#TheFlash Season Episode 8 "What's Past is Prologue" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a camera lens. Sherloque and Ralph are on a stakeout.


They break down the situation for the team, nothing about why Ralph wasn’t at Thanksgiving, but everything on Orlin Dwyer. He’s at the hospital right now and Barry wants to round him up, but how to do that without being zapped by his dagger?


Nora suggests that they could make a weapon more powerful than Cicada’s dagger. They would need a magnetic alloy, something to negate dark matter, and a way to infuse the magnetic alloy with dark matter. She suggests that Barry has already run across all of these things in the past: Savitar’s suit, Zoom’s (recalibrated) speed force transmitter, and the particle accelerator explosion. These are discarded objects in time, so they shouldn’t change the timeline. Then they plant the weapon near the hospital, somewhere it won’t be moved for five years.


Nora wants to go with Barry, but he’s not having it.


While they argue, Sherloque looks at Nora’s notebook.

Iris tells Barry that he should take Nora with him.


Cisco, Caitlin, and Ralph have dates narrowed down for Barry.

After Caitlin and Ralph leave, Sherloque tells Cisco about the journal. He tells Sherloque that he decoded one sentence, but nothing else, and tells Sherloque to talk to Nora about it.


Cisco gives Barry the Flash ring in case of emergency and Barry decides to let Nora come. Ralph plays the song “Back in Time” by Huey Lewis and the News because when else are they going to be able to do that?


They start in Savitar time but are followed by a time wraith. Barry distracts it while Nora gets a part of the suit. While doing so, she sees Iris shoot Savitar.


They outrun the time wraith and get to Zoom time. They almost get caught by Cisco. After everyone leaves, Barry tells Nora to wait and he goes to get the transmitter. He gets caught by Harry, who is worried about finding Jesse. Barry gives him the tip about people from different Earths vibrating at different frequencies so that Harry won’t break the transmitter.


Nora does not stay put. She eavesdrops on past Barry and Iris. It’s really sweet.


They are about to leave when they are caught by Zoom, who sees Nora and follows them into the Speedforce. The time wraith appears to catch him.


Barry and Nora fall out of the speed force at a time they did not plan and the transmitter breaks. Nora says that they should get Thawne to help them. This is when Barry realizes when they are. It’s when he went back in time to get Thawne’s help.

They phase into the future room before the season 2 version of him wakes up. Barry won’t tell him who Nora is. He guesses that she’s his daughter after name dropping many female speedsters, but he thinks that she’s Dawn. She looks completely terrified of him, but she tells him about Cicada. After some lovely back and forth between Barry and Thawne Wells, Thawne Wells agrees to fix the transmitter before season 2 Barry wakes up.


He and Nora have a strange kind of rapport as he talks about Savitar and Cicada, even calling her “clever girl.” He fixes the transmitter and gets back in the future room before season 2 Barry wakes up. Barry leaves, but Nora hesitates a moment before she does.


They then go back to the pilot. They sneak around the old-fashioned way because Thawne Wells will sense if they use their speed. Nora tries to pet Grodd and makes a Star Wars reference. Barry tells her not to touch and they make their way to the cortex. Thawne Wells does sense them and doesn’t blow the accelerator. He’s about to phase into the future room when he’s stopped by Caitlin and Cisco. He has nice conversations with Caitlin and Cisco, filled with several Easter Eggs.


In the future room, Barry gets everything ready. Nora gets distracted by the Reverse Flash suit and Barry again stops her from touching. She asks why he hates the Reverse Flash so much and Barry tells her. Apparently she didn’t know that the Reverse Flash killed Barry’s mom. She now knows why Barry didn’t want her to come. He wanted to protect her. They hug while the accelerator goes off.


We get a wonderful montage of all that happened that night.

The weapon is ready and they go to the hospital. The same doctor treated Thawne Wells and Barry that is treating Grace. The Barry that isn’t in a coma phases through one of the columns and puts the weapon there.


They get back and then go back to the hospital. Barry lures Cicada, who brings his getup to the hospital to visit his niece, out. Barry then tries to reason with him, as is Barry’s way, but it doesn’t do much good. Cicada fully plans on dying once all the other metas are dead. The weapon works and the dagger imbeds itself in the column. Cisco vibes it into space while Nora and Ralph come out of hiding.


Cicada recalls the dagger from space and blasts everyone. Sherloque and Caitlin get out of the van and get blasted too. Killer Frost comes out and blasts Cicada, who flies away.


Since Killer Frost was created the old-fashioned way, she’s immune to Cicada’s dagger.

Nora notices her journal is missing and talks to Sherloque about it. She tells him that she created a time language, a language that is immune to changes in the timeline. He calls her a clever girl, just like Thawne and we see what he has translated: The Timeline is Malleable. Ominous much?


She looks in the future room where the Reverse Flash suit used to be and time travels to see her grandparents. Barry follows her but does not tell her about Flashpoint. They then leave.


She imports her latest journal entry into Gideon, who sends it to the same recipient. SHE THEN VISITS THAWNE WELLS IN PRISON IN THE FUTURE AND TELLS HIM THAT THEY NEED TO TALK!! So many questions, but none of them are going to be answered until after the crossover.


Speaking of which, the last scene is setup for Sunday. 90’s Flash is on an Earth filled with dead superheroes, possibly the Smallville Earth. The Monitor tells him that he has failed and then opens his book. Blue light floods out and 90’s Flash begins to run.


This was a great trip down memory lane and I’m super intrigued for the rest of the season. See y’all Sunday! 8/10.