#TheBlacklist Season 4, Episode 4 & 5 "Gaia" & "The Lindquist Concern" Recap and Review

In the episode "Gaia," the next blacklist turns out to be a brother nature for the environment, plus Tom makes a bad call when it comes to getting his child. 

This episode had me twisting an turning just a bit. The task force goes after an Eco-terrorist who has a connection to Kirk. He takes on those that pollute the air and harm those that have been effected, like his son for insistence. But when he tries to take down a nuclear planet, he's ride there gets diverted by Aram and crash. 

But that gave Red help looking for Gaia's wife and son, who happens to know Kirk's doctor. He offered them help in exchange for the doctor. During that scene when they're in the dinner, Red shows his softer and charming side when it comes to give a sweet child ice cream. 

But it wasn't all good, Kirk gives Liz a chance to see her daughter, but Tom thinks he can get her back with his own team. That turned out to be a bad idea and Liz paid a bad price for that even though she didn't know that Tom was going to do it. 

Not to mention, that Dr. Kaplan was rescued by some stranger, who tries to help her. It seemed so strange at first, but at the end of the episode, it turns out that she's his prisoner. 

In the episode, "The Lindquist Concern" this episode was interesting and creepy all at once. 

When Red gets Liz and the task force to track down a criminal who targets young inventors with million dollar worthy inventions. He may seem slow and stupid at his workplace, but he's a smart and very intelligent to get away as he seeks whats own to him. 

When the FBI caught up to him, he takes his employees in another room as hostages. Samar comes and tries to reason with him but wouldn't do it and he takes a bullet to the chest. 

Meanwhile, Red and Liz track down Kirk with the help from his doctor. Red wants Liz to stay back when they go after him at the meet his doctor would be at. When left behind some of Red's crew, Red heads with the doctor to the area to get ready. But Tom went on a tip from Ressler about a guy who knows Kirk and got information. 

When Tom called Liz he tells her where Kirk was at, in Russia. Totally different from where Red and Dembe are at and Liz calls to warn them but it was too late as Kirk's car, which came in, blows up. Only a few injuries, Red thanked Liz for her last attempted call. 

With only a few more episodes left before the fall finale, I feel they're gonna get Liz's baby sooner, probably in tonight's episode. I just have that feeling. 

Both episodes were really good. I thought the blacklist Gaia was really good but the other guy in last week's episode was okay, creepy but okay. 

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