#TheBlacklist Season 4, Episode 8 "Dr. Adrian Shaw (No. 98) Conclusion" Fall Finale Recap and Review

In the fall finale, did Red tell what we knew all a long or was he just blowing smoke? 

The episode picked off where it left in the previous, Kirk's men were setting up to get moving to take him and Liz out of the hospital. Red tells Liz to get out twice and well doesn't do it, but she tries to talk Kirk down. 

Kirk won't back down as he doesn't believe the DNA test show that Liz isn't his daughter. Kirk's men devise a smoke screen to get everyone out and put the hospital on lock down. There the crew goes and takes Kirk and Liz, but Tom gets into one with them and as he was about to choke to death, he replied the guy's question with more of a "can you hear this now?" way with a gun to the guy's head. 

But probably the most entertaining couple of scenes was the car chases when Tom was chasing Kirk and Liz and stopped and guns go a blazing. Tom thought he would sneak underneath the ambulance but gets caught until he was saved by Ressler and Samar. 

Red's plan was coming along slowly. Taking Dr. Shaw and getting her to find a "patient zero" for him. This patient was cured from he same disease that Kirk has. As soon as they find it, Red grab Kirk's doctor and looked as the medical file of the patient, that he also treated. 

So Tom and Dembe picked up "patient zero" who happens to be an ADA. As they taken her, Red made a deal with Kirk for exchange for him for Liz's release. Of course, Kirk takes it and the exchange was made and the fun for Kirk really began there as they strapped Red to the chair and injected medicine that causes pain (remember season 1?).

Injection after injection, Kirk ties to get Red to talk. It seems that they've used a lot and yet Red can still tolerate the pain. Red has told him about a cure but doesn't believe a word til in the middle of their talk the van arrives with the ADA herself. They tested her and proves that she's a match, but still Kirk didn't believe it and tells them to take her and run more test.

Kirk and Red talked more and asked him the question that we all wanted to know, is Liz his daughter. Of course, he dodges the question but at one point, he tells Kirk "what do you want me to say? yes, she is. Elizabeth is my daughter." 

And soon, when they were alone they'd talked about Li's mother and Red asked him about how was she like. After Red tells him about how she was assigned to him and probably assigned to Kirk as well. Then Kirk was about to put another injection into Red until he stopped and Red tells him something that we couldn't hear and then stops. 

Liz, after being taken and almost killed but saved by Ressler and Samar, get there with Ressler with no Red or Kirk insight. Cooper is informed by Ressler and Samar that Shaw was part of Red's plan to help Kirk. 

Later with Liz and Tom at their home with the baby, they get a visitor, Red. He comes in and waits til Liz turns around and sees him. She asked where Kirk is and he replies "gone." Red holds the baby and as they look at her, Liz tells him that she wishes her dad was here to see this, he replies, he would too. 

I thought that this episode was another outstanding one. It had enough of action, the car chase scene, to pull over the hump and great character performances from Spader and Ulrich Thomsen (Kirk). Even the ending where Liz and Red look at the baby was beautiful and a relaxing moment for now in the series. Of course, I would be satisfied with the answer I got, but did Red tell the truth or was he just telling Kirk what he wants to hear? And what the hell did he tell him before sitting down? I do think that Red is Liz's father, but of course, this is the Blacklist and things can really change just like that. I think when the show is getting down the end, we'll know a lot more. 

Also to note: Kaplan leaves her capture's place, with the question did she kill him or let him live? But before she leaves, she cooked him a meal and tells him what had happened to her. By the end, we see her walking down the road and getting picked up. Will we see her again? 

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