#TheBlacklist Season 4, Episodes 6 & 7 "The Thrushes" & "Dr. Adrian Shaw" Recap

These two episodes set up tonight's fall finale of The Blacklist. 

Let's begin with "The Thrushes" as the Red and the team are still on the hunt for Kirk. Red picks up Kirk's bookie and brings him back to the US. There Red and Liz tells the team about him and what they want to do. When they take the bookie, by the time they were about to take him in, he gets shot and killed. 

Now you would think that it was a shock, no, not to Red at least. Because that was a plan to prove to him and Liz that the Post Office has been hacked. So, with the the Post being hacked, Red gets the team to what he calls The Past. 

But he informs them about The Thrushes, a team of hackers that hack for pay and only hack to the highest difficulties. Well, they're working for Kirk. It shows later that the Post Office was hack and it was by someone that they know. Aram's girlfriend. Yeah, go figure! Can't trust someone that good of a person to think that they're gonna do something against you. 

Aram figured it out and decides to take them out with his own little duck. His only chance would be to do it while him and his girlfriend were to have dinner. Will he succeed? You bet he did! In a great way too with some awesome fight scenes. 

Kirk messages Liz and they planned to met on top of a building. As Liz heads to meet Kirk, so does Red and his team. Kirk thinks that she would lose Red but really didn't. As Kirk has Liz's baby, Red makes a scene in and Kirk walks towards the edge of the building. Liz calls him dad and soon just gives her the kid and surrenders. 

Kirk is taken to the Post Office and placed inside The Box for his wrong doing. 

Now in Dr. Adrian Shaw, Red and the team looks for Dr. Adrian Shaw, a doctor that gives new identities for people by killing others. In a way it's really creepy but very interesting.

The more focus in this episode was between Kirk and Liz as his health gets worst. In the hospital, he needs blood so Liz tries to give him some but it doesn't seem to work out. The next option was for her to give bone morrow but turns out the testing of her blood turns out that she is not related to Kirk. 

Kirk does have connected with his assistant and plans to break him out, but how? There was a bus crash that kept the hospital on its feet that no one would notice who is who and most of those that were there in the ER were Kirk's men. 

When Liz gets the news she tells Kirk about it and he thinks that Red messed with it but he had no clue about it expect Red telling Liz to get out of the hospital. By the time that was said and done, hell breaks loose. And we're left with to what's to come tonight.   

Tonight is the fall finale. It looks like we'll finally know the truth of who is Liz's father. The suspense is killing me. Is it killing you too? 

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You can catch The Blacklist Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.