#TheFlash Season 5 Episode 7 "O Come, All Ye Faithful" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Cicada at the hospital with Grace. Barry comes in looking for him, but the doctor plays interference. It turns out that Cicada is not Grace’s dad.


Cue flashback. Grace is his sister’s daughter. He became her legal guardian when his sister died from a meta attack, something he was in no shape for.


Caitlin and Barry are trying to bake pies for Thanksgiving. They’re holding it at the loft this year because Joe and Cecile are having Thanksgiving with her family. He wants to make this Thanksgiving perfect because it’s the first Nora will have with both her parents.


Iris and Nora come in from getting pampered and start to talk about Thanksgiving disasters and how many times Barry has almost died. Also, FYI, the Flash Museum doesn’t say anything about Ronnie. That ain’t right.


The doctor calls Cicada and tells him that he should stay away.

Cue another flashback. Cicada is trying to get out of having Grace, which she can hear. She asks him for breakfast and the only thing he has is old Chinese food.

Sherloque doesn’t understand Thanksgiving, no matter how Cisco explains it. Caitlin explains it as a time to be with family. Sherloque doesn’t have any family.


There’s an electrical surge at the downtown power station. Barry and Nora check it out. It’s lightning. Of course, there is an experimental cold fusion core that could destroy several city blocks if it’s hit. Also of course, Barry gets hit by the lightning while saving the core. He goes into cardiac arrest and Nora has to revive him.


They return to S.T.A.R. Labs and Nora is mad. The team is going to make sure Weather Wizard is still locked up, because he is the only meta they know of that could have done this.


Caitlin and Cisco invite Sherloque to Thanksgiving. He declines and depresses them while throwing paint at a canvas.


Cicada has another flashback. He’s been called to Grace’s principal’s office because she has language issues. She of course learned the language from him and uses it to go off on him. He’s not a parent because he makes everything worse. He hates everyone and everything, including himself.


The Westallen family is at the prison. The new warden is on top of everything and Weather Wizard is exactly where he is supposed to be. Then the roof caves in, caused by a girl with weather powers. She wants to break her dad out of prison. Barry and Nora put Weather Wizard in the pipeline. His daughter wants him out in an hour or the city gets it.


Barry talks to him. He has no clue what’s happening. He had Joss when he was in high school and left her with her mom. Joss ran away after her and her mom had a falling out.


There’s another Cicada flashback. He built Grace a dollhouse and promises to be better. They can even live in his cousin’s house if they fix it up.


Nora makes it clear that she isn’t mad at Iris.


Cisco has gone all Willow Rosenberg on Thanksgiving, courtesy of Sherloque.


Once he gets off that subject, they talk about Joss, who has dubbed herself Weather Witch. She’s a storm chaser and her weathervane is meta tech. They have 20 minutes to bring her Weather Wizard, but Barry has a plan.


They bring her what she wants. She then proceeds to zap Barry and Nora drop a truck on Weather Wizard. Fortunately for him, he’s a hologram controlled by Iris. Weather Witch is ticked and vows to make them pay for that. She then lightning’s away.

Nora finally lets Barry have it. She’s angry that he always puts himself in harm’s way and she’s mad that he doesn’t appear afraid to lose and she’s scared to lose him. She could never be mad at him before because he was her hero, so she took it out on villains and her mom. Now she knows him, she can’t bear to lose him, and she’s ticked. She wants him to stop being the Flash. He can’t do that. You know it’s actually scary that Barry and Oliver had children that are exactly the same. Wow.


Cicada drives up to the hospital.

Flashback to the night of the Enlightenment. Cicada and Grace are at the carnival. It’s been one year since he promised to be better and he got her dolls. Then the Enlightenment happens, and they pass out. When they wake up, the satellites are falling, and everyone is running. They both get hit. The shrapnel is stuck in his chest and she’s unconscious. He takes her to the hospital and the doctor helps them.


Barry and Iris talk until she finds Weather Witch, who is at the airport.


Barry starts evacuating the people. Iris tells Nora to give Barry Weather Wizard’s Weather Wand to counteract the weathervane. When she does this, Weather Witch makes a lightning tornado. Barry will have to run around the tornado and take in all of the lightning through the wand to stop her. Nora understands, and Barry does it. He walks out of the descended cloud with Weather Witch in cuffs. Barry and Nora hug.


Sherloque, Cisco, and Caitlin are drinking themselves into a pity party. Killer Frost shows up and snaps them out of it.


Sherloque gives a very awkward toast and most of them go eat.


Barry and Nora stay back and talk. Barry doesn’t pick the Flash over his family. Barry is the Flash for his family. Then they go eat.


Cicada comes into the hospital with flowers. He wants to spend Thanksgiving with his family.


Final flashback. The doctor tells Cicada that Grace might never wake up. She blames the metas and then leaves. He sees the Flash on TV and then he sees Gridlock. The dagger responds to his anger and he decides to kill all metas.


Sherloque had an idea to look at the security footage at the hospital. Cicada’s name is Orlin Dwyer.


Where was Ralph? He’s not my favorite character or anything, but him not being there is a major plot hole. 7/10.