#TheWalkingDead S7 Ep 13 "Bury Me Here" Recap & Review

I would give this episode a grade 9, I loved it very much.

The episode starts with the kingdomers loading the truck with one cantaloupe, but the mood was a little off everyone looked so sad. 

Carol is waking from what seem to have been a nightmare and light her lamp them a cigarette, while Morgan continues to train Benjamin little brother who was complaining about waking up so early to train. Carol heads out to the Kingdom and takes down some walkers in a tree with a street sign which made me a so happy I love badass Carol. When they open the gate to let her in and saw all the walkers down the look on the faces was priceless, she asks Benjamin for Morgan. Carol wanted to know why Daryl and the team came to the Kingdom and if everything was ok at Alexandria. Morgan refuses to tell her what happen to tell that what happen between her and Daryl is between them. Morgan offers to go with her to Alexandria, but by Morgan response, Carol knew that everything was not ok and they were hiding something from her which brought her to tears.  Carol head out and Benjamin offer to accompany her to cottage telling her that he could miss the drop because he was inspired by how she handled the walkers and wanted to learn from her but she refuses to tell him to go the drop. 

We see Richard behind a building digging, while Ezekiel looks out his kingdomers studying, picking cantaloupe walking around. My favorite scene of the night Nevada comes to talk to Ezekiel and steps backs a little when she sees Sheba and Ezekiel tell her that Sheba like he and she mumble “that’s what I am afraid of” (the look on the face had me crying from laughing). She had come to tell Ezekiel that is garden had Weaver, and the trees had to cut down and burned to prevent it from spreading and encourage him by telling him that they could all grow back, Sheba agrees and roared, and Nevada tells him that she think she pissed herself. Benjamin gives Morgan and house warming present; a framed he had found while out scavenging. 

The Kingdomers gets ready to meet the Saviors for the Kingdom's weekly drop off, on the way, there was a roadblock, and they came out to investigate, but there was nothing out of the ordinary except for a grave behind the building that said bury me here. Though it was disturbing the Kingdomers continues on their journey by clearing the road and heading out. 

Gavin tells them that they were late and Ezekiel try to explain, and he told him that doesn’t care, and Jerry yells don’t interrupt the killing, and Jared knocks him in the head with Morgan’s stick, and Gavin tells Ezekiel not to bring that your highness shit to him. He told him that appreciate that he has been delivering but things have become unnecessary tense, and he did not go this route for it and ask them for their guns. Ezekiel asks Gavin to give Morgan his stick back, but he told him that he had a choice and Morgan told him that it was ok. Gavin told them that he took their guns because the thing was about to get emotional because the was only 11 cantaloupes and not 12, Ezekiel told him to count again, but when he goes over, there was only 11. Gavin told Ezekiel that he would have to teach them a lesson and Ezekiel try to offer double the regular delivery, but Gavin did not have it. 

Gavin tells them that he was going to teach them a lesson right not, and Jared points his gun at Richard, who says “Just do it,” but shifts his hand at the last second before pulling the trigger and shoots Benjamin in the leg. Gavin tells them to settle down and tells Jared to give Morgan back his stick and get in the truck and not say a word. He then tells Ezekiel to listen “you will make your deliveries on time it’s A’s or S, not I” and that he needed to bring 1 Cantaloupe the next day no more and not less. They rush to Carol’s cottage, but Benjamin eventually dies after bleeding out.

Morgan left the cottage and became deranged, as he was before learning aikido, experiencing flashbacks of his son and wife. He contemplates suicide but backs out. He kicks a crate and finds the missing cantaloupe and realizes that Richard intentionally hid the cantaloupe. Morgan returns to the Kingdom and confronts Richard, who explains that he planned to provoke the Saviors into killing him, as Gavin had promised he'd be the first to die if anything ever went wrong. Richard promised Morgan that he would tell Ezekiel everything and that he would spend the rest of his life making up for Benjamin’s death.

The Kingdomers return to drop off the one Cantaloupe, and Morgan immediately asks Richard if he had told Ezekiel and he told him not right now, Ezekiel tried to inquire what was going to, but the Gavin and the Saviors drove up. Gavin asked about Benjamin with no response he knew he was dead, and immediately tells Jared to start walking before he killed him. Richard walks the 1 Cantaloupe over to Gavin and attempts to explain that he understood but before he could, Morgan who was frustrated by Richard not telling Ezekiel the truth strangles Richard to death. Morgan, they explain to everyone that Richard staged the missing cantaloupe to start a war. After exposing Richard's plan, Morgan assures Gavin using the same word Richard told him, that he knows what's at stake if things went wrong, to which Gavin frightfully consents. Morgan tells Ezekiel that Richard thought that he could choose and that why Dwayne but corrected himself and said, Richard.

Morgan tells them to head back to the Kingdom, then drags Richard's corpse to the open grave he had dogged and buried him there. He then returns to Carol and confesses that Negan and the Saviors killed Abraham and Glenn with a baseball bat and later Spencer, and Olivia. He explains that Rick wants to fight the Saviors and that's why he was in the Kingdom. Morgan prepares to go, intending to go after the Saviors and promises to kill them one by one, but Carol convinces him to stay using the same line Ezekiel told her “you can go and not go.” Carol returns to the Kingdom and finds Ezekiel, telling him she's moving to the Kingdom. Carol tells him that they need to fight and prepare for the imminent war. Ezekiel agrees but tells her that it would not be today as he plants with Benjamin’s younger brother. Finale scene we see Morgan back at the cottage sitting alone on the porch, shaping the end of his fighting stick into a sharp point.

Overall it was an amazing episode, I love seeing Carol back in the game being her kickass self. Thank goodness Morgan is past the Zen shit it was starting to work on my last nerves. I am sad to see Benjamin go he was growing on me, I thought he would have become a great fighter, the kid had guts. Carol going back to kingdom to live excited me, I know everyone want to see Carol with Daryl but I really like her with Ezekiel, I think they would make a power couple #QueenCarol. 

Let us know what you think:
Do you agree with Morgan telling Carol what really happen to the Alexandrians?
Is anyone else Shipping Ezekiel and Carol?
Are you excited about Old Morgan coming back?