#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 15 "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Barry and Nora paralyzed by Grodd. Grodd and King Shark are fighting in the street.


Flashback to 12 hours earlier. The cure is ready, and they have a delivery mechanism. They just need a volunteer. After going through their options, they decide on King Shark. The only problem is that they have decided that they need to ask, and King Shark doesn’t communicate much.


JOE IS BACK and is showing Cecile and Iris pictures of Tibet. While Cecile soothes Jenna, Iris and Joe talk. He thinks that Cicada is getting help from somewhere.


Lyla tells them that A.R.G.U.S. has a scientist working with King Shark. She’s built a “telepathic crown” that restored his human mind and ability to communicate. He appears to agree before being subject to some feedback. He then goes full shark and escapes.


Joe tells Iris that he’s allergic to Sichuan pepper. Iris wants to work from the house today. She tries to make it about plumbing, and when that doesn’t work, she leaves.


While Cisco and Dr. Lamden, the doctor to King Shark, Earth 2’s Shay Lamden, and widow of Earth 1’s Shay Lamden, work on a way to merge their tech, Sherloque makes it awkward by asking about Dr. Lamden and King Shark’s relationship. She brushes it off as platonic, but this episode is basically a monster movie, so it’s definitely not. Before anyone has to delve too deep into that one, they get a hit on King Shark.


Cisco and Barry find him. Nora slaps the crown on him. At first it appears to work, until King Shark grabs Cisco like he’s a snack. Barry takes this opportunity to give him the cure, which works.


They have him back in S.T.A.R. Labs. There is still some dark matter in his pituitary gland, so they just need to give him another dose to make it permanent. Sherloque asks him who was in control and Shay says that he should be held accountable for his actions. Then his hand transforms back into a shark for a moment when he and Tanya are trying to have a moment. They need him to stay put until they fix this.


Cisco and Caitlin are mad at Barry. Barry saved Cisco’s life and Cisco is still far too naïve to understand what he’s actually created.


Joe finds Iris at Jitters and they talk about the time loop. She doesn’t remember any of it, but she feels powerless and doesn’t want to go back to her office right now. Joe decides to take her somewhere.


Caitlin and Cisco talk. The crown isn’t the problem. It’s working just fine. Barry comes in to apologize, and Cisco punches him in the face and blasts him. Barry puts Cisco in the pipeline and Caitlin hands the telepathic crown to Grodd. She then blasts him.


The big question is how did Grodd get out? During the Enlightenment, the power dampener in his cell went out for one second. That was long enough for him to implant a command in the guard. The second question is, why did he wait to escape? He learned about the crown and was waiting for the opportune moment. With that crown, he can control the minds of the entire city.


Sherloque talks to Dr. Lamden about King Shark. He is after all an expert in dopplegangers.


This convinces her to talk to Shay. Sharks are colorblind, so he hadn’t seen the sunset in a while. They then talk about how every sunset is unique and they kiss.


Joe takes Iris to a boxing ring. They talk about healing, Tibet, and Cicada, and then she beats the crap out of a punching bag.


Grodd is climbing the belfry, which is the best place to control everyone’s mind in the city. They only have a few minutes. Barry has a plan.


Nora runs at Grodd. Barry punches hi. This knocks Grodd out, but not long enough for them to get the crown off his head. Grodd paralyzes them.


Shay wants to go King Shark again so that he can defeat Grodd. The catch is that the cure won’t work on him a second time. He wants to do it anyway. Cisco blasts him and he goes full shark.


Cisco drops him into the action and him and Grodd fight. This was awesome! What more could you ask of a television show than a psychic gorilla and a man shark fighting for a telepathic crown in an urban environment?

Rain! It begins to rain, as it does during the climactic point of any fight. This point being where Grodd turns King Shark upside down, effectively paralyzing him. They determine that he needs to be electrified.


Barry and Nora accomplish this easily, and the now electrified man-shark manhandles the psychic gorilla and replaces the telepathic crown on his own head. Long live the king indeed.


Caitlin and A.R.G.U.S. put Grodd in a medically induced coma to keep him from escaping again.


Sherloque talks to Dr. Lamden while she watches King Shark in his aquarium. After he leaves, King Shark and Dr. Lamden have a typical monster movie moment where they put their hands/fins on opposite sides of the glass.


Iris goes into her office and realizes that she missed all the fun.


Barry apologizes to Cisco and Caitlin. He now wants to offer the cure to Cicada. Oh honey. Even in a tv show that shouldn’t work.


I will be seriously mad if that’s what works, but that is my only complaint about this episode. It was awesome! 8.5/10.

What are your thoughts?

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