#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 20 "Gone Rogue" Recap and Review

Nora runs into G. Simone and Associates and fries the servers. She’s using Gideon and she needs to infiltrate somewhere. She can’t do it alone though. She needs a team.

Most of the team is looking for Nora. Ralph and Sherloque have been looking for Grace. No one has made any progress. Ralph is going to help Caitlin run down a lead at her dad’s lab.


On the way out, Cisco gives Ralph back the Book of Ralph. Ralph immediately gives it to Sherloque, who doesn’t understand emojis. Sherloque insists that he doesn’t need it and that Cisco is a coward for not Camilla about himself.


Barry, Iris, Cisco, and Joe go to the crime scene at G. Simone and Associates. The company used to design a lot of buildings, but for the last year they’ve been working with an anonymous client. Because the servers have been fried from the inside, they can’t tell who that might be. Lightning could fry the servers, but they don’t know how she’s avoided detection or why she fried the servers. Cisco then explains that there are a lot of negative tachyons in the background. Barry and Cisco theorize that instead of being opposites, negative tachyons might siphon off of positive tachyons. Pseudoscience speak aside, this is why they haven’t found her yet.

Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit, Felicity’s nemesis, trade insults until Ragdoll creepy man climbs out of a box. They all then find out that Nora invited them. They are all skeptical and she doesn’t help that by establishing a no killing rule. She does; however, explain the plan. She wants to break into Mculloch Technologies and steal weapons. She has blueprints, but she also has a problem. Mculloch Technologies has a metahuman dampener that makes Argus’s look like a bug zapper. That’s where the bad guys come in. They all use meta tech and will not be affected by the meta dampener. Mculloch Technologies has an expo tonight, but she has to rob the Flash first. This is what gets them interested.


Caitlin and Ralph are at her dad’s lab. They start out by talking about Killer Frost, who isn’t used to being in pain. Ralph has a pamphlet for this: Ralph’s 27 Steps to a Better Mourning. Killer Frost does make an appearance, only to tell him to shut up.

Cecile and Iris find out that G. Simone and Associate’s mystery client is Mculloch Technologies. They then talk about Nora.

Nora’s in the Starchives stealing Spencer Young’s phone when Barry catches her. He tries to talk to her, but it doesn’t work. She starts vibrating, her eyes go red, and she shocks him. He runs to Iris and Cecile.

Ragdoll, Weather Witch, and Bug-Eyed Bandit kidnap Cisco and Sherloque. They want Cisco to hack into Spencer Young’s phone, which he agrees to after Nora threatens him Reverse Flash style.

Ralph and Caitlin find intravenous electrolytes, which can be used on coma patients. Then they talk. Ralph is afraid he isn’t cut out for love because the Book of Ralph hasn’t worked out for him. Caitlin reassures him that he is. They almost have a moment, but neither of them feels that way about each other. Thank you Flash writers for that. They would be terrible and forced together, so thank you very much for not going there. After all that, they find out that Cisco’s cure prototypes are missing, and Caitlin knows what Cicada is up to.


Cisco and Sherloque talk about secrets and powers. Sherloque thinks that Cisco is ashamed of his powers and that’s why he won’t tell Camilla about them. He needs to get right with himself. Sherloque on the other hand, knows that Renee has powers, but she hasn’t told him yet.

Mculloch Technologies is Spidermanning all of the wreckage from the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite and the expo that night is to demonstrate their new products. Barry and Iris fight again because Iris can’t get it through her thick skull that Thawne is the bad guy and nothing good can come of working with him.

Weather Witch knows Nora’s secret identity and they talk. She ran away when she was 13 and her mom never came after her. Nora shouldn’t expect anyone to come after her either. Nora is now the leader of team Parental Problems.

Cisco fixes the phone and Bug-Eyed Bandit uses it to surround him and Sherloque with bees.

Barry and Joe talk about fatherhood. Joe says that he has to trust Nora, or she’ll never come back to him.

Cisco put spyware in the phone, and it de-hypnotizes them. Sherloque breaks them out of the zipties and Cisco vibes the bees away.


Nora’s team disguises themselves as military and use the phone to get themselves in. They knockout the guards and then Ragdoll has to get into the Forge, where the weapons are stored, via a pipe. It makes Weather Witch as sick as it makes me.


Once inside, Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit turn on Nora. They tie her and some employees of Mculloch Industries up and threaten to kill them unless the Flash shows up and reveals his identity. The Flash shows up alright, but it’s not Barry. It’s Sherloque controlling a hologram.

Once Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit realize this, Barry, Joe, and Iris reveal themselves as some of the hostages. Joe and Iris face Ragdoll, while Barry and Nora take on Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit. Cisco turns off the meta dampener. Barry and Nora make up in Flashtime and capture Weather Witch and Bug-Eyed Bandit.

Nora explains why she wanted to break into Mculloch Technologies. They have a special gun that can destroy Cicada’s dagger. Barry decides to use it, not because he trusts Thawne, but because he trusts Nora and it seems like their best option for the moment.


Ralph and Caitlin get back and tell everyone what Cicada is planning. She’s weaponized the cure and is planning to spread it using the atomizer. I have been saying all season how bad of an idea this cure is, and now it’s going to blow up in their face! I’m way more satisfied about that than I should be.


Grace is singing the pelican nursery rhyme to herself, though she’s pretending to sing it with Orlin.

Did this feel rushed to anyone else? Nora’s just back to normal? And is Cicada starting to feel like an afterthought? That plus Barry apologizing for being right, again, severely got on my nerves this episode. 6.5/10.