#TheGoodPlace S3, Ep. 11 "The Book Of Dougs" Recap and Review

Can Michael convince the council of The Good Place that their system is broken? Here's a recap!

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Eleanor, Michael, and the gang are in The Good Place; as they can't use foul language and can only smell what they would consider being pleasant things like a cloud of raging teen hormones at a pool, Blake Bortles winning the Super Bowl; or even a warm pretzel.

There they meet Gwendolyn who plays along with Michael's story about how they got to this spot of The Good Place. During their time, she tells them that The Good Place is right out the door, but they couldn't open it. Michael asked if he could talk with the council but she tells him meeting with them would be breaking the rules; which he did and tries to explain that The Bad Place has tampered with the system. But it didn't go the way he had hoped. After hearing about a waiting period to investigate it; Michael had one more way to get this fix to see the judge.

Meanwhile, Chidi helps to calm Eleanor down as she's freaked out for being that close to the good place. Being only four Oreos away from heaven, Chidi becomes a complete opposite of what he has been and calms her down with date dinner to even dressing up as a mailman. But after dressing up like a mail carrier, Eleanor takes Chidi and had sex in a closet. 

Tahani tries to help with Jason and Janet but causes more problems in a way. But it would end up blowing their whole cover story after Tahani makes Janet cry.

Michael confesses to Gwendolyn; a portal opens with the doorman telling him that the judge wants to see them at IHOP; which stands for Interdenominational Hole of Pancakes. Michael, Eleanor and the gang move into the portal to meet the judge.

"The Book of Dougs" was as good as it could have ever been. The episode depicts the American Government well; in the moments from The Good Place council taking so long to investigate Michael's claims to Jason asking what place would turn down refugees. Nicole Byer, who played Gwendolyn, really stole the episode with her performance. Not to mention William Jackson Harper and Ted Danson were terrific as well. Strong character development and strong writing for this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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