#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 2 "Blocked" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Cicada in a creepy sub hallway. He’s taking off his supervillain duds and replaying Gridlock’s death. Another guy comes in and cuts in on his brooding time. Is Cicada some sort of boxer? He’s in some sort of changing room, with a guy unsurprised he’s been in a fight, and who says he’ll see him in the ring later?


Anyway, Nora explains everything to the team at Joe’s house. I’m glad they went ahead and got this out of the way instead of making it a long story arc. It’s nice when people don’t keep secrets for arbitrary reasons and trust their loved ones. Iris is in stubborn denial that Barry doesn’t come back, and Cisco and Caitlin agree with her. Cecile has to feed Jenna, and she leaves.

Iris talks to Joe about feeling left out. She now understands it, but it doesn’t hurt any less. Joe tells her to keep busy. Nora will come to her in time.

Cisco is looking at a cube from Gypsy when Caitlin walks in. His vibes are still connecting him to Gypsy, so she’s literally in his head. Then Ralph walks in and tells Cisco that he needs him to vibe Caitlin’s dad’s death certificate. Caitlin tells him what’s going on, and Ralph is determined to help. He has a lot of experience in this area, after all.


There is a guy in a warehouse when the door blows open. A woman walks in and puts him in some sort of container that shrinks until he’s dead.


Barry is at the warehouse with CCPD. It’s great to see CSI Barry again. Singh says that the warehouse belongs to the Moretti brothers, who are gunrunners. Nora shows up and proclaims herself Barry’s new intern. It’s super awkward and Barry has to come up with an explanation fast, which is that she is helping him with the backlog of cases.


Singh leaves and Nora sees a cube on the floor that he hasn’t gotten to yet. Barry has to explain to her how CSI work works in the present, and they realize that cube is too dense to just be human tissue. It’s a whole human, squished to death.


Iris comes in AS A REPORTER and talks to Singh. He tells her about Gridlock. If you can’t tell from the all caps, giving Iris something to actually do is a wonderful development.


Ralph has a book, which is very Barney Stinson of him, but he only gives Cisco a page called “Ralph Dibny’s 27 Steps To Getting Over The Love Of Your Life.” Cisco is skeptical, since most of the steps are ridiculous, and the affirmations are from Yogi Bear, but Caitlin tells him that they aren’t all bad.


Iris visits an officer in the hospital. He’s a fan of her blog, so he has not problems talking about it. The only problem is, he doesn’t remember much. What Iris does come away with though, is that Gridlock was the only target.


Cecile and Joe talk. Her powers are going out and she’s scared. She wants to be the perfect parent and she doesn’t think that she can do that without her powers. Joe promises that they’ll figure it out together.


Nora is lamenting the slowness of computers when they finally get a DNA match. The woman is Vanessa Jansen and is in the same business as the Moretti brothers. They find a location too: E Street Auto Haven.


Bruno Moretti finds Vanessa and threatens her. She puts him into what looks like a forcefield. Barry and Nora show up and he tells her to be lookout. She doesn’t listen, gets stuck in one of Vanessa’s cubes, and forces Barry to play catchup instead of catching the bad guys.


Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin says Nora is fine. Cisco; however, is catatonic, and remains that way until Ralph mads him out of it with a well-placed Star Wars reference. Then they explain that Vanessa can compress air molecules into cubes, but Cisco fails on the name front, just calling her Block.


Iris asks Barry if she can use his lab to follow up a lead. He says yes, even though I’m not sure how legal that is, and goes to train Nora.

By train Nora, I mean give her math homework. Nora sees that for the awfulness that it is and tries to show off instead. She then accidentally throws lightning at Barry, who goes through the white board.

Cisco is getting a makeover from Ralph’s personal stylist and hates every minute of it. At least he doesn’t let the guy cut his hair. When Ralph brings up the death certificate again, Cisco suggests that they get Joe on it, but Caitlin stops them and then storms out.


Iris is at CCPD and watches a video of Gridlock’s death from the truck. She doesn’t see much.


Barry walks into Joe’s house and asks for parenting advice. Joe says that she’s just trying to impress him. What he needs to do is to show her that he’s not perfect and it’s ok not to be. He still loves her and always will. Cecile is eavesdropping, and it calms her anxiety from earlier. Joe is such a good dad, y’all. I feel like I don’t say that enough.


Caitlin and Cisco talk at Jitters. She doesn’t want to investigate her father because it makes her feel unwanted. Cisco tells her about Ralph’s rule 27, if she was the love of your life, she would still be in it. He says that while it’s too late for him and Gypsy, it’s not too late for Caitlin and her dad. Even if he doesn’t want anything to do with her, it’s better to know than to go crazy wondering. Also, that’s super deep for Ralph.


Barry shows Nora some footage of his failures. He’s not perfect either and she has to start small. Sometimes the hardest and most impressive thing for a speedster is restraint.

Bruno confronts Block again, but this time he brings some friends along.


Team Westallen use the weather to find Block.


Nora and Barry remove all of the weapons guys and then Barry tornadoes Block. She recovers and puts him into a block. Nora tires her out and puts the cuffs on her.

Cisco and Ralph vibe in just into for Block to get stabbed with a lightning spear. Barry tells Nora to take Block to the hospital. Cicada uses the lightning spear to take all of their powers and then beats the everloving crap out of them. Barry is only saved when Nora gets back and cries out for them. Cicada just leaves. This either means that he’s a father or that he knows Nora.

Caitlin checks them all out and they’re relatively fine. Cisco compares the lightning spear to Thor’s hammer and then he vibes the birth certificate, but with some difficulty. Caitlin sees her mom. She was probably the doctor who signed it.


Iris shows them all the Gridlock video. She recognized the sound when Cicada showed up, so she knows it was the same person. It’s Nora that gives him the name.


While Nora is still kind of getting on my nerves, this was a good episode. I’m glad that they’re introducing the villain slowly, and that there are other storylines, all of which I think are working pretty well. I’m really worried about next week though. They better not kill Cisco! 8/10.