#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 17 "Time Bomb" Recap and Review

The episode starts in 2049. Grace tells Thawne about the new Cicada. He doesn’t know who it is, and he can’t help her anymore. He wants her to tell Barry everything because he has run out of time.


Dwyer wakes up. Grace, who I totally forgot is played by Alicia Baker from Smallville, tells him who she is, and he sees the scar on her head. She tells him that she has to leave to take care of something, and they’ll work on getting his powers back when she gets back.

Joe and Barry talk to nurses at the hospital. They have Cecile and Nora as backup. Cecile believes that nobody else knew what was going on. Barry notices that Nora’s acting strange, but she doesn’t explain.

Sherloque is looking through the journal. He’s translated most of it but he hasn’t found the other author yet.


Ralph and Iris have gone through all of their sources and haven’t found anything on the new Cicada. Cisco; however, notices that someone has broken into their Flash storage vault.

There is no sign of forced entry and when they find the large round glass bubble that they are looking for, they see double. With a superhero inspired test, they figure out that one of them is from the future.

Cicada breaks in to CCPD, kills a security guard, and steals a file.

Joe, Barry, Nora, and Cecile show up to the crime scene, and have Barry figure out what file. He says that it’s from 2017.


Cisco and Camilla are social media official. Ralph interrupts their moment and tries to shoehorn her into Team Flash.


Sherloque has the blueprints on Thawne’s time sphere. Iris is suspicious of what’s going on.

Cisco vibes concrete from the crime scene of the cold case file. It’s the scene of Grace’s parents’ death. The meta was never ID’d so they now know that Cicada is Grace.

Grace shows Dwyer the file. She can track the meta through the charred dark matter residue on the evidence. She goes all Kylo Ren, and wants to “finish what he started,” starting with the meta that killed her parents.


Joe, Nora, and Barry talk to the last people that used the atm: Vickie and John Bolen. Vickie sends her husband away and then tells them that it was an accident. She didn’t know anyone got hurt, she never told anyone about her powers, and she isn’t about to do so now, no matter how much Joe wants to put her in federal custody.

Ralph got Camilla a job with Iris. Cisco is not happy about this because he does not want Camilla to be Spiderman.


Sherloque finds a secret compartment in Thawne’s wheelchair.

Barry tells Nora that, because of the corrupt former mayor, not all meta attacks were public record. They then talk about secrets, but she still doesn’t tell him hers. She then gets a headache and her eyes start to glow. She’s still connected to Grace’s mind and she’s coming. Barry gets all the kids out and Nora tries to explain to Grace that what happened was an accident. Vicki tries to intervene. She knocks Grace down, but her own daughter gets caught in the crossfire. Barry and Nora get them out while Grace recovers.

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Nora, Barry, Joe, and Cecile are at the hospital. They refuse to use the cure on Grace even though Cecile can sense her anger because she hasn’t consented, and her condition is fragile.


Vickie’s family is not taking her powers well. Technically, they aren’t taking her lying well, but either way, Joe has to separate them.

Ralph apologizes to Cisco. Cisco explains that he has no problem with Camilla knowing his friends. He’s not embarrassed by Ralph or anyone else. He doesn’t want Camilla to know about S.T.A.R. Labs or Vibe. He wants to be normal around her. Ralph asks the seminal superhero question: how long is that going to work for you? He does it by telling a ridiculous story about one of his mom’s ex-boyfriends, but still.

Dwyer tells Grace that he thinks that her parents’ deaths were an accident. She tells him that she killed Dr. Ambres. Dwyer starts to realize the full consequences of his actions as she leaves to go do something.

Sherloque places the USB he found in the wheelchair in the future room. It’s a series of log entries of Thawne creating the time language.

Nora eavesdrops on Vicki and her daughter. Barry tells her that it was all going to be alright. She starts to tell him about Thawne but gets interrupted by another incident. Cicada is coming.

She throws the dagger. Barry is able to Vickie and her daughter, but Grace has her husband. She doesn’t care that he isn’t a meta. Barry confronts Grace, and Nora tries to outrun a dagger.

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Cisco portals Nora and Vickie to safety. He and Ralph are prevented from portaling to help Barry.

Dwyer shows up and tries to convince Grace to stop. He wants to save her. He was wrong and he doesn’t want her to end up like him. She kills him and flies away. As he dies in Barry’s arms, he asks Barry to save Grace.


The team talks in S.T.A.R. Labs. Vickie’s family is in federal protection and they’re fine. Grace’s dark matter has a binding ability. It’s stronger because it’s coming from a wound in her head. This is also why her and Nora are connected. Nora formed a psychic link with Grace when she entered her mind.

Nora almost tells them about Thawne, but she can’t get it out. Sherloque does it for her.


Barry puts her in the pipeline. Mr. “I’m gonna pep talk a serial killer” put his daughter in the pipeline and then walked away. No questions and no explanations.

The words you’re looking for are oh and dang. I love it when it all hits the fan and I can’t wait to see more. 8/10.