#TheFosters Episode 3 "Trust" Recap & Review

#TheFosters season 4 episode 3 "Trust"

     I'm gonna try and do a different review layout than I've done in previous reviews. I'm gonna start by summarizing the whole episode from my perspective then give you my thoughts and ideas of what we can look forward to in the next episode. 
Okay, there is right or wrong way to discuss an episode but I've been getting feedback that all of my reviews are short. Do you want them short and sweet and to the point or do you want me to ramble about the episode? 
    The summary of this episode from my perspective is this, there is still a matter of safety going on throughout this episode as we see a fence put up around the school and more cops present on school days a metal detector was going to be installed too. We see Callie have a bad dream about the mamas undoing the adoption for the mess her and Brandon are currently facing, so Callie is preoccupied with that thought the entire episode. Brandon is now living with Courtney and her son Mason, and was almost late for school cause Stef took the car back and didn't bother to tell Brandon since the car is there for everyone's use. Jesus and Emma are exclusive friends with benefits. The school day was mainly focused on discussions about the lockdown and the events that happened afterwards. Callie gets suspended for smacking a boy that made an unnecessary remark about her sleeping with Brandon. She goes to get coffee and meets this boy who goes to college and Callie makes up an alias and says she's in college too, taking photography and they end up leaving and spending the day at the beach and she takes some photos of this guy, and then drives by a home that Callie used to live in and took a photo of it. She needed to figure out another thing to do for her senior project  since her other two projects had flaws in them and they didn't work out; and it is going to be a book but the contents in the book is gonna be photos and stories about her moving from house to house before finally finding her forever home with the Adams-Foster family. 
   Jude goes to a youth group with a friend and ends up finding a friend that I think he will connect with in the upcoming episodes. The episode closes with Lena and a school assembly about the safety and the school etc and the fence is removed. 
Next week's episode previews is intense and it looks like Jude will continue to be friends with the pastor's son, Mariana gets a call from Nick who asks her when she is gonna visit him in jail. Callie starts her senior project and it looks like there maybe trouble between Brandon and Courtney... but only time will tell.