#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 3 "The Death of Vibe" Recap and Review

The episode starts in the Flash Museum in 2032. Adult Nora is doing voiceover while young Nora is in the Hall of Villains.  Cicada always used to scare her because nobody ever knew much about him and no one ever caught him. No one means not the Flash, not Supergirl, not the Legends, not Oliver, and not the League. It’s unclear if the she means the League of Assassins or the Justice League, but either way, he’s basically meta Jack the Ripper. And he’s early, with a completely different set of victims. Nora has a plan though.


CCPD needs help at a crime scene, but Ralph goes so they can work on the Cicada problem. This hippie with a solar gun and a sunburn is robbing a grocery store. It sounds like the setup to a joke, and it turns into one after Ralph takes him down, with one punch I might add. Oh, Ralph.


Nora’s plan is to contact a Wells because somehow future them never thought to do that. Weird. What’s even weirder is that they contact German Wells. And the weirdness caps off with him being nice. Apparently he’s a huge Flash family fanboy.


He can’t help, but he’s contacted someone who can. Sherloque Wells. My Microsoft Word is having fun with that one. Anyway, Cisco still has hurt hands, so they use the Supergirl extrapolator to get him there.


Cicada is looking up pictures of Vibe, and Joe.

The team is watch Sherloque make tea and then he Sherlocks them all, starting with Cisco. He brings up poor Cisco’s breakup again and Cisco leaves. He knows Barry is a speedster, Nora takes after her dad but has her mom’s body language, and Iris used to have a tattoo on her left shoulder from an old boyfriend. Barry’s face was priceless.


Speaking of price, this Wells charges, and he charges quite a lot. The S.T.A.R. Labs stock is apparently still worth something, and they sell some of it off to pay him.

Then Ralph comes in, and his day goes from bad to worse. First, he’s been memed after the incident at the grocery store. Then Sherloque calls him a baby giraffe and doesn’t want him around. Caitlin does and enlists him on the dad side project.


They go see her mom, who is as helpful as you might expect, aka not. Ralph; however, has an idea.

Barry and Nora are in front of creepy old shack, which Sherloque has led them too from his psychological profile. He thinks that Cicada’s name is David Hersch and there is a booby trap. Nora tries to take care of it, but it’s a decoy and Barry has to save her. Again. Fortunately, he does catch the bad guy this time.


He’s not the bad guy though, because at that very moment, the actual Cicada is visiting Joe.

He’s definitely a bad guy though. CCPD has linked him to several anti-government bombings and the like. Nora’s convinced that he’s their guy, but Barry isn’t sure.

Cicada asks Joe about Vibe, and when Joe doesn’t tell him anything, Cicada threatens him. I know that this episode is called Death of Vibe, but I’m worried about Joe.


Ralph’s plan is to break into the records room of Caitlin’s mom’s company. There are lasers unfortunately, and Caitlin has to guess the code. Once inside, they find a game that she used to play with her father, where she would make up her own elements, and a suicide note.


Barry tells the team that Hersch isn’t Cicada. His feet are the wrong size. Sherloque says that that’s not possible. He’s captured 37 David Hersch’s and they’ve all been Cicada. He cheated, and Team Flash wants their money back. He already spent it on his seven ex-wives. Seven.

Nora’s still convinced that Hersch is their guy and she wants to put him in the pipeline. He isn’t even a meta. She’s not convinced and runs off.


Joe is tied up and Cicada zaps him.


Barry and Iris talk. She understands what’s going on. Nora’s feeling guilty and wants to do whatever she can to fix it.

They get interrupted by an emergency in the pipeline. It appears that Sherloque has vaporized, but upon further investigation, it’s tea. He’s just trying to get out of paying them.

Barry and Nora talk. He tells her that patience is a good thing. Sometimes you just have to think for a moment before you act.

Ralph and Caitlin talk. He’s sorry that he roped her into this. She’s not mad. She at least got closure. Ralph asks what the code was in the records room. It was her birthday.


Cecile wakes up and activates her distress signal. Are her powers back, or are they just strengthened by high emotion situations? Anyway, Cisco shows up to answer the distress signal and gets tackled by Cicada into a breach.

He’s in the woods somewhere and he can’t vibe out.


Wells wants to help. He’s able to identify where Cisco is but Barry gets drained too and then they both get the crap knocked out of them. That’s not much of a plan. But Nora has one, which she does actually take a second to think about.


She grabs something from the pipeline, lightnings Cicada, then gives the thing to Cisco. He throws it at Cicada, who hits it and blows it up.

When the dust clears, Cisco is nowhere to be found, but his glasses and gauntlets are. Cicada jumps away and leaves.


Cisco is fine btw. Nora gave him the extrapolator and helped him fake his death. Death of Vibe.


And they run with it. Vibe is now officially dead.


Sherloque is going to stay until he pays them back. He’s going to take Nora’s place in the lounge, while she stays in the loft. Barry even suggests family dinner night. She just has to go get her purse.

Ralph and Caitlin talk. Her dad wasn’t the letter writing type and his science is all over the place. Ralph hands her back the periodic table of her elements. This turns out to be the key. He’s left her a cipher: Caitlin come find me.


Oh, and he’s creepily watching her from some undisclosed location.


Iris and Joe talk about Cicada. Joe tells her that he thinks that Cicada is a father.

There’s a girl in the hospital. Morlon? She’s in a coma and Cicada is dying. He has a rather large cut on his abdomen and he won’t stop and let it heal until he’s finished. A murderer’s work is just never done.


Sherloque wants Nora’s help with something. Why did she pick the exact moment that she did to come? Was it all her idea? He dismisses the question, but she doesn’t. This girl is as full of secrets as those Russian dolls.


They didn’t kill Cisco, so that’s two thumbs way way up in my book. I’m not sure if I’m on board with a French Sherlock Holmes, but I’ll let y’all know. 8/10.