#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 13 "True Colors" Recap and Review

The episode opens with Wolf explaining to Amunet where they are. This is his own personal meta wing that he built on top of the old prison. There are no cameras, so no one else knows about it. When she gets bored, he shows her all the metas he’s selling: the captured bus metas and Barry. She’ll take all of them.


Ralph walks into his office and finds an old friend, Earl Cox. He offers Ralph a sleazy PI job. Ralph turns him down, and then Cox makes him insecure.


Iris and Cecile are at the prison to talk to Barry about his appeal. The warden tells them that Barry was in a fight and is currently in isolation.


Cecile tells the team that he was lying and where Barry actually is. Joe wants to tell Singh, but Cecile convinces him that that’s a bad idea. Harry is checking up on Jesse, so he can’t help.

Ralph comes in late and starts complaining about Cox, so much in fact that he turns into him. He can undo it too. Iris wants him to shapeshift into Wolfe so that they can stop the sale.


The Thinker and the Mechanic are watching Barry in his cell. For once, Devoe doesn’t know what to do. Despite the Mechanic’s doubts, he’s going to leave it to Barry.


Barry clogs the toilet and steals batteries from the plumber’s radio when he comes to fix it.

Ralph isn’t having much luck shifting into Wolfe. Caitlin and Cisco coddle him until he gets it. He can’t move around that well though. I understand how he changes form, but how does he just become a black guy? They don’t give even a pseudo-scientific explanation of that.


Barry takes springs from his bed and a water bottle and uses them and the batteries to make an acid that dissolves all of the locks. Becky initially doesn’t want to leave, but Barry convinces her. He uses the acid to dissolve a sewer grate. They’ll get out through the pipes.


The Mechanic has updated the chair for Devoe’s use again. She has a song in her head from the first time they danced and kissed. It’s blocking her thoughts.


Ralph is at the bar where Caitlin worked. Joe, Iris, and Caitlin are on comms to help him through it. He talks to eye guy and gets a meeting with Amunet. His ear also starts to unstretch, but he gets it under control.


The escapees run into a maintenance guy in the tunnel. Barry knocks him out so that the others don’t kill him.


Ralph as Wolfe talks to Amunet. It works until his ear unstretches again., followed by the rest of him. Then he runs.


She calls the real Wolfe, who lies to her. He then screams at a guard to find the metas.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team is thinking of another plan. The best they come up with is for Cisco to breach Caitlin, Ralph, and himself into the prison and rescue Barry. As has now become his custom, Ralph backs out. This time, it’s because he’s afraid of screwing up again.


The escapees are now at the old prison. If they get past the next locked door, they’ll have their powers back. While Kilgore works on the lock, Becky wraps Barry’s hand. Barry tells her that not all metas are bad guys. Some use their powers for good. She doesn’t think he killed Devoe. He tells her that he didn’t.


Caitlin finds Ralph drunk in his office. She cuts herself and Killer Frost gives him her own kind of pep talk, which is basically being violent and telling him that he’s not as much of a screw up as she is. It works and gives Ralph an idea.


Kilgore gets through the door and they all have their powers back. Wolfe catches them and puts a dampener on Barry’s ankle. The bus metas start to attack Wolfe, but then he outs Barry as the Flash and they turn on him.


Becky protects him. Amunet shows up to take the metas but gets blasted by Devoe, who shows up in his chair. He shoots all the guards, sucks the powers and possibly lives out of all the bus metas and transfers into Becky’s body.


He also kills Wolfe. The Mechanic looks on horrified. Of course, she does. You should tell your wife before you transfer your consciousness from the hot black dude to a woman. That’s Marriage 101. Communicate!


Anyway, Cisco and Killer Frost vibe in. Killer Frost freezes the dampener off, but Barry won’t go. Instead, he phases back into his old cell.


The appeal hearing is not going well. It’s about to be denied until Devoe rolls in, or rather Ralph. This gets Barry cleared!


Party at Joe’s house! It’s all nice and adorable until Barry starts worrying about how specific Devoe is. He wants all of the bus metas for something and Ralph is a bus meta.


Becky/Devoe and the Mechanic talk. The Mechanic is upset about the warden’s death and that Barry is free, but Devoe doesn’t seem to care. He then drugs her champagne with the meta tears! NO! AFTER ALL THAT SHE’S DONE FOR YOU, YOU DO NOT DRUG YOUR WIFE! Then the episode ends with them dancing, which is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a while.

giphy-downsized (6).gif

I’m both happy and extremely disturbed. I was shipping The Thinker and The Mechanic, but he’s gone crazy and ruined their relationship and she’s going to turn on him. Barry’s out of prison, but Captain Cold should have been there to help. I’m a little salty about that.  7.5/10.