#TheFlash S3 Ep 22 “Infantino Street” Recap & Review

Episode Grade:8

Ok, I am in depression mode, but it is still my job to recap the episode, so I am going to do my best, here we go.

We start with 24 hours until Iris death prediction comes through, Tracey is still working on the way to get the Speed Force bazooka to work, and HR bring her coffee. Joe is at home a little space out looking at Iris photo, and hug Wally who walks down stairs. We then see Iris and Barry lying in bed and her asking him to get her Caviar, as soon as she left, Iris picks up the phone and record a message.  

The next morning as Barry and Iris were getting ready, Barry received a call from Cisco with good news. They go to visit Lyla at Argus, and she tells them it was better to talk outside because the building is bugged. The inform Lyla of the speed force bazooka and that they need something powerful to power it and after a search, they have located something inside the Argus building. Lyla tells them that she has a piece of the object from the Dominators ship that crashed in Central City but they can’t have it. Barry questions if it was because of baby Sara, and she said she is curious what it would be like if she had a daughter and not a son, but that was not exactly it. Barry apologizes and tells her he made a mistake and she said that was what she was worried about because the piece of equipment is what wars are fought over.

Lyla explains that if it falls into the hand of the wrong person millions of people could die and she does trust Barry enough right now to hand it over to him and adamantly says no to Barry and Cisco. Barry tells s Lyla that if he doesn’t get it, Iris will die, and she apologizes and still says no telling him to find another way.

Barry and Cisco return to Star Labs, and Barry decide that if Lyla doesn't give it to them, he will steal it, and he and Wally will be in and out before anyone notices. Cisco tells him that the problem was that the facility had a metahuman dampener and his speed won’t work inside. After a lengthy discussion, they figure that they mind are not bright enough to make such a bring thief, making Barry think of the smartest thief he knows and runs back into time to recruit Snart for the mission. 

Barry asks Snart for help breaking into Argus telling him that if he does help him, Iris will die, Snart agrees but with a term that they follow his rules. Back at Star Labs with 10 hours to go, the team tries to come up with ideas, and Barry returns with Snart. The team is not pleased to see Snart mainly because Barry travels back in time to get him after promising not to go back in time. Barry tells them that he also vows to do whatever it takes to save Iris and Joe agrees saying if he says we need Snart we need Snart.

Outside Savitar/Future Barry is updating his Savitar suits and get and memory of Barry go back in time to recruit Snart.  After Killer Frost question is the ability to killing Iris who he has so much memory of, know that she was his first love, but Savitar adamantly reminded her that he was not Barry and she was not Catlin. Savitar tells him that if Iris doesn’t die, he doesn’t exist, and he want’s Barry to hurt and much as he does and that’s by taking his love.

Back at Star Labs, Snart goes out the Blueprint of Argus and tells them where the object that wants is likely being kept and Cisco tells them he would keep hacking to be sure. Barry asks Snart if he has any idea of what else they might have down there and Snart tells him that it doesn’t matter. Snart says Barry to follow his lead, because there were only four rules “make the plan, execute the plan, except the plan to go off the rails and throw away the plan. Barry tells Snart that he is trusting him and Iris agrees and telling that they all were trusting him and he said, “all I ask is not to be seated at the single’s table.” 

Barry reveals his identity to Tracy and tells them that he had a plan to break into Argus and ask that Joe takes Iris away to know somewhere because if he knows Savitar knows. Joe tells him that he would get Wally and he would keep her safe. Barry and Iris spend their last moment together, and she encourages him not to lose himself in the process. 

Joe, Iris, and Wally jumps to Earth 2 and is welcome by Wells, Barry set is watch to a 3-hour countdown and tell smart that it was the amount of time they have before they lose.

At Argus, Lyla prepares for a trip, and as soon as she leaves, another Lyla walks in and tells the guard that there was a change of plan because she received a gift from the flash in the form of Captain Cold as he said no problem if she can pass verification. Barry got through most of the verification but did not know the verbal passcode and knock out the guards. 

Cisco, Tracey and HR walk Barry through the to the room where the device is kept. Meanwhile, on Earth 2 Joe and Iris goes down memory lane and share a dance for old time sake and give her engagement ring back to Barry.

Barry and Snart find the device, but one they transponder doesn’t work, and the look on the door is unbreakable, that was until Snart breaks it in 37 seconds. As they are about to open the door, Snart repeats the first 2 rule of the plan, and King Shark comes to the door and Barry repeat the third rule except the plan to go off the rails.

Barry asks Snart to borrow his gun and question’s Barry actual reason for recruiting him stating that Barry picked him because he thinks that he won’t mind him getting all murder and Barry tells him that he know what he is up against. Snart gives him the gun and Barry tells him to open the door, but Snart advises him against it base on what he has learned from shark week. Snart says Barry that he could lower the temperature of the room to make King Shark fall asleep or he could go along with his plan and prove what kind of badass he was and Barry hand the gun back to Snart. 

Snart repeats the fourth rule “throw away the plan” and throws a piece of his cold gun inside putting King Shark to sleep. At Star Labs, HR recruits Tracy to team Flash telling him that he wasn’t sure where he fit on the team and now he knows and wants her to join him, and she agrees and shares a passionate kiss.

Barry and Snart are in and are slowly walking in as King Shark falls asleep, and the moment Barry takes the device out the door close, and Barry escapes, but Snart is stuck on the inside.

Snart tells Barry that sometimes he has to make the hard choices, and he could use this opportunity to show everyone that he is a rootless badass. With only 2 minutes before Argus agent take over the building Barry contact Cisco to open the door, and he did just in time as King Shark wakes up and he and Barry tag and war over Snart. Barry got Snart out, and King Shark loses and hand but quickly regrows it. 

Lyla shows up and gives Barry the device and tell him that if he went to such extremes that mean it was serious and that she knows that if it were Diggle, he would have done the same. 

Barry return Snart back to his time and Snart gives him some advice “stop trying to beat Savitar at his own game, your goodness is your strength.” Snart tells Barry that they get along because he sees the good in him and he sees the bad in Barry. Snart tells him that it may be sentimental but he thinks the Flash should remain a hero and they shake hands and say goodbye.

In the present Savitar uses Barry’s suit to get into Star Labs and HR mistakenly gives him the location of Iris. Cisco quickly tells Barry that Savitar knows where Iris was and notifies Earth 2 who prepares for his arrival. Savitar injures Kid Flash and takes Iris telling Joe that Iris have accepted her faith and it was the time he does the same. Barry gets to Earth 2, but it was too late, and Joe tell him that he already took her and Wells attend to Kid Flash who apologizes to Barry for not stopping Savitar.

 Back at Star Labs, the team prepares Infantino Street, Barry leaves to a team to plans and meet him there because he can’t know the plan. HR is feeling useless because he gave Savitar Iris location and Cisco encourages him that he was an important part of the team.

As Cisco was about to leave to join the team at Infantino Street, he had a vibe and told Barry that he had had the vision before and he has been dreading the moment and he did not want to believe that he would be this far gone. Barry tells Cisco to save Caitlin, and he will go and save Iris.

Barry is at Infantino Street.

Cisco is in the wood facing off with killer frost. Cisco tells her that he doesn’t want to fight her and she doesn’t want to fight him but she wants to kill him and start throwing ice darts at him, and Cisco used his power to block them but was eventually knocked down by killer frost.

At Infantino Street, Barry uses the Speed Force bazooka on Savitar, and it seems to have been working at first but eventually failed and Savitar kills Iris as Barry sped over to stop him but was not fast enough. We see the recording of Iris reciting her wedding vows to Barry.

Overall, great acting from the actor in the episode, I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen, but I remember reading somewhere that HR dies and how he uses the same device that Barry use to impersonate Lyla to impersonate Iris. 

Let me know in the comment what your prediction is?