#TheFlash 3x05 "Monster" Recap & Review

This week's episode opens with Barry making breakfast for Cisco, whom he is staying with. Cisco is annoyed, but not with Barry. The new Wells is bothering Cisco and he does't know why. Caitlin visits her mother's company and asks for her help, dealing with her Ice powers. Her mother is neglectful at first, but Caitlin uses her powers, which prompts her mother to help her. 

Back at Star Labs, H.R. Wells tries to get the team to warm up to her. Cisco tells Wells that they have their own way of working together and tells H.R. to just observe them for a while. He tells the team that Caitlin has left for a few days and plays a message from her. The team leaves to go about their business as H.R. is left at Star labs. At CCPD Barry learns that Julian has reported him to Captain Singh. From tardiness to evidence tampering, Julian clearly tried to get Barry fired. Singh lets Barry of with a warning, which frustrates Julian, claiming he didn't know the rules did't apply to him. 

Barry is called downtown where he finds a giant monster walking around the city. As people panicked Barry helps Iris get people off from a bus, but the monster literally disappeared. Barry reports back to H.R. and Cisco, who try to come up with ways to defeat the monster. H.R. suggests carbon fiber rope to restrain it. Barry returns to CCPD, while H.R. and Cisco get to work. Barry finds Julian who is still upset with him. Barry tries to suck up to Julian and offers him the crime lab, if they could work together for a while. Julian agrees and tells Barry he will call him. We cut back to Caitlin who is going through tests to determine the extent of her power. They learn that she absorbs heat as part of her ability. Caitlin and her mother get into a heated discussion, where emotions run high. Down in another lab, Caitlin's mother's assistant tries to prevent Caitlin from leaving, which prompts Caitlin to freeze his arm. Caitlin's mother arrives and tells Caitlin to leave and that she would make sure no one knew about her or what she did. 

The monster attacks again as Barry and Julian investigate. Barry saves Julian and the monster disappears once more. Back at CCPD, Julian shares with Barry why he doesn't like Metahumans and expresses remorse for not being given powers. At Star labs, Barry and Cisco start to suspect H.R. is not who he says he is. They go through his stuff and find a recorder as H.R. catches them. He explains that he is not a super genius and that his partner on Earth-19 is the one who solved the algorithm sent to his Earth. He explains that he is a writer and came to Earth-1 to write his book. Caitlin returns as they, once again go after the monster. Julian also leads CCPD to the monster. Barry tries to use the rope to Trip the Monster but it passes right through the snare. The monster is actually a hologram and Barry goes into a building to find someone projecting the monster. Julian got there first and holds a gun on the criminal. The criminal refuses to turn as Julian shots at him. Barry arrives in time to stop the bullet and restrain, what is revealed to be a 15-year old boy. He reveals that he was bullied in school and just wanted others to be as scared as he is. Barry hands him over to Julian who takes him to Joe. Joe has a heart to heart with the boy and he accepts the consequences for what he had done.

The Monster

The Monster

They team confronts H.R. about not being who he said he was, but ultimately agreed to give him another chance to prove to them that he belongs on the team. At CCPD, Barry talks with Julian who is distraught about almost killing a kid. He explains that he is from a rich family, but was looked down upon for wanting to be a scientist.  He and Barry reconcile and Julian explains that he was wrong about the Flash. The two go out for a drink as the episode cuts to Caitlin. The episode ends with her watching a video message from her mother telling her not to use her powers. The more she does, the more permanent they will become. She panics and accidentally freezes the computer and the desk. 

Flash faces off against the monster and H.R. Wells has a secret.

Flash faces off against the monster and H.R. Wells has a secret.

This week, Flash set aside an episode to give us some character development and interaction. The episode can be split into three major pairings of character interaction; Julian and Barry, Caitlin and her mother, and Cisco and H.R.

            Barry’s struggle with Julian boils over when Julian reports Barry’s absences and other violations to Captain Singh. The interactions between the two CSIs eventually lead, not quite to friendship, but respect. Julian’s character had some meaningful development this week, and it will hopefully lead into more episodes.

            We met Caitlin’s mother this week and given the initial response to her daughter,; it's no surprise we haven’t heard of her before. She is cold and disconnected toward Caitlin and seems to be more concerned with her work. We see a dynamic in her toward the end of the episode, where she and Caitlin start to reconcile.

            Finally, we have the Harrison Wells of Earth-19, or H.R. Cisco has been suspicious of this new Wells, who was actually not who he said he was. Thankfully the show didn’t beat the dead horse that is an evil Wells and instead revealed that H.R. was simply not as smart as he led the team to believe. Revealing that he was just a guy who thinks up ideas was a better twist than him being evil. It gives us the different Wells that Earth-19 would provide, but also provides a way for him to be part of the team in a way other than just being the older smart guy, to Cisco’s younger smart guy.


-How did you like the episode?

-Which interaction was your favorite? (Caitlin & her mother; Barry & Julian; H.R. & Cisco)

-Will Caitlin become evil like her Earth 2 counterpart or learn to control her change?