#TheFosters Season 4 Winter Premiere Review & Discussion

The Fosters winter premiere was filled with everything from horror to drama to suspense and of course so much love. It was a strong start to what looks to be a promising end of their fourth season.


Alright, so the episode starts off with Callie in this guy’s car. I still remember yelling at my computer during the season 4a finale, trying desperately to stop her from getting in, but of course my efforts were useless. As they're driving, supposedly looking for Mariana, Callie get’s a phone call from Aaron, explaining that there was more DNA found on the murder weapon. Not only that, but the DNA was from someone related to Martha. Now who do we know that’s related to Martha and looks crazy enough to commit murder? Oh maybe the guy driving the car! This moment had me terrified, but here’s Callie handling this situation like a pro.

And then comes the crash. Oh. My. God. This scene absolutely blew me away. I was so panicked I only realized that my hands were over my mouth when it was over. Cinematically, this scene was amazing. All of the confusion and panic portrayed so well through the way it was filmed, I definitely felt at least a little bit of what Callie must have been feeling. 

I was pretty proud of Callie when she automatically called 911, possibly saving lives again with that quick thinking attitude, but her rash decisions really hit us hard as she decides to flee the scene. You never leave the scene of the accident! That bit of information really comes back to bite us at the end of the episode. 

Meanwhile, as Callie is being kidnapped, Jesus is in the ambulance with Stef. Now I gotta be honest here, I wasn’t ready for how dark this season got in such a small amount of time. Never would I have believed the Fosters would kill off a main character, but the deeper we get into this episode, the fewer chances of survival there seem to be for Jesus. The seizure in the Ambulance was pretty terrifying, but I lost it entirely in that hospital room when it showed the foam coming out from Jesus’s mouth plus Stef’s panic? One of Stef’s most reliable characteristics is her ability to remain calm in these sorts of situations. As soon as I saw her start to really loose her cool, I was done. It’s one of the key scenes that made this episode so raw and powerful. 

Another really powerful scene was the Surgery scene. The contrast between the robotic movements of the sergeants and the raw emotion of all of the family members was just so incredibly powerful. Absolutely one of the best scenes of the show thus far.

Now I don’t know about you, but I was expecting a bit more of an emotional break down from Mariana. Her twin may or may not make it out of this situation alive, and yet she doesn’t seem as worried as we all know Jesus would be if the positions were switched. I think this is definitely going to come out in the next episode. I really want to see that realization moment for Mariana, that ‘Oh my god, I might have to live without him’ moment. But for now, Mariana seems to be too affected by the pills to really grasp the severity of the situation, which may or may not be a good thing.

Now I’ve never felt like more of a mother hen, than watching Jude get high with Noah during this episode. The entire time the camera was on the two, I couldn’t help but think that Noah is a horrible influence on Jude. He deserves to experiment as much as the next kid, but it’s so hard to watch him going through this phase after getting to see him grow up all these years. I’ll get over him growing up soon hopefully, but I don’t think I can ever get behind this Joah ship. 

Lastly, theres Brandon. Honestly, this kid just can’t catch a break! I guess everything that’s happened to him has ultimately been his fault, but not getting to go to Juilliard after having gotten accepted was one of the hardest things to watch in this show. Now, I have to say, I’ve never really been behind his relationship with Courtney. When Brandon decided to go into his audition no strings attached, it was the first time I felt proud of him all season. Him going back to her this episode sort of reversed that. Brandon really needs to figure his own life out now before trying to drag more people into it. He needs to step back and just be himself for a while. 

My predictions for the next episode are: 

Mariana’s going to have a break down and it’s going to be alone. Jesus has been there for her allure life, and I think a scene of her just completely loosing itby herself, would just really drive that home.

Callie is in so much trouble right now. I don’t know how Stef is going to help her because of her previous conflict with Grey but U guess we’ll find out. 

All in all, this really was one hell of a season B premiere. I am so ready for this season, I think it’s going to be flipping fantastic. So excited for Episode 12!