#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 19 "Snowpack" Recap and Review

Barry tells Iris that he left Nora in the future and she’s ticked. It’s the people that know and love you the most that can hurt you the most, and they both show this as they fight. Iris isn’t bothered that Nora is working with Thawne and thinks Barry’s emotionally compromised because of his mom. Barry thinks Iris is so blinded by guilt that she can’t see that Nora is being manipulated by Thawne and it’s extremely dangerous to everyone. Eventually, Iris walks out.


Nora went right back to Thawne. So predictable. While she sits there and sulks, she asks Thawne for help. He’s run back in time without anyone knowing lots of times. She needs to know how he did it. He has his own Speedforce that is the opposite of the regular one. He doesn’t want Nora to learn to use it, but he eventually relents.


Cisco and Cecile aren’t at S.T.A.R. Labs, but Barry tells the rest of the team about Nora. Only Sherloque understands, but Barry still snaps at him and tells him to leave. Ralph leaves to go over Cicada files with Cecile.

Joe gets a phone call about a crime scene. He, Barry, and Caitlin go to the hospital where Grace has stolen herself.

Icicle breaks into Caitlin’s mom’s lab. He grabs something out of the cryo-vault.

Joe and Barry get to the scene and start talking about Iris. They are interrupted by Caitlin and her mom arguing. When they eventually get to the point where they can talk productively, we find out that what he took is a prototype cryon ionizer.


Ralph talks to Iris even though Cecile warns him away from it. He calls Westallen “The Harry and Meghan of superhero romances,” and then Cecile tells her that she won’t find any answers sulking in her dad’s house. This gives Iris an idea, but Cecile senses that isn’t the idea she meant, so she sends Ralph after Iris.

Iris is in the future room and reprograms Gideon to help her use the time sphere. Ralph catches her even though he’s never been in the future room. He has absolutely no plans to stop her. He wants to help.

Thawne describes the Negative Speedforce to Nora. It comes from pain, and she can’t generate enough to get in. It’s also red.


Ralph helps Iris open a time breach and then gets in the sphere with her.


Caitlin and her mom explain that Icicle could use the cryon ionizer to plunge Central City into a new Ice Age. They have different ideas of how to stop him of course. Barry refuses to take sides and decides to get material for both of their plans.


Icicle comes in as soon as he leaves. Barry comes in fast enough to save Joe, but Icicle’s blast knocks him out as well as everyone else.


Sherloque is packing up his stuff when Barry’s suit alarm goes off. He breaches to Caitlin’s mom’s lab and shocks Barry to heat him up.

Caitlin and her mother have been kidnapped by Icicle. They take this time to continue to fight. Icicle comes in and takes Caitlin’s blood. He calls them his “snowpack” and then leaves. That’s what Caitlin’s dad used to call their family, and it leads them to Icicle’s plan. He’s going to use Caitlin’s blood to create a serum to give Caitlin’s mom an alter ego. Then they can be one happy ice family.


Iris and Ralph have to go through Thawne’s guard to get to Thawne. Ralph throws him in a cell and becomes him. There are some logistics there that I will never understand, but this is a superhero show, so I do suspend my disbelief a little. Anyway, while Ralph plays lookout, Iris walks in on Nora talking to Thawne. She gets all mother hen, Nora gets mad that only Iris is there, and then Nora finally manages to get into the Negative Speed Force. Thawne appears to be worried about Nora and tells Iris that they can only fix this by presenting a united front. Her and Barry have to get their crap together. Ralph walks in and explains that they need to leave pronto, so she leaves instead of doing something rash.


Caitlin and her mom talk about Killer Frost until Icicle comes in. He hits Caitlin with an ice blast and takes her mom.

Barry is extremely frustrated that he can’t find Caitlin, but Sherloque comes up with a plan, and it works.

Icicle starts the process of revealing Caitlin’s mom’s alter ego. Killer Frost interrupts because he was stupid enough to freeze her meta cuffs. He splits and Barry shows up. Killer Frost tells Barry to save her mom while she deals with Icicle.


Team Flash comes up with a new trick that helps Barry save Caitlin’s mom.


Killer Frost and Icicle fight. He eventually gains the upper hand and stabs her back into Caitlin. Caitlin’s dad prevents Icicle from delivering the death blow and breaks through.


The reunion is stopped by Cicada, who knocks out Barry. Caitlin tells her parents to leave and then Killer Frost and Cicada fight. Cicada almost stabs Killer Frost, but Caitlin’s dad jumps in front of the dagger. Cicada steals the cryon ionizer and leaves. Thomas dies, because nothing good can ever happen to Caitlin.


No one knows why Grace needs the cryon ionizer, Caitlin is running tests on their mom but their both fine given the circumstances, and Iris and Barry need to talk.

Caitlin’s mom’s tests look fine. Caitlin invites her out for a drink, and then, because nothing good can ever happen to Caitlin, the test tube changes color inside the medical waste container. Everything is not fine.


Iris and Barry both admit to being wrong and accept that they need to work together on this. Iris thinks that Thawne might actually care about Nora.


Nora comes out of the Negative Speed Force with red glowing eyes.


Grace is talking to herself. She has the ionizer, but we have no idea what she plans to do with it.

Nora has the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. Otherwise, I liked the episode. 7.5/10.