#TheFlash Season 6 Episode 1 "Into the Void" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a system-wide power surge. It’s coming from the time vault, and when Barry and Iris get there, they see Nora’s last message glitching. The power surge fried it.


Cisco and Camilla are in the cortex an unspecified amount of time later and Barry is chasing Godspeed? Barry takes him down relatively easily, but when he takes off Godspeed’s mask, it’s not the real one and this one can’t talk. He just makes this almost dolphin-like scream. Apparently this is their fourth in as many months.


Joe and Iris talk until everyone else arrives for the barbecue. Everyone except Ralph, who is on the Sue Dearborn case. I always love when the team gets to sit down and chill for a little bit. It’s nice to remember what they’re all fighting for. They do; however, end up talking about work. Cisco is trying to do the whole work/life balance thing, but Barry is not. They’ve been working on a mental augmentation chamber, M.A.C., to help Barry speed think. Cisco is saved from having to continue to work on it by Barry leaving to handle a break-in. They all file out after that.

Caitlin is at a funeral for a friend’s mom. Said friend, Ramsey Rosso, is played by Sendhil Ramamurthy and I’m so completely freaking out about it because I haven’t seen him since Covert Affairs. Anyway, he gives this wonderful speech about being brave and his mother always being there for him. When Caitlin goes to personally offer her condolences, Killer Frost almost comes out. He invites her to have a cup of coffee sometime and then she leaves.

Iris is at the dump because Joe inadvertently threw out her Flash jacket and she needs is for Nora. A portal opens just as Iris grabs it and the jacket goes through.

It’s now a crime scene and Iris lies to Barry about why she was there. Cisco is not happy to be at a dump, because he has to go through the garbage. From his readings; however, he’s figured out that it wasn’t a portal. It was a blackhole.

This is more data than anyone has ever discovered about a black hole. While Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry discuss the time and work it will take to decode their embarrassment of riches, Ralph walks in in a tuxedo. He’s never been as involved in a case before, but he says that there was something about the way the parents looked when they asked for his help. The fact that this woman will end up being his wife makes it a pretty solid investment.

Caitlin’s hands then freeze the keyboard. She tells them that she’s been having these “frost outs” all summer. Ralph says that she’s been working too hard and needs some time off.

Joe and Cecile are looking through police files about the junkyard robberies that Iris told them about. Iris sees a news story about Nora on Joe’s desk and barely makes it out of his office without crying.

Caitlin takes Ralph’s advice and gets coffee with Ramsey. His mom was her mentor. He changes his tune from the funeral and says that he didn’t think she fought hard enough to live. She just checked things off her bucket list and prepared to die. While Caitlin thinks that was a healthy attitude, Ramsey has been working on a cure for the type of cancer that she had. It involves dark matter and he needs her to help him get it. She refuses and he storms out. He’s going to go all mad scientist supervillain and I’m going to love it.

After he leaves, another black hole opens up. Killer Frost still doesn’t show up, but Barry does. He saves and brings her back to S.T.A.R. Labs.

Iris found the person that created the black holes, a Chester P. Runk. He’s been in the hospital ever since he touched the first one that he created on accident.

Caitlin talks about the funeral with Ralph. He thinks that maybe Killer Frost is afraid of dying.

Ramsey is at his mother’s grave, where he is given a weapon.

Iris and Cecile find Chester, who has been catatonic ever since he got to the hospital. This gives them time to talk about Nora. She can’t cheat the grieving process just because Nora might still exist one day. It gives Iris an idea. Just like she didn’t know how to communicate how she was feeling, Chester is communicating in a different way.

Cisco shows Barry his new Inverse Mass Angular Momentum Disruptor, or Stellar Grenade. It should cause the black hole to implode. Iris comes in and explains that that would kill Chester.

Half his brainwaves and his consciousness are in the black hole. If they can figure out a way to take his consciousness out, the black hole should implode. Cisco explains that they may not have enough time to figure that out. Barry won’t hear of it. He refuses to lose anyone else.

Caitlin gets a 911 text from Ralph, but it turns out that he just wants to talk to Killer Frost. He thinks that she’s afraid of living, not dying. He wants her to talk to Caitlin about living her own life for a while. There are logistics involved in that that they don’t mention, but that’s a bridge to cross when we get there.

Barry and Iris talk about Nora. Iris tells him the real reason she was at the junkyard and they hug.

Another black hole has opened. They decide to use Barry’s lightning like a magnet to get Chester’s consciousness out. They’ll pull it into Nora’s backup gauntlet and then put it into the M.A.C., where they have moved Chester’s body. Of course, if it doesn’t work, the gravimetric pressure would crush Barry in seconds.

Ralph and Killer Frost help with crowd control while Joe stands far too close to everything for my liking. Killer Frost has an awesome new suit thanks to Cisco.


To lighten the mood, Cisco plays mood music, specifically Queen’s “Flash Theme.”


Barry runs into the black hole and stays for several agonizing seconds, then rushes out and puts Chester’s consciousness back into his body. The blackhole then implodes.


Chester needs to stay in the M.A.C. for four to six weeks for his cells to readjust to being back in his body.

Cecile drives Cisco to his date. Since he’s no longer Vibe, he needs his own mode of transportation.

Caitlin and Killer Frost talk. Caitlin is ok with Killer Frost taking the reins for a while. Ralph, in typical Ralph fashion, has made a new Book of Ralph and has volunteered to be Killer Frost’s life coach.


The gun that the goon gave Ramsey is full of dark matter, which he injects into himself. It appears to work for a minute, and then something starts growing on his arm. That’s never a good sign.


Barry and Iris talk in the time vault. While he was in the black hole, he grabbed Iris’s jacket. This nice moment can’t last because the Monitor shows up and tells Barry about the time change with Crisis. Dun Dun Dun! I’m reasonably sure that Barry is going to be fine because Oliver is going to be the one to die, but we shall see.


A little shaky on the uptake, but I’m excited. I’m glad Cisco is still on the show, I’m over the moon about Sendhil Ramamurthy as Bloodwork, and I’m so looking forward to Crisis. Bring on the season! 7.5/10