#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 4 "News Flash" Recap and Review

 The episode starts with a new voiceover, all about Nora.

Then there is a flashback to the end of Season 4, aka the night of the Enlightenment. Some girl is filming it on her phone and is saved by Nora.


Iris is listening to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and attempting to make breakfast. Her attempt is very poor, but Barry is sweet anyway. Nora has a new phone, that Barry gave her without talking to Iris, and she has a text from Sherloque telling them to come to S.T.A.R Labs.


Barry and Iris talk about how she’s still getting nowhere with Nora.

Sherloque is giving a run through on Cicada. They all pitch in, except Cisco, who is laying low at his parent’s. I miss him. Anyway, Ralph suggests that they follow the mask that Cicada wears. Sherloque mocks him, but ultimately agrees to help.


The rest of them go to the CCPD softball game. Barry is not good at softball. Nora is on an app called Spyn Zone run by a girl named Spencer Young. Iris used to work with her and didn’t like her. Nora does and makes several digs at Iris’s website. She goes to get food when the app does something to her. Cecile can sense that something’s wrong.


A cop walks in with a backpack bomb and Nora throws it into space. Neither remember anything and the girl from the flashback, Spencer Young, is filming it.


Everyone talks at the now crime scene. Iris is afraid that with all the new publicity, Nora could become Cicada’s next target.


The mask is an industrial respirator. If they can figure out who manufactured it, they can find Cicada.


Iris confronts Spencer and tells her to back off. She won’t, mostly because she doesn’t like Iris.


Barry is checking out the cop that had the bomb. He seems normal. He doesn’t even know where he would gotten a bomb. Joe does. There is surveillance video of him getting it from evidence lockup. Before Joe can actively beat the crap out of him, CCPD gets an alert.


There’s a fire at Central City Picture News, where Iris used to work. Barry and Nora show up to put it out and Spencer, who is filming it, redirects Barry to Las Vegas with a headline. Iris has to talk Nora through putting out the fire.


Barry doesn’t remember anything, just like Nora and the cop. They think he might have been hypnotized and that she’s a meta. Her power is creating headlines, fake news to a whole new level. Nora disagrees and is mad that Iris went to see her.


Ralph and Sherloque ask about the masks. There are three plants in Central City alone whose employees all wear the exact mask. Little do they know that Cicada is watching them.


Nora is supposed to surveil Spencer and see if she’s a meta, but instead decides to strike up a conversation with her. Iris jumps in and puts her back on track. Spencer shows no signs of being a meta.


After Spencer leaves, Iris and Nora finally talk. Iris put a power dampening chip in Nora. Nora didn’t even know she had powers until six months ago. Now that would put a dampener on any parental relationship.


Barry and Iris talk about it. Iris feels guilty, but Barry has faith in her. I’m with Iris on this one.


Sherloque needs Caitlin to punch him in the chest. She does, after some prodding, and he has an epiphany.


There’s an alert at Central City Stadium. When Barry and Nora get there, it’s empty. Right as the team figures out that Spencer is hypnotizing people using her headlines, Nora sees one telling her to kill the Flash.


Iris uses the extrapolator to go to the stadium and hits Nora with a tranquilizer before she Reverse Flashes Barry. Barry then catches Spencer.

Sherloque gives them a rundown on Cicada. He has an injured lung from the satellite debris on the night of the Enlightenment. Two speedsters means different debris pattern. The debris created meta tech, like the dagger and Spencer’s phone. Sherloque even gives Ralph the credit.


Iris and Nora talk again, and it does not go well. The number one thing that you do not tell your traumatized daughter is that you’re sure you had a good reason. Barry makes it worse when he comes in and backs Iris up, even though he’s the one that has faith in Iris’s decision making.


Nora runs off to stay with Joe and Cecile.


Cicada is in a lot of pain. His wound is getting worse, and he’s getting super strength?


Dang. Now we know why Nora doesn’t like her mom. That makes her vulnerable and easily pliable for the right person to manipulate. I wonder who? 7.5/10