#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 21 "The Girl With the Red Lightning" Recap and Review

Thawne’s timer runs out. The guard comes in and tortures him and then brings in the instrument of his demise.

Orlon is in Grace’s head. He wants her to kill all metas, not just Central City’s.


Caitlin is giving a spiel about the atomizer. She’s missing something or she would have already completed her evil plan. They want to get ahead of her and release the cure to the public, but first they need a lot more of it and a place to distribute it. Joe and Cecile will talk to Singh about distributing it at CCPD. Sherloque is going to talk to Renee Adler.

The rest of them go watch Cisco test the mirror gun on the satellite core. It works, but they don’t know where the core goes. Is it bad form to say the mirror dimension from Doctor Strange? Anyway, Nora’s still acting weird, but she claims to be fine.

Joe and Cecile convince Singh. He leaves Joe in charge while he convinces the big whigs.

Sherloque talks to Renee and then Cicada shows up. Sherloque activates his distress signal and the team shows up. Cicada gets away because her psychic link with Nora gave her a heads up. It also activated Nora’s red lightning. Cicada stole a quantum tunnel converter. She means to use the dagger to super charge the atomizer. She still needs a hyper conduit, which they need to find before she does.

Sherloque and Renee talk. He doesn’t have a problem with her being a meta. He wants to help her.

Nora wants to use her psychic link with Grace to find her. Westallen is against it.

Joe is panicking, and after the news runs Iris’s story and people start flooding in, his panic gets worse.

Ralph is trying to figure out Thawne’s plan and everyone else is brushing him off. They want to know where a hyper conduit would be found in the future. According to Nora, Ollens Laboratory. Sebastian Ollens, as it turns out, was Cisco’s college roommate, and a bit of a slacker. This gives Cisco all the motivation he needs to find him. He has a warehouse with a bleeding edge hyper conduit.


Barry reaches the warehouse, only to find a bomb. Grace beat them to it.

She now has all she needs to not only kill all the metas in Central City, but the entire country. Ralph has a feeling that something isn’t right about this, but no one listens to him.


Nora has been eavesdropping and uses the device that Caitlin used to connect to Killer Frost to connect to Grace.

Sherloque brings Renee to an already overwhelmed Joe. Having this many scared metas in a building is a powder keg for disaster, especially with a non-meta in charge. Joe needs a minute. Renee leaves in the chaos.

Nora is spewing red lightning everywhere because this was a stupid plan. Barry manages to get the device off her head, which causes her to pass out.

Family Westallen talk in the infirmary. Nora claims to be less impulsive than she used to be and reminds Westallen and the audience that she is an adult. She’s going to try again. The only question is if her parents are going to help or not.

Cecile reminds Joe that he can do this. He’s the one that everyone goes to for advice. He knows his stuff. He just has to speak from the heart and stop overthinking everything.

Renee doesn’t want the cure. Sherloque does the mature thing and doesn’t make her take it. He does breach her to his Earth, and he promises to find her when he’s done.

Barry apologizes again, but this time Iris is with him. They’re going to put her in the Thawne trap to protect S.T.A.R. Labs from destruction.

Joe remembers himself and makes a speech that calms everyone down.

Nora is connected to Grace, but Grace can see her. They talk. Grace tries to make Nora angrier with her supervillain speech, but Grace actually acts like an adult and distances herself from Grace’s anger. She severs the connection and tells them that Grace is at CCPD. She’s exhausted so Barry insists that she stay. She finally agrees, but she gives them one more tidbit. Grace is going to use the powers at CCPD as a battery.

Killer Frost and Barry knock Grace out. Killer Frost freezes Cisco in with the atomizer and the dagger.

Cicada wakes up and tells them that she doesn’t need the dagger to kill them. She didn’t have it in the future.

Cisco needs a quantum computer to hack into the atomizer. Nora’s gauntlet has one.


Barry, Killer Frost, Ralph, and Joe hold off Cicada for as long as they can, but she eventually throws Barry through the ice barrier. She takes time to gloat and gives Cisco time to finish. Barry knocks her out and prepares to destroy the dagger.


Ralph connects the dots. Grace didn’t have the dagger in the future. Thawne’s plan is to destroy the dagger. In the future we see it dampening his powers. Ralph tries to stop Barry from destroying the dagger, and then…


Go Ralphie! Take out Nora, and this is a dang good episode! 8/10.