#TheBlacklistRedemeption S1, Ep. 1 "Leland Bray" Series Premiere

The Blacklist Redemption has everything that The Blacklist has but with more fun and thrills to had to it's adventures. 

The new Blacklist spin-off The Blacklist Redemption premiered after the winter finale of The Blacklist Thursday and let me just say, I had more fun watching than any spin-off I've seen. 

When a CIA operative has been kidnapped along with her son, Scottie Hargraves gets Tom Keen and her team of Solomon, Nez and Dumont together to help rescue her. Both Keen and Solomon puts their differences aside and worked together. 

When they rescue the CIA agent, she escapes fearing that the kidnapper still has her son and will kill him. Tom sees that there was a bomb put inside her and learns that she's gone to take her own team out with that bomb. But the team gets there in time and gets the bomb out of her thanks to Keen and Dumont teamwork. 

But also, Keen learns that his father is still alive, after learning three weeks ago on The Blacklist that he had died in a plane crash. He tells Tom that he believes that his mother (Scottie) tried to kill him to own his company. 

He also wants Tom to work with her as well for which he does after a nice adventurous time with the team and shows him the connection between his disappearance 30 years ago and killing his father connecting to Scottie. 

As much as I love The Blacklist and worried about a spin-off (like everyone should be) I really enjoyed the first episode of the series. We get that classic Blacklist mythology hook but added with the thrills and fun of a spy genre drama. I enjoy watching Ryan Eggold and Edi Gathegi scenes together, you just know that their characters hate each other as it's like watching the classic show The Man from U.N.C.L.E. And the editing is another thing too that really draw me into the show with those three scenes at once when they try to kidnap the kidnapper's girlfriend from the pool. I believe this show has a very good premise and would do great down the road. I hope the true Blacklister fans will give this series a chance and that down the road, might be a couple of cameos from Red himself? 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch The Blacklist: Redemption Thursday nights at 10/9c on NBC.