#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 6 "The Icicle Cometh" Recap and Review

The episode starts at Jitters where a woman who looks eerily like Allison Mack orders coffee and then sets off Cicada’s meta detector, which is apparently a use of his dagger. He confronts her in the parking lot and she pulls out legit Odin family fighting blades from her arms. She stabs Cicada before he chokes her to the death.


Cisco tells all not in the know about the satellite he resurrected. He was able to use it to find 46 locations where shrapnel fell. Because of Caitlin’s tests on him when he unconscious, they know that the dagger must have come from the core. They just have to find it.


Ralph is gonna find Joe and check with FEMA for a list of people injured the night of the enlightenment.

Iris and Sherloque are going to check out all of the sites. Nora wants to go with them to spend some mommy time and it’s really sweet.

Barry and Cisco found Caitlin’s dad. He went into a black site the week after he “died” and never came out.

Ralph comes looking for Joe but doesn’t find him. Get better Jesse L. Martin! Cecile offers to go with him. He’s skeptical at first, but once she lists all of her B.A. accomplishments, he agrees.


Cisco can’t vibe without extreme pain and the extrapolator is broken, so I’m not entirely sure how they get to the very snowy location where Caitlin’s dad is, but they do. They find an abandoned building and a lab. Eventually they find Caitlin’s dad alive. HARRISON WELLS GAVE HIM ACCESS TO S.TA.R. LABS THAT ONLY STARTED WORKING RECENTLY AND HE KNOWS MR. FREEZE! Can you say warning bells? Anyway, the reason that he is alive is that he did experiments with cryogenics to freeze the progression of his ALS. It did, but Caitlin’s mom shut him in here. He’s apparently survived on water, rations, and months in the cryogenic chamber. They also ask him about an incubator that he claims to never have used.


Cecile and Ralph are at FEMA. It’s completely empty except for one guy in earphones who stonewalls them. Cecile can’t get anywhere.


Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, and Caitlin’s dad somehow breach back into S.T.A.R. Labs. Caitlin wants to run some tests, but Barry suggests that they take a walk first. After they leave, we see that Cisco’s warning bells went off too. Barry wants to believe the best in everyone, and he’s in full daddy mode, so he doesn’t see it.


Iris and Nora are super awkward when they are both trying to get along with each other. Sherloque suggests that they all split up and do their own thing. Nora speeds around the site and doesn’t find the core. Sherloque has an idea.


Caitlin and her dad talk until he passes out. His arm is ice.


He wakes up in the infirmary. Caitlin tells him that his dermis is crystalizing. He tells her that it’s a cryogenic malignancy, a side effect of curing his ALS. He did it to her too, because he couldn’t bear for her to die the same way. This created Killer Frost. They ask him if he has one. He says no. That’s why he is dying and Caitlin is not. Caitlin wants to use her cells to create a serum that he could inject at absolute zero. There is currently a DOD site that has this capability. Cisco is still super skeptical, but he’ll help.


The doctor we saw with Cicada’s daughter finds a trail of blood that leads her right to Cicada. She wants to help him, but he won’t let her. Also, his daughter’s name is Grace.


Ralph and Cecile talk. Among Ralph’s sketchy friends, she was called “Cecile your fate Horton.” They realize that she didn’t freeze. She felt the FEMA. guy’s fear. He even uses a Star Trek TNG reference.


Sherloque is making tea and annoying Nora and Iris. Nora gets to say “no shrap Sherlock” and Iris notices that there was a carnival the night of the enlightenment, something a father would take his child to. They also realize that they’ve been looking in the wrong place. The core is in the water. All Nora has to do is get it out, which Iris helps her with.


Cisco is talking to himself and freaking out. After looking at a picture of the original team, he breaches himself back to the lab and vibes the incubator. His nose starts bleeding, and what he sees doesn’t help either.


Caitlin is making a serum and Barry has found a way in to DOD. Cisco comes in and tells them to stop. This isn’t Caitlin’s dad. He was using the incubator to make skin grafts to look more human. Nobody believes him and he storms out.


Barry follows him. Cisco tells him to stop looking at this like a father and start looking at it like a CSI.


Ralph and Cecile go back to the FEMA. Turns out that he’s been pocketing government money to buy a Lamborghini. He gives them the list of names they were looking for, but they still turn him in.


Cicada is bleeding from his stab wound and passes out.


Barry talks to Caitlin. He just wants her to keep an open mind. This sets off a train of thought. If she injected a human with the serum, it would suppress the meta half, but if she injected a meta, it would suppress the human half. Her dad’s alter ego is trying to kill her dad.


When they confront him about it, he knocks them out and leaves with the serum. I KNEW HE WAS BAD NEWS!


When they wake up, the rest of the team tells them that he’s at the DOD site. All hands are on deck, but they can’t do much in such cold temperatures. Except Caitlin. She’s immune. She tries to talk to her dad, but the other guy mocks her. He goes to inject himself with the serum and she cold blasts him at the last second. Killer Frost is back. He then tries to recruit her. She breaks the serum and they fight. He then flies away? Barry and Nora warm up Cisco and Ralph.


Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin realizes that both of her parents were trying to protect her. Cisco realizes that they’ve been looking at the Killer Frost problem all wrong. Devoe didn’t take away her powers, he just inserted a mental block, which she broke through. He also names the doppleganger Icicle.


Using the mental acuity dampener, Caitlin and Killer Frost talk.


The core is in the speed lab. Cecile and Ralph have a possible name for Cicada’s kid: Grace Gibbons.


The doctor comes looking for Orlon, aka Cicada. She wants to help him, but he still won’t let her. It’s making him stronger. What kind of masochist is this guy?


Real talk. How many DC cold villains are there? Also real talk, this is the second villain with ALS we’ve seen. Besides my lingering pattern questions, this was a good episode. I always love a good reunited loved one turns out to be a super villain trope. 8/10.