#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 7 "Therefore I Am" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a flashback to four years ago. Devoe is a professor teaching bored students. The Mechanic comes in at the end of the class and they’re honestly adorable. He has a blueprint for his “thinking cap” and he asks her to build it.


In the present, Barry and Joe are in Devoe’s house. He grew up in South Africa, he and his wife met at Oxford, and then he moved to Central City. They ask him about the bus Metas. He says Mina was a colleague and that she was animated but no more than those who truly consider teaching to be a colleague. He also has a samurai painting that they ask him about. Feudal Japan is one of his areas of expertise.


Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Barry is the only one who thinks he’s the bad guy. This is definitely the most annoying thing about the episode because BARRY IS RIGHT AND EVERYBODY THINKS HE’S CRAZY. GRRR. ARGH. The team is going to check it out, just to cover their bases.


Flashback Mechanic has built the cap, but they have no way to power it. Fortunately, Devoe is watching Harrison Wells make a speech about the particle accelerator, the perfect power source.


Barry’s in his class and asks him more questions after it. Devoe claims not to remember where he was during the particle accelerator explosion and he prefers Lyft to the bus. Barry grabs the mug off his desk.


Caitlin gets his DNA off of it. He’s not a meta. Everything everyone has found on him makes him seem entirely normal and they think Barry’s off his rocker. He asks Cisco to Vibe the mug and he sees them eating dinner.

Barry and Iris talk outside. She thinks he’s nervous because of the wedding. Out of all people, at least she should believe him, but she doesn’t. Also, Spiderman reference!


Flashback to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. The Mechanic asks a question during Thawne Wells’ speech. He’s a fan of Devoe because he’s from the future and already knows what he’s going to do.


They go outside after the speech and Devoe put on the cap. He gets struck by lightning and passes out. He eventually wakes up and says that he feels “enlightened.”

The Flash 407 2.gif

Barry gets called to Singh’s office. The Devoes are filing a complaint against him. Singh tells him to lay off. Devoe gives Barry a look as he leaves.

The Flash 407.gif

Iris comes to visit him and sees that he has a Devoe board. Barry tells her that his wife is his sidekick. She begs him to let it go.

Flashback to Devoe working on equations. He tells the Mechanic that he knows everything. Then he starts shaking and collapses.


Barry finds the camera in the Samuroid head and then goes to the Devoe’s house WITHOUT THE FLASH SUIT OR ANY SUIT WHATSOEVER. That’s just asking to get caught, Barry.


Flashback to Devoe in the hospital. He has some super aggressive form of ALS, which means I really can’t hate him now. He has a year to live. He explains after the doctor leaves that his mind is sucking power from his body. She promises not to abandon him.


Barry tells the team about the camera and shocker, they don’t believe him.


The Mechanic has pictures of Barry because of course, she does.  Singh suspends him for two weeks.


Barry is brooding when Iris gets him and sees the restraining order they filed against him.  They end up talking about the future because she still thinks this is about the wedding.


Flashback to Devoe in a wheelchair. He wants the Mechanic to let him die. She refuses to do so. She’s designed the chair. I ship them so much y’all.


Barry goes to see Devoe at the University. Instead of calling the police, he admits to everything. When Barry asks why Devoe says he has nothing to fear from him. Pride goeth before the fall man.


Barry tells everyone about this and they apologize.


Cisco gives him the name The Thinker and Wally comes back.

The Flash 407 1.gif

He’s battled a starfish? This is most likely a reference to Starro, who is an alien psychic starfish.


In the Thinker Lab, Devoe admires them like one admires a determined primitive species. Then the Mechanic plugs him and it’s the creepiest thing. She takes off the top layer of his head and the wires attach themselves to his brain. Only in a universe where there are psychic starfish does that make sense.


I’m annoyed that everyone thought Barry was crazy, but it felt like a necessary step, so I’ll let it go. Otherwise great episode. Now let’s get to the crossover. What what!  8/10