things were looking good for Red, it turns out that he vailed the terms by of the FBI agreement and is taken into jail for a small time till another hearing is scheduled. 

"The Pharmacist" was an excellent and exciting episode. The blacklister of the week wasn't as thrilling like others, but it was interesting to see that one isn't what you would call a killer, but a man trying to find a cure. Also, I think he might be apart of something for Reddington down the road. The trail was one that I couldn't get enough of and boy was it a thrill. Even though I knew Red was going to jail one way or another, but the way it was going it looked like he was going to go free. Good writing along with a strong performance from Spader that remains me of his character from The Practice and Boston Legal.

Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

"The Pawnbrokers (No. 146/147)"


Red is in jail and is making some friends, while Liz and the task force deal with a couple that has something that they shouldn't. Here's a recap!

As Red is settling in jail, he quickly strikes enemies with Alfonso, as they threaten to kill him. But Red doesn't fear them and finds a way to get in touch with Dembe; getting help from a rat and the prison sewer pipes. While there Red makes friends with a young kid, who becomes a bit of his right-hand assistant. But as the day came instead of fighting, Red speaks to everyone about why Alfonso is in jail, and it wasn't for killing anyone. Soon Alfonso gets word that he's been released and later gets killed from the boss that he cheated on.

Meanwhile, the blacklisters of the week happen to be a married couple, who owns a pawnshop and takes in stuff that no other pawnshops take exchange for loans. Liz and the task force sends in Samar undercover to retrieve highly confidential information. But just as Samar gets it, they are all both ambushed by the Chinese but stops them only before they get to the embassy. 

And Jennifer and Liz found what is their biggest lead to Reddington's past so far; thanks to the computer tech, once he gave it another shot. 

"The Pawnbrokers" is such a brilliant episode and is one that defines that this show still has teeth for their characters. Just watching Reddington being put into a different environment still has its thrills and enjoyment. The performance was very good, and the writing was as good as it could be. The slowly growing Jennifer and Liz storyline is making me want to see more and more happen. The intense is killing me. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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