#TheFlash 3X4 "The New Rogues" Recap & Review

This week’s episode begins the night of the Particle Accelerator explosion. We meet Sam Scudder and Rosalind Dillon, members of Leonard Snart’s crew, getting into an argument with the thief in a warehouse. Snart tries to attempts to kill both of them, but the Particle Accelerator explosion causes Snart to flea. The wave hits both Scudder and Dillon, trapping Scudder in the mirror he was laying on.

            Back in the present men are clearing out the warehouse when Scudder walks out of a mirror demanding to know where Snart is. Barry trains Jesse to better master her speed as Joe looks into the Rival’s murder at Iron Heights. The team is wary of Wells’ desire to return to Earth 2, feeling the team is not complete without him. Wells suggests that they search the multiverse for a replacement. At CCPD Joe gets information from a lady detective that is very friendly with him.

            Later that night Barry and Iris try to have a date at home, but Joe comes home early causing an awkward interaction. Barry is uncomfortable with being intimate with Iris around Joe, which spurs her to demand that he talks with Joe.

            Scudder tracks down one of Snart’s old crew demanding to know where he is. The man doesn’t know where Snart is, prompting Scudder to throw him threw him into a mirror and out of a second story window.

            At CCPD Barry has an awkward conversation with Joe and he affirms Iris’s view that they are both adults, but he needs time. Barry is satisfied with the conversation. Back at Star Labs Wells, Caitlin, and Cisco beam a complex algorithm into the multiverse to test the many Wells of the multiverse. They get responses from four Wells, three of which are not suitable. They decide to recruit an eccentric version of Harrison Wells from Earth 19.

            Wally and Jesse go out and Jesse makes advances on Wally. But, Wally expresses his reservations about starting something with Jesse since she will be returning to Earth 2. They decide to stay friends but commit to a relationship of sorts later in the episode.

            Back at Star Labs, the team researches Scudder, whom Wells names Mirror Master, after a criminal on his Earth with the same alias. They find out that Rosalind Dillon is locked up in Iron Heights and is Mirror Master’s next target. They are correct and Mirror Master breaks Rosalind out of Iron Heights and learns that she has the ability to induce people with extreme vertigo. Cisco names her Top. The couple begins a spree of bank robberies.

            At an awkward movie night, Iris confronts Barry and Joe for being awkward. They are interrupted by an alert that Top and Mirror Master are robbing another bank. Jesse wants to help Barry, so the two speedsters move out.

 The Flash and Jesse Quick

The Flash and Jesse Quick

   Jesse and Flash attempt to stop the couple, but Top defeats Jesse forcing Barry to save her from a fall. Mirror Master uses the opportunity to trap Barry in a mirror. Back at Star labs, Jesse blames herself for what happens to Barry, but Wally manages to talk her down. Cisco and Wells create a device to freeze the mirror Barry is trapped in so he can phase out, built they can’t get it cold enough. They head back up to the command center when they get another alert. Before Caitlin joins them, she uses her powers to freeze the back of the mirror to a temperature in which Barry can escape. 

            He and Jesse move into a final conflict with Mirror Master and Top. Barry uses a hologram of Captain Cold to lure Mirror Master into a mirror trap, in which he can’t escape. Jesse defeats Top and the speedsters imprison them back in Iron heights. They return to Star Labs, where they welcome the Wells of Earth 19. He is eccentric and a bit weird, but the team accepts him. Wells and Jesse return to Earth 2. 

            That night Barry tells Joe that it would be easier if he moved out and got his own place. Joe and Iris agree and the three laugh it off, showing that things are getting batter. We cut to Caitlin at her house. When she takes a shower she freezes the water and shower. Panicking, Caitlin runs to mirror, where she finds that her lips have gone pale and some of her hair has turned white. She quickly cuts off the white hair and the episode comes to a close which a mortified Caitlin staring into her mirror.

 Top & Mirror Master (Bottom Left), Flash & Jesse Quick (Bottom Right), Captain Cold?? (T

Top & Mirror Master (Bottom Left), Flash & Jesse Quick (Bottom Right), Captain Cold?? (T

So far this season, the Flash has been consistently delivering great episodes. Episode 4 is no different. Seeing Jesse Quick and The Flash fighting side by side was a real treat to see. Jesse has been a fun character with a lot of heart and it’s exciting to see what they’ll do with her in the future.

            Seeing the different versions of Harrison Wells was a fun scene, though most of them were kind of stereotypical. We had the Asian, the Redneck, the Englishmen, and a type of hipster. No surprise that they picked the hipster. The new Wells, from Earth 19, seems to be the antithesis of his Earth 2 doppelganger. He is bright and humorous; maybe even a little annoying. He seems to be very optimistic about working with the team, but only time will tell how well the team warms up to this new Wells.

  Meet the new Fun Harry

Meet the new Fun Harry

            Moving on the drama aspect of the episode. Barry and Iris are now dating, and it is obviously hard for Joe to come to terms with it. This isn’t surprising considering they were raised as siblings. The awkward conversations and movie night showed the human side of the characters and the now different family dynamic of the West/Allen family.

            Mirror Master has now arrived. We have been waiting for the appearance of this fan favorite Rogue since the first season. We were disappointed with his absence in S2. But now, we have him, and he is awesome. Trading in the colorful uniform for a classy suit, Mirror Master proved to be a unique and rather a likable villain for the Flash. We are also given a bonus to the inclusion of another Rogue, Top. Though Top now takes the form of a woman and a love interest of Mirror Master, the two do have a fun team dynamic. They also managed to slip in an easter egg of the original Mirror Master Evan McCulloch, who is the Mirror Master on Earth 2. Having Jesse and Barry each confront the new rogues one on one was a great way to feature each of the four characters.

            Having Wentworth Miller reprise his role as Leonard Snart only increased the quality of the episode. The flashback with Snart, Top, and Mirror Master was a fun retcon. Though the Captain Cold cameo, via hologram, was fun, it was a little upsetting not having the real Snart there. It was similar to when it was revealed that Deadshot in last week’s episode of Arrow was just a vision. The different, however, is that Snart is slated to return in Legends of Tomorrow as a member of Reverse-Flash’s Legion of Doom.

Finally, Killer frost is coming to life, and it seems like the more Dr. Snow uses her power is the more she become killer frost.

            The episode is simply a fun episode, which introduces classic DC heroes and villains and promises interesting changes for both the Rogues and Heroes of Star City.



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