#TheBlacklist Season 4, Episode 11 "The Harem (No. 102)" Recap/Review

"The Harem" has to be one of the fun and interesting episodes of the season. 

We've seen a lot of Blacklisters from men to women but now it's a team of bad women who love to play and steal to the bone. When a list of those that are in the witness protection project has been stolen, it's up to Liz to go undercover and get it, but could she make it in the group of The Harem"? 

As I said before The Harem is like an Ocean's 8 style of women (shorter number though), who steal and make a name for themselves. Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan & Law & Order alum) guest stars as the leader Margot, who's planning to steal the list of witness protection people. Red gets Liz and the FBI involved and used Margot's brother to get Liz in with the group. 

After passing Margot's test, Liz was in the group, but not her brother anymore. The group starts off slow and moves on. Liz gets involved with another member, Emma (Anastasia Griffith (Royal Pains & Trauma)), is one of Margot's trusted members, but also turns out to be Red's old undercover who went cold on him for the past couple of years. When the Liz and Emma talked, they had a deep plan of what they were going to do, until things went south that Emma caused in China and took the list for herself, leaving Liz and other members by themselves. 

After escaping, Liz and the FBI make their move and caught Margot. Meanwhile, Red meets with Emma and is given the electronic list of the witness protection. Red tells her if she was in trouble that she should had come to him sooner and gave her a place to stay and money to have as they watch her son practice soccer that he has no clue she's his mother.

In the meantime, during this episode, Red tries to get his business moving by helping a cursed ship business help carry some stuff around. But things took a tumble when one of his guys died of a heart attack, and someone else had purchased and helped the cruise line ship. Someone seems to be making moves on Red's business, and it appears that this is only the beginning. 

But let me just end this with one of the highlight notes of this episode, Liz and Red meet at a restaurant, and he gives her the list. Liz tells him that she knows that he killed Mr. Kaplan and soon he tells her why he needed to get that list. It wasn't for him; it was to keep Kaplan's sister hidden. Liz tells him that it doesn't count for what he had done to Kaplan, and he knows that, but it seems that after he tells Liz about it and that she knows about Kaplan that it was a bit of relief for him. 

I loved this episode, which I even watched this over and over for the last week since this episode aired. Hennessy and Griffith were amazing along with Megan Boone as well. All three stole my hearts in a way. It's just fun to watch strong female characters do some bad ass things. Overall, I enjoyed that scene with Liz and Red near the end of the episode. The writing was good as well as the directing too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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