#TheFlash S3, Ep 10 "Borrowing Problems from the Future" Recap & Review

The Flash returns this week with Barry dealing with the knowledge that Savitar will end up killing Iris. He and Iris have moved in together and he has been having nightmares about what he saw. This distracts Barry and affects his decisions and his ability to fight crime. We are introduced to a new villain named Plunder. This thief uses a futuristic rifle, to commit various heists throughout the city. Though his appearance bare a close resemblance to Deadshot, who appeared in Arrow, Plunder's differences to the assassin become more and more clear the more screen time he has.

Normally, a thief would be an easy mark for the Scarlett Speedster, but Plunder's rifle can fire various high-tech ammunition that makes it difficult for Barry and Wally to apprehend him. Though Plunder is captured fairly early in the episode, he escapes Iron Heights during a transfer and continues his crime spree. Capturing Plunder becomes harder, when Barry tells the rest of the team about what he saw in the future. This included seeing a news report of how The Flash had captured Plunder. Because of this, Barry is hesitant to catch Plunder, worried that it will further cement Iris's death. 

Caitlin is also struggling with her powers, relying on power-suppressing bracelets which rely on batteries that need to be constantly charged. She recruits Julian to help her. Initially refusing, Julian eventually reconsiders, wanting to atone for his activities as Dr. Alchemy. Julian comes out of the shadows in this episode and joins the team, with the intention of helping Caitlin suppress her powers. Julian and Cisco are able to create a necklace, that runs off solar energy, to replace Caitlin's bracelets. They present it to her as a gift at the end of the episode.

Cisco and Barry vibe back into the future to learn as much as they can form the same news report Barry saw before Christmas. They make a list of events, most negative for the team, and commit to changing each one, so that Iris will be saved. Armed with this knowledge Barry and Wally go after Plunder one more time and Wally ends up capturing the thief, being credited with his capture. This changed the first event leading to Iris's death. 

The episode ends with an unknown female coming through a breach. She looks at a hologram of H.R. Wells and the episode closes. This is most likely the character Gypsy, who served with Vibe on the JL in the comics for a time. With knowledge of the future the show borrows from the comics, giving the views a list of what is to come in the future. We can expect to see Killer Frost resurface, the return of Gorilla Grodd, and of course the resurfacing of the speed god Savitar. This was a strong returning episode for the Flash and has teased a lot of exciting things that are sure to be happening in the future.


-What do you think Gypsy's connection to H.R. is?

-How will Savitar return?

-With the debut of Kid Flash, will we be seeing any more speedsters from the DC multiverse this season?