#TheGoodPlace S3, Ep. 5 "Chapter 31: Jeremy Bearimy" Recap/Review

This week's episode of The Good Place was by far the best episode of the season. Whether it's confusing or not, "Jeremy Bearimy" was an outstanding episode.


When Eleanor and the group learning about Michael and Janet plan for them to get into The Good Place. But now that there's no chance, the group decides to do whatever they want; but they do make the best of it. From Eleanor, who wants to do what she wants to do and break the rules, does a good thing by returning a wallet and a few things to a person.  Tahani and Jason give money to charity and strangers. But she also decides to give some of her money to Jason. But the bank wouldn't allow it unless they got married; which they did. 

Michael and Janet write up the manifesto of their operation of what went wrong and hand it to the judge. But it was Chidi who had the best reaction after Michael taught them about the Jeremy Bearimy timeline in the afterworld.  From freaking out a drug dealer to making marshmallow M&M chili in front of the students while telling them that the world is empty. When Eleanor pays a visit to him and getting him back with Michael and the rest of the gang; she's got an idea that might help others instead of themselves.  It was right after everyone agreed to Eleanor's plan, a visit from Tahani's ex-fiance comes by ready for their trip. 

This episode was by far the best episode of the season and yet probably of the year. Megan Amram should deserve an Emmy Nomination for this episode. Not to mention that Amram was the violin player when Jason drops money in her violin case, was very good.  I felt like some of the characters reacting to the afterlife timeline at times. There were strong character developments in this episode.  Even though the cast did an outstanding performance; it was William Jackson Harper who steals the event with his performance as Chidi, and I wouldn't count out an Emmy nomination either. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

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