#TheGoodPlace Season 1 Recap

It was last season most witty, funniest and well-written new show if you haven't seen the first season of The Good Place, here's a bit of a recap.


The Good Place is when Eleanor Shell stop (Kristen Bell), who awakes and is welcomed to the afterlife by Michael (Ted Danson), she learned that she died when she was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer that was carrying a billboard for erectile dysfunction products. Michael is the facilitator and architect of this new neighborhood in a utopia called "The Good Place."

Michael tells Eleanor she made it into the Good Place for helping clients get off death row and also other international humanitarian work, but she realizes that she's been mistaken for someone else whom she later finds out that she has the same name. While in The Good Place, Eleanor learned that when you entered you have a soulmate with whom she or he is matched that's accordingly upon arrival she or he will live for eternity.


Hoping to stay in The Good Place, Eleanor must hide her imperfect behavioral past from everyone and asked her soulmate, Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper), a university ethics professor in life. He agrees to teach Eleanor to become a better person and avoid going to The Bad Place.

Along with that, she interacts with the people in The Good Place like Tahani Al-Jamil (Jameela Jami), a wealthy philanthropist who dedicated her life helping poor people and raise billions just to prove her parents she can do better than her sister. Tahani's soulmate, Jianyu Li (Manny Jacinto), a silent Buddhist monk from Taiwan, but is another mistaken mishap for someone else, like Eleanor, who happens to be a DJ named Jason Mendoza from Florida.


Throughout the episode, Eleanor, Chidi, and Jianyu/Jason try to keep their secrets from Michael but everything from flying shrimp, giant bugs, and massive sinkhole and even Michael quitting his job, just puts the pressure for Eleanor. So she decided to announce that she wasn't the Eleanor they thought they had. So Michael gets to the bottom of it, goes through records and then gives Eleanor questions about what good things she has done in the real world, which were none.

Micheal calls Trevor, the man from The Bad Place, about this situation and that they have the other Eleanor over there. As Trevor brings other Eleanor, the real Eleanor after watching how Chidi and the other Eleanor work well together decides to go, but a change of mind comes from Michael and hoping for some kind of an agreement. That lead for Sean to come, Sean is the Eternal Judge of The Good Place, but as he comes, both Eleanor, Jianyu/Jason, and Janet, the Good Place version of Siri, steal the train and heads to the Middle Place.

Trevor hears Michael, Chidi and Tahani's plea to keep Eleanor in The Good Place, but they must do it without showing any emotion for else Trevor goes into a cocoon. After hearing from them, he puts a warning out to Eleanor if they don't come back two of her friends will take their place, for which Eleanor returns but misses the deadline. 


She makes a plea to go, but Trevor wants another person too. After everyone argues who's going and who's staying it turned into one big torture until Eleanor probably figured out the greatest, most shocking moment in this television season. She figures out something and calls Trevor and Michael out and tells them she and Chidi will go and for the moment. Michael and Trevor were stunned for a moment until Eleanor tells the gang that this isn't The Good Place but The Bad Place and with Michael's face turning from shock to a weaselly grin, he finally admits it. And tells all how he came up with the idea and how everything was all staged from the beginning. 

Soon, Michael and Trevor went out and talked about redoing it all over again and fixing the mixup. Before Michael came back, Eleanor tries to write a message for herself and place it in Janet's mouth. As Michael comes back in, Eleanor tells him to do his worst but she will and by that time Michael snaps his fingers, and we are back to square one with Eleanor meeting Michael again this time different. But soon after going through all the introductions of The Good Place, meeting her home and soulmate, she gets a visit from Janet with her message that she left for herself to tell her to find Chidi, but first, she needs to know what's a Chidi. 

This was literally one of the best new shows of last season. The writing and the performances from this cast were beyond amazing. There's so much chemistry with this cast it can't be denied that they are irresistible. With what I proceeded with what the episodes were going, I literally didn't see that final moment in the season finale to be what it truly would be. Shocked to the core yelling "What the fork!" many times during and after it aired. 

I can't wait for the season two to begin to see where these characters will go. It may seem the same, but the game has changed. 

If you haven't seen The Good Place, you can catch the first season on Netflix now or the NBC App. You can catch the special one-hour season premiere Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 10/9c after America's Got Talent Season Finale and caught them on its regular night and time Thursday, Sept. 28th at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.