#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 21 "Harry and the Harrisons" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Barry waking up. It’s 5:15 and Iris tells him to go back to sleep, but he can’t. Instead, he goes to see what she’s working on. She’s doing actual reporter stuff. She’s gathered everything she can find on Devoe and wants to use it for an article on her site.


Harry, Cisco, and Caitlin have figured out how the satellites are going to work. They will be placed at strategic points around the globe, and when they sync up, they will emit dark matter boosts that will reboot everyone’s brains. Barry wants to shoot them down, but with what?


Cisco and Harry talk about why Devoe hasn’t launched his satellites yet. Harry wants Cisco to consult the Council of Wells because they are close as it gets to an intelligent Harry.

There is only one problem with that plan. German Wells doesn’t want to help since Harry is now a “dum-dum.” Cisco wants to create a new council.


Joe goes into the lab to get ibuprofen and notices that Caitlin has something on her face. She’s been trying acupuncture to get Killer Frost back. They talk about it, and Joe tells her to come at the problem from a different direction.


This gives her an idea. She wants them to use Amunet. Her shards are immune to Kilgore’s powers. After a good deal of convincing, she gets the team over to her side and goes with Joe to find Amunet.

She finds creepy eye guy, Norvok, instead. He says that nobody’s seen Amunet in months.


Caitlin tells the team that Amunet used to be a flight attendant, and they use that information to track her down. Her real name is Leslie Jacoy, and there are several known addresses for her.


While everyone splits up to find her, Barry and Iris talk. Barry doesn’t want her to write the article. She agrees to hold on posting it, for now, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to write it.


Cisco has a new Council of Wells.  There is Lothario Wells, who was kicked off the original council, French Wells, and Sonny Wells, who is Italian I think? They all agree to help, unlike snobby German Wells.


Joe and Caitlin find Amunet running a gambling den behind a store. She has a new accent, but she still means business. She’s ready to fight when Barry comes in and says that they need her help.


At S.T.A.R. Labs, she tells Barry to take off the mask because she knows who he is. When they explain the situation, she says that she’ll help, but she’ll need more shards. Her storage unit was robbed, and she can’t get any more. They say that they’ll help and Caitlin goes to help her find the kitchen.


She takes her to the lab and talks about her Killer Frost problem. Amunet says that the splicer she used was among the stolen items and it wouldn’t be in her best interest to help Caitlin. Caitlin promises her a favor if Amunet gives her the splicer. Amunet agrees.


The Council of Wells isn’t helping. They are just telling Wells to feel out Devoe’s motivations. Then they leave. Harry storms out.


Iris gives Barry her finished article and they argue about it again. She wants him to put as much faith in people as people do in the Flash.


Caitlin, Barry, and Amunet go to her storage space. It was broken into with venom. Amunet says it could have only been Norvok.


The team talks about Norvok. Amunet doesn't know where he is and Caitlin gets really antsy. Joe outs her as having an ulterior motive.


Harry apologizes to Cisco.


Amunet and Caitlin talk. Amunet says that the splicer didn’t cure Caitlin. It was a placebo. This gives Amunet an idea.


She tells the team that she now knows where Norvok is. He is in a warehouse they used to use to hide from the police.


Norvok is selling the shards.


Iris tells Amunet not to kill Norvok. She kind of agrees.

Even that half-hearted agreement doesn’t last long, and Barry has to stop her from killing him on sight. Norvok doesn’t return the favor and attacks them. He sprays gas on Barry that puts him out of commission.


Joe and Caitlin go after the buyers and end up in a firefight.


Norvok has something to negate Amunet’s powers, so she’s a bit helpless.

Caitlin shoots the ceiling with the cold gun, and Joe shoots down the stalactites.


Barry phases through the venom.

Amunet calls the rest of her shards and coats Norvok’s face with them. Barry and Caitlin convince her not to kill him. She recalls the shards but does cut the snake out of his eye.


She then reveals that she had no intention of helping and is about to leave until Caitlin convinces her that helping them is in her best interest. She gives them a projectile made from her shards that they can shoot at a satellite. Then she tornadoes away.


Cisco needs to find out a way to launch the projectile. Harry has figured out why Devoe is delaying. His wife has left him. Caitlin asks Joe if he wants to get coffee with her.


After everyone else leaves, Barry and Iris talk about the article. He’ll let her do it. She just has to tell the team first.


Caitlin pays for the coffee and tells Joe what Amunet said.


Iris is still keeping Barry up. This time, it’s with the responses to her article. People have been tracking Devoe. Barry says that Devoe can’t hide from them anymore. It’s a nice thought, but he can shift his appearance into anyone, so it’s more of an annoyance than a slam dunk.


Apart from this obviously being a filler episode, it was good. Stretched a bit, but no worse for wear. 8/10.