#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 18 "Godspeed" Recap and Review

This episode picks up right where the last one left off. Sherloque tells the team that he suspected Nora all along and they get mad at him, which is unwarranted because Iris did go full momma bear on him and did not want to hear about it. That is not Sherloque’s fault. Cecile didn’t suspect a thing, which puts her judgment about Nora now into question. Ralph suggests that they look through Nora’s journal, now that it’s translated.

Flashforward/back to 2049. Nora is late to a crime scene, like Barry always is. The same meta has hit two labs and two transports in the past week. In this particular transport, Nora detects Benzene Methanol and Halothane. The Halothane is a failsafe from the security camera. Someone got in and out before the failsafe finished triggering. She thinks that it was a speedster.

According to a friend, this is complete lunacy. There haven’t been any speedsters since the Crisis. Nora’s also been obsessive about Cicada, the only case that Barry Allen never solved. They then find lightning on the security camera: white lightning.

There has never been a speedster with white lightning, which Nora checks out while looking at the Reverse Flash exhibit at the Flash museum. She also runs into someone.

Iris has been calling her. A lot. So much in fact, that the guy on the loudspeaker in the Flash Museum tells Nora to call her back, which she does. Iris is in Coast City for a story, but she’ll be back soon.

Nora’s friend, Lia, has a lead. She has a friend at a lab. He tells them that the chemicals that the meta has stolen are part of an extra cellular structure. Then the meta shows up. He calls himself the “god of speed,” which I know is his name, but it has been used before. Savitar anyone? Anyway, he knocks the lab guy and Nora out.


Nora wakes up to “Poker Face,” just like Barry did in the pilot. The doctor is fine. She is fine, even though she got hit with 5 billion joules of electricity. Lia called Iris, who is hurrying home from Coast City. They also found what appears to be a piece of shrapnel.

It’s not. It’s the dampening chip that Iris put in her, but they don’t know that yet.  What they do know is that Nora suddenly has speed. They think it’s because she was struck by Godspeed’s lightning.

Either way, she decides to take on a bank heist. She bungles it horribly, and since she’s not wearing a mask, I’m surprised that she didn’t get arrested.

Since she can’t handle a bank heist, how is she gonna stop Godspeed? She decides that she needs to start thinking like a villainous speedster, and she knows just how to find one.

Eobard Thawne hasn’t had a visitor in 15 years. Even so, the guard gives her 5 minutes. She asks him how he was taken down. Thawne has been almost entirely erased from the records, and the records that exist are classified. He doesn’t give her a lot of help, but he does know that she’s a speedster. He then gets super zapped by the guard after she leaves.

Lia figured out the chip. Iris isn’t back from Coast City yet, so Nora focuses her attention on Godspeed. They figure out that he’s hitting Stagg Industries next and they know what he’s looking for.

When they get to Stagg Industries, they realize that they cannot haul the chemical out. Godspeed then shows up. Nora tries to fight him, but Godspeed brushes her to the side and then kills Lia with a vibrating hand through the heart.

After reading this in the present, Iris wants to give Nora a second chance, so she lets Nora out of the pipeline. They come back into the cortex and Nora finishes her story.


Back in 2049, Iris is finally back from Coast City. Nora confronts her about the chip but doesn’t give her much time to defend herself before she rushes off to the Flash Museum.

While looking at the Zoom exhibit, she realizes that Godspeed is using Velocity 9. He’s trying to make it stable and permanent.

She runs back to her office, where she finds the identity of Godspeed: August Hart, aka the guy who just bumped into her at the Flash museum.


Nora visits Thawne again, this time bypassing official channels. Once she tells him that Godspeed killed her best friend in front of her, he agrees to help her via comms.

He leads her to the Tracy Brand building, so she can get the stabilizing agent before Godspeed can. She finds the stabilizing agent, but Godspeed shows up anyway. She does a bit better fighting him this time, but she still loses and runs.

Thawne tries to teach her to phase using the same speech he gave Barry, but she’s too scared and she hides instead. He tells her that she can’t run forever, so they come up with a plan.


They use recalibrating satellites to separate Godspeed from the V9.

She visits Thawne again. Godspeed is in custody and she wants Thawne to train her. He tells her that he doesn’t have enough time. He then asks her how much she knows about the Flash.

This leads her to the future room, which acts as a storage room by this point. She meets Gideon, who tells her that Barry Allen was the Flash and that there is a message for her from him. She’s a speedster, he loves he, and he’s sorry that he didn’t get to train her. It’s heartbreaking.


After Nora finishes telling the team all of this in the present, Barry asks for a moment alone with her. Why did she keep going back to Thawne, even after she found out what he did? Even after he wasn’t her only option anymore? Why didn’t she just come clean? Barry tells her that he doesn’t trust her anymore, and he can’t handle being around people he doesn’t trust. He takes her back to her time and tells her he’ll know if she tries to come back.


He then confronts Thawne. That goes about as well as you might imagine. There are only 10 minutes left on Thawne’s countdown.


Go Danielle Panabaker! For a largely exposition episode, it packed a wallop. 8/10.