#TheFoster Episode 2 "Safe" Season 4 Recap & Review

The Foster's second episode was a continuation of the premiere, with Nick still on loose or so they thought but Nick was hiding in the house unbeknownst to the Adams Foster clan. We see the mamas taking away all electronic devices just in case Nick was brave enough to contact one of the kids. 

Mamas had some rules like if they left the house they needed to bring someone else, and that no one was allowed on their devices such as computers and cell phones until Nick was found. The mamas had other reason to take away the device like not wanting them to go on Fost and Found. Two days passed and they still hadn't found Nick. Mamas still hadn't spoken to Brandon and Callie about their "relationship" so those two were kind of in a weird mood all episode. We see A.J. come over and he helps Callie with something to try and bring justice for Jack and take down Justine for her deceptiveness.. 
There are a lot of mixed feelings that I have about school shootings/ depression\ suicide and more subjects such as I stated above. Guns kill people, but those same people could be dealing with stuff at home with their families etc., we don't know. While I don't condone guns or suicide or shootings these people have more to their story and it's up to us to listen and help as best we can: With Nicks situation I feel that he felt that he wasn't what his dad wanted him to be, his dad had a different idea of how Nick was supposed to turn out and he felt like his dad wasn't interested in being a father to him. That being said Nick final got to Marianna with his gun, but everyone surprise he was not their to kill Marianna but himself because he felt like he had no one and she didn't want him. That is why he a snapped and wanted to hurt himself. I'm very proud of Mariana, while I know its acting that situation happens all over the world. She talked Nick down and successfully made sure he got the help he needs. Nick was arrested at the end of the episode and looking like he will get the help he needs. 

Meanwhile, Stef and Brandon is not on good term and he want to do what he want and she as usual is trying to protect him. Brandon left the house after he was told notand Stef when step when to find him he was at his girlfriend house, having sex and as they where about todo something again Stef arrived and interrupted them. When Stef confronts Brandon about leaving the house he became defensive telling his mother that he was 18 years old and can make his own decision. Stef insist that he come home with her but he rebuffed her telling her that he is moving in with his girlfriend, I personally think it is a horrible idea but he will have to learn the hard way. Finally, Jude got Jack remains and buried it under is unborn sister's tree telling him that he had a home now.

Lets us know, do you think Brandon has made the right decision?