#TheFlash S3 Ep 21 “Cause and Effect” Recap & Review

Episode Grade 9 for the humor

We start where we left off in episode 20, Barry and Future Barry are having a conversation, and it is revealed that Savitar is a time remnant from when Barry created Flashpoint. He explains that he was a duplicate and as future Barry had told he killed all the remnant except himself and because he was broken after he was shunned by him and the entire team because he was an admiration he created Savitar. He tells Barry that he only needed two more things Iris to die and the other he will keep to himself.  

Future Barry continues to explain that he will soon ascend and that when he does Barry would be the one forgotten. Barry tried to kill future Barry but was attack by the Savitar suit “My suit is way cooler than your” he said. The attack each other with their lightening and the collision of both cause an explosion.

Barry is back at Star Labs, and he tells the team that Savitar is him, and Cisco explains that he was the worst parts of Barry. Cisco put it together that the message that was sent to the wave rider was from future Barry about Savitar Barry “everything is coming together in the worst way possible” Cisco mumbles.  

Cisco explains fours from now future Barry creates remnants to help defeat Savitar, but Savitar made that one lives so when he put in prison he can go back in time so make it seems like he was the first speedster. Cisco tells them it was a close loop, and Wally brings up the fact that the remnant has Barry feelings and memories and questions why would he want to kill Iris.

Barry and H.R to help Tracey put a rush on the trap he is making. Barry tells Iris about the darkness and pain that he thinks lives within him, while Cisco and Julian work on the way to stop Savitar from knowing what Barry is thinking.

Cisco interrupt their conversation telling them he has the best or worst idea ever; Cisco and Julian create a machine to perm Barry memories. They were attempting let Barry forget daily activated mainly, but the disrupter took away all Barry’s memory, so he doesn’t even know who he is or anyone around him “who is Barry?”

Joe receives a call from Cecile that she need Barry at CCPD immediately, Iris tells Cisco and Julian that she and Joe will take Barry to CCPD while he and Julian figure out a way to reverse what they did to Barry’s brain. Meanwhile, Tracey has hit a speedbump in building the machine, so HR suggest that Tracy takes a step back and think about something that calms her so she can see what she is missing, they have a moment, and HR quickly runs away.

Joe, Iris and Barry have arrived at CCPD “Hi, I am Barry Allen, but you can call me Bart.” Is how Barry greeted Cecile. (I laughed so hard). Barry needs to testify against a pyromaniac named Lucious Coolidge because he was the CSI on the case. Joe tells Cecile that Barry has amnesia so he can’t testify and Joe goes down to the court to see if he can get delay the court date and Barry and Iris go out to eat. 

We learn that Savitar has also lost his memory after killer frost goes to figure out why he is kneeling not doing anything after revealing his identity to Barry and team Flash. 

Iris tries to be filled in some of the blanks in Barry’s memory and is enjoys a smiling and pain-free Barry. Barry received a call to go to the courthouse. Team Flash arrive at the courthouse to help Barry get through testifying without his memory and give him an eyeglass which that show him what to say, Julian uses it to toot his own horn. Barry starts to sweat as Cecile questions him and the sweat cause the eyeglass to spark and with no memory of his own could not answer the question, and Coolidge goes free.

Cisco and Julian arrive back and tells Wally that Barry’s memory loss have become a problem, and Killer Frost who was inside agreed telling them that Savitar has also lost his memory. Wally tried to speed over to Killer Frost and release that he had lost his speed, she tells them that she knows why and if they wanted to help Wally and Barry they must do exactly what she says.

Barry and Iris have arrived their Loft and Barry is expressing is guilty to Iris about Coolidge being free from prison, and she assures him that it was not his fault. Barry loves the décor of their apartment and sees’s pictures of his parent and Iris tells him that they were dead, and that how he came to live with her and Joe. She tells Barry that they were friends before he came to live with them and he was the happiest kid she has every met, and he tells her that it was because she came into his life. 

Barry kisses Iris and stop, but she said it was ok and he continues to kiss her which turn on his speed which he does not remember how to control. 

Barry, Iris, and Joe arrive at Star Labs, and Barry is all ecstatic about is need found power, but walk into a room filled with tension “buzz killed” he said, and Killer Frost came out saying her present in a room usually causes that effect.

Joe reaches for his gun, but Cisco tell him not to shot, and they explain that when Barry loses his memory Savitar also loses his memory, so Wally never got his speed. Caitlin offers to help them get Barry’s memory, and Wally’s speed back, the team consider it because if they don’t, they would have to stop Savitar from killing Iris. Killer Frost assure them that the Barry that they have right now can protect the City, so they have a tough choice to make.

H.R and Tracy shares a kiss which inspires a new idea, and Killer Frost, Cisco, and Julian work together to out thing back to normal. Cisco uses this opportunity to reminisce of some of his special moment with Caitlin telling her that when he thinks about the memories, he cherishes most she was in all they and Barry enjoy running in their indoor speed track.

Joes and Iris discuss the fact that Iris is conflicted on whether she wants Barry to remember because he is so happy and carefree. But Joe explains to Iris that he was not the real Barry without his memories whether they were good or bad. 

In the City Coolidge is on the move and start a fire, leaving Barry no choice but to save the people in the building. Killer Frost have found a solution to Barry memory loss, but after zapping him he still does not regain his memory, but still, goes out to stop the fire.

Barry is at the scene, but with no experience of his power, he does not know where to start. Iris helps Barry to remember by telling him about the first time they fell in love, Iris tells Barry that wish that she could take the dark memory away, but for every bad memory, there is a good one that could get him through it. Both Barry and Savitar remembers “I remember, I remember everything” they both said and Barry and Wally both save the day.

Barry and the team are back at Star Labs, and they test his memory, and they beg Caitlin to stay, and Julian tell her that he could fix her and she told them that he already tried and fail. Julian tells her that he will try harder, and he loves her, but she said that she doesn’t love him and she never has, and she never loved any of them.

Barry tells Iris that he thinks Caitlin is too far gone to get back, and she tells him that they can fight to get her back just like how they got him back. Barry ask Iris if she was sure that he was the Barry she wanted and she explains that it was nice to see him free of all the pain and darkness, and Barry tells Iris that he had that in Flashpoint and he could have kept it that way, but that would mean losing everyone he loves. Barry tells her that pain and darkness is a part of him and it makes him a better person and a better superhero. Barry and Iris shared a kiss which is interrupted by HR who brought them and the rest of the team to show the Speed Force Bazooka, but there is a problem, it would require more energy that the sun. The final scene cuts to a room that has some alien technology from the Dominators, guarded by King Shark.

I enjoyed this episode I laugh so much; this was a light episode yet it hit a lot of key spot in the plot for this season. We now know that Savitar is an admiration from the future who hold all present Barry now and future memory, so he knows what Barry is going to do before he does it. I was excited to she Caitlin back with the team telling us that she is not entirely Killer Frost yet, and Cisco uses the opportunity to bring back memories of the good old days. The Court scene Julian and the smiley face thing, I just laugh so much this episode I already watch it three times, it still on my DVR, I like Bart he a good guy.