#TheBlacklist S6, Ep. 7 "General Shiro (No. 116)" Recap and Review #Blacklist

Move over Stewmaker (even though you're dead) there's a new Blacklister that's just as creepier! Here's a recap!

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There's been a string of murders of highly corporate people dying from deadly bugs that come out of their bodies. Freaky, no? Reddington gives Liz and the task force a name to look into and as they hunt down and as Liz and team learn of that the reason these guys are dying was business of making money and not saving the environment. As Liz and Ressler learn who General Shiro is, they go after him but a bit late when he pulls not only another stunt to the chairman committee but also himself. While the Blacklister was getting integrated we found out that he had even injested the serum the bugs in his body. Meanwhile, Dembe gets help from Liz to look into Shiro's office for a file that could help Reddington. 

Meanwhile, Reddington tries to stay afloat when it's time to pick the jury for the trial. Trying what he can, Red gets Dembe to ask Glenn for help but turns out Glenn would be the lord and savior for Red. But after what seemed to fight for him to stay on the jury, Glenn messes it up and gets dismissed. Thanks, Jelly Bean! It now looks like the fate of Red could be the end is near unless he can get something going with whatever Shiro had in the file. 

I very much enjoyed this episode from the beginning to the end. The deadly bug thing was not only creepy but so awesome. But it was during the jury finding began to get intense with nervousness, mostly coming from Glenn when he came in. As much as I could say those were my favorite moment of the episode, there were more from Red and Cooper smoking cigars and chatting, Dembe telling Red that he's screwed but Red tells him to keep the faith, and the talk between Liz and Dembe near the end which gave me chills beyond words. Any chance that Dembe knows what Liz knows? Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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