The Fosters S4, Ep.5:"Forty" Recap & Review

#TheFosters recap "Lena's 40th" 

  This episode was another great episode, it dealt with feminity, Lena's birthday party was a 70's themed party, the backyard was decked out in a cool white floor, disco music playing. We see Lena's family join in with the festivities, and Lena's dad hiding a huge secret. Lena's mother thinks he is cheating, but that isn't the case. We find out that he owes a lot of money to the IRS, and they might loose the house that they live in.
  We see a rather cute moment between Mike and Ana, and Ana told Mariana that she loves Mike but hasn't told him yet. Mariana spills the beans, and we see Mariana tell Mike that she loves him but that she didn't hear it from her, then we see Mike go up to Ana and say that he loves her too and asks her to dance. We see some women cops come into the backyard, but they turn out to be there to be Lena's present and their modest strippers that gave her dance. Jude's new friend Noah came to this party and after changing his status Jude officially asked him out, and Noah said yes! 
  Callie's student lawyer friend comes by with some info regarding the foster brothers case which is good new. I can't wait to see what happens with that. 
  We saw in this episode Callie going to visit her foster brother who was wrongly accused of a murder they think and Callie went to track down the only witness in the case, but the stories didn't add up. 

 At school in the stem club, the teacher made an assignment that the team who wins gets to represent the school at the stem event that is coming up. We see this episode that Stef finds a check for a lot of cash and kinda confronts Brandon knowing that Courtney just got served divorce and custody papers the episode prior. 
I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how all these characters are going to grow this season.