#TheBlacklist S6, Ep. 6 "The Ethlicist (No. 91)" Recap and Review

With Reddington getting mental tested, will Liz get a step closer to who Reddington is or not? Here's a recap!

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With Reddington moved to Springfield for a psychological evaluation, Liz takes this opportunity to hunt down one man that knows Reddington and gets the FBI task force to hunt him down. The Ethicist is one blacklister that can work out the details in any situation, and when he works with someone with a flavor, he gets caught by Liz and has a chat about not only his history as another person. 

As Liz and Jennifer demand answers, but he would only tell her if he hands him his gun. As soon as he gives him the gun, he gives the name "Marguerite Renard." Liz finds Marguerite, she'll learn about Reddington. And as soon as she leaves, The Ethicist kills himself. 

Meanwhile, Reddington asked the judge for a psych exam as he's got the right to have one. As soon as the judge agrees, Red is taken to a faculty in Springfield where he not only is tested but meets with a familiar face, who happens to be heavily medicine. As he whines down the meds, he tries to get him to talk about getting help but could only get one name, "General Shiro." Red couldn't get any more out of him because of attacking the therapist.

As the therapist talked to Red and gave him her opinion that he can stand trial, she notices something about him that he could be someone else instead of who he says he is, which means a lot, right? But Red goes back to New York and gets ready for trial, but as soon as he gets back to jail, he contacts Dembe that there's some work to be done. 

"The Ethicist" is influential and probably one of my favorite episodes so far. We finally get to see Liz cross that line of trust with her task force. From lying to Cooper and team about Red wanting them to hunt the Ethicist to even demanding information about Reddington to the blacklister as the task force is coming in and lets him kill himself. The one problem I had, and it's the beginning of the episode when we see the soon to be a client of the Ethicist hit someone in the middle of the night. The whole scene was too damn dark and hard to know if it was a kid or someone older. Otherwise, I thought the episode was good after that: strong writing and character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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