#TheWalkingDead S7 Ep 14 “The Other Side” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 7

At the Hilltop, Sasha and Maggie are making a weapon (spares) and have begun training the people, including Enid, how to use knives offensively in preparation for the war against Negan and his Saviors. Jesus gives Sasha a map of the Saviors Territory, and Daryl is having a hard time being around Maggie. Rosita shows up at the Hilltop asking Sasha for her help. 

Maggie apologize to Jesus for crowding is a trailer, but he told her that he was used to it as he grew up in a foster home. We learn a little about Jesus this week, he tells Maggie that he always has a hard time opening up to people, neighbor, friends, boyfriend but for the first time, he feels like he belonged.

Jesus and Enid catch Sasha in his room searching for bullets, and while she was trying to hide it, he already knew what she was up and try to stop her from going after Negan. Sasha wants to support Rosita telling Jesus and Enid that Rosita is will to go without her and she is still getting ready. Sasha asks Enid to protect Maggie because she was the Future of the Hilltop along with her and for some time before she tells Maggie and while she listens and understands Sasha, she tells her that she is going to tell Maggie what was going on and also gave her an unfinished bracelet for the baby. 

Sasha and Rosita sneak out of the Hilltop to carry out their secret mission to assassinate Negan. A Surprise visit from Simon and a crew of Saviors raid the Hilltop Colony, forcing Daryl and Maggie to hide in the cellar. Simon tells Gregory that he was that it was just a quick visit for one of his someone who will become Negan’s someone. 

Outside Sasha and Rosita tries to find a car, Rosita notices Sasha wearing the necklace she made for Abraham and tells her that she made it. Sasha tries to have a personal conversation with Rosita, but she tells her that she was only interested in talking about the mission. Sasha tells Rosita the plan to build a sniper's nest outside instead of going inside and getting the killer, but Rosita doesn’t agree and wants to ensure that they get Negan once and for all.

Enid try to stop one of the saviors from going into the Cellar were Daryl and Maggie is hiding, she was not able to stop him, and he goes down (my heart was racing out of my chest). Simon pays Dr. Harlan Carson a visit, who ask him if he needed a checkup, Dr. Carson tells him that they don’t have enough medicine to give more, but Simon breaks the news to him that he will be the new doctor for the Saviors. Dr. Carson learns that is brother Emmett Carson was dead. Dr. Carson tells Gregory that his charts are in order and he needs to make preparation for his patient, especially for the recurring ones.  

Gregory continues to lose credibility as a leader and tells Simon that he knows how to work with Negan and if he loses the trust of the people someone else with the takeover. Simon gives him a pass to come see him if anything changes or someone else is trying to take out or have the plan to take down Negan. 

Maggie tells Daryl that he hasn't spoken a word to her ever since he returned to the Hilltop and Crying, Daryl apologizes to Maggie for unintentionally causing Glenn's death. Maggie determinedly tells Daryl that he wasn't to blame, saying that Glenn thought Daryl was one of the good things in this world and he would know because he was one of the good guys. Maggie tells him that she wants to string them up alive and kill them all, but they have to win and hugs him and ask him to help her win.

The Saviors leaves with Dr. Harlan Carson, as their new doctor and the people at the Hilltop watches, and he leaves. They mumble amongst themselves and Jesus, and Enid watches on helplessly, and Gregory with an “I don’t care look on his face.”

Rosita and Sasha finally finds a car just as they were about to be overturned by walkers; they find an empty building near the Sanctuary, Sasha and Rosita set up a sniper’s nest. While waiting, they bond over their purpose and past events and how Rosita became so good as so many things and how much Abraham changed her life. They both bonded over their love for the same man, and they cried that it was not it time and that Negan took him away too soon and told each other that they had got their back. (This leave me thinking that one of them is going to die, my money is on Sasha “Sonequa Martin-Green” who will be starring in the upcoming series Star Trek: Discovery as Lt. Commander Rainsford). 

Sasha release that Dr. Carson was brought to the Sanctuary and Negan comes out to meet him, but Sasha could not get a clean shot, and they turn on the walkie and hear Eugene giving orders. Rosita and Sasha decided to go in a takeout Negan.

Back at the Hilltop Jesus is called in by Gregory, who tells him that he has been slacking on his scavenging and that there are too many people in his trailer and it was a fire hazard. Gregory goes on to tell Jesus that he has job assignment for the new people because there will be no more free ride. Jesus mentions that he made them take Dr, Carson and he was surprised that he didn’t kneel. Jesus continues to tell him that he must be getting scared because he wants to split them up, to which Gregory replied threatening Jesus that he should talk to him like that because he doesn’t know what will happen with all the Saviors coming around and he looks out for his friends, and they are not friends. (It is time for someone to go, I am surprised Maggie left him live this long). Jesus leaves and runs into Daryl who wants to know where Sasha and Rosita went, and Jesus tells him of the plan to go and kill Negan.

Sasha and Rosita attempt to sneak into the Sanctuary and shoots on of the Saviors, they encounter Eugene from the other side of a fence and urges Eugene to come with them and escape, but he refuses. He tells them to go away and heads back inside the compound; Rosita curse at Eugene, in disappointment. At Sasha's suggestion, Rosita keeps watching as Sasha slips through the fence, but doesn't notice Sasha using a lock to close the opening behind her so that she can’t come in Rosita. Despite Rosita's protest, Sasha explains to her that it wasn't her time and she still needed in Alexandria. Leaving Rosita behind, Sasha breaks into the Sanctuary, through an open door, to kill Negan herself, leaving her fate unknown. As a gunshot was fired, Rosita sobs in frustration and flees when she hears Saviors approaching, but eventually stops to catch her breath and notices a dark figure, holding a crossbow, watching her from a distance.

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I like the episode and love that Daryl finally got to let some of his guilt out over Glenn. It was interesting how they addressed the sexual orientation of Jesus (I like it TWD first gay man, I wonder who will play his love interest “Daryl” just saying) The Sasha and Rosita bit was a little frustrating for me as I think they need to wait and go with the plan then again as I mention above Sasha is supposed to be in a new show so this might just be the way to write her off the show.  

Let us know

Have Eugene really join team Negan or does he have a plan?

Will Sasha survive the Sanctuary?

Who do you think was the dark figure, holding a crossbow, watching her from a distance?