#TheWalkingDead Season 6 Recap Plus Season 7 Details

The highly anticipated seventh season of the hit zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead, returns this coming Sunday. Millions of fans await with eagerness and dread... The unknowns eating away at them... But the wait is almost finally over!! (Thank God)

If it wasn't massive hordes of flesh-eating walkers or packs of individuals deeply sickened by the New World known as the Wolves, it was the one and only Saviors terrorizing the welfare of the Survivors. Season 6 of AMC's hit drama The Walking Dead, was jam-packed with drama, love, joy and fear with a mix of the everlasting unknowns that the show will always have, but this season set a whole new perspective to the show's standards.

If season 5's finale wasn't big enough, the first five minutes of season 6 should have done it... The premiere episode, which aired October 11th of last year, was action packed from start to finish. The episode opened with Rick and a few new members in a quarry filled of walkers. They were blocked by semis, thousands deep. But the top semi slipped off the quarry's edge and walkers started to pile out. Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and others put their plan into action to steer them away from Alexandria. 

The episode jumped from past to present many times, seeing the build up to that point in time in the episode. Tara woke up from her unconscious state shorty before Glenn and Nicholas arrived at the Alexandrian infirmary. Then it jumped to Glenn, Heath and Nicholas clearing a building that could detour the dead ones. While they do that, Rick, Michonne and Morgan meet up at a designated meet spot and wait. Sasha and Abraham are in a rusted out car, Daryl next to them leading the pack. They needed to lead the giant pack of walkers 20 miles away from Alexandria. Rick then meets up with Pete while the walkers are being lead successfully away. He got bit in the face and, well, Rick ended that problem. Then... The horn sounded...

Episode two opened with a short back story of Enid, Alexandria's newest member (next to the Survivors' arrival). It jumped right into Carol baking dinner, but when she looked at the lady across from her, she was stabbed... This led to the battle between the Wolves. Spencer managed to get a Wolf driving a semi (hmm... Connection?) which crashed into the steeple of the burnt church which created the horn blow. After a minute, he was able to shut the horn off. Then Dianna showed up. She stayed in the truck. After almost an hour of battles between the wolves and the Alexandrians, they won. When Morgan went to go home, the head Wolf was in his house. He knocked him out and the episode cut to black. 

In episode three, we saw the remaining group on their way back to Alexandria. Rick splits to get back to the RV to help lead some of the broke away walkers back on the road while Michonne, Glenn, Nicholas, Heath and a few other Alexandrians make their way back through a  shortcut. But, they ended up getting caught by the herd. Fortunately, they were in a building (at that time) so then Nicholas and Glenn head out on a mission only to be caught by the horde. What does Nicholas do? One of the stupidest moves ever on the show... He shot himself in the head, falling on Glenn, causing them to fall and leaving many fans wondering if he too got torn apart by walkers... Rick got to the RV but was ambushed by Wolves who shot up the RV. Rick killed them all but the RV wouldn't start as the walker horde swarmed in...

Episode four was a slower pace episode, Morgan's backstory after Morgan left Atlanta. He met up with a man named Eastman, 'The Cheese Man' who helped him regain his humanity after the incident while looking for weapons (season 3). Come to find out, it was for the Wolf. Back in season 5 (either episode 15 or 16), when the Wolf approached him and wanted everything he had. He gave it to him. 

Episode five opened up with Dianna listening to Michonne talking when she caught a glimpse of something. Rick . They let him in, gather a plan together to fight off the walkers while Spencer decides to risk his life to lead the walking corpses away from the Alexandrian gates. He falls from his wire and Rick, Morgan and one other helps him. After that, all calmed down... For the time being.

Episode six was a Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham episode. They were about a  mile from the designated drop spot and made the turn to head back to Alexandria when they got shot up. Daryl ducked and took a sliding stop while Abe and Sasha took after one of the cars. Daryl was able to sneak by and get into a forest, but he was injured and bleeding, probably from a flesh wound from a bullet. He ended up getting caught and tied up by a blonde guy, a red head and a short haired girl (later to be named Dwight and Honey). After a bout between the three, he escaped but helped them when people hunted them down only to get his bike and crossbow stolen. While Abe and Sasha are waiting for Daryl to come back, they hold up in a building. Abraham finds an RPG with three unloaded heads. Daryl goes back the way he came and discovers what his captors were talking about when they said "Patty", a fuel truck. He drives it back to where Sasha and Abe are waiting then they head home. That's when they hear a distress signal over the radio calling for help.

In episode seven, we saw what happened to Glenn. With a miracle, Glenn was able to pull himself from the walker mosh pit and hide under a dumpster. Enid slipped out in episode two and was making her way to Glenn. Well, she found him. They worked their way back to Alexandria. Rick, Tobin, and a few others were building up the slab of the wall to help defend the walkers outside plus the slowly caving in church steeple. Just as Glenn sent up his signal to Maggie and Rick, the steeple came crashing down, and walkers began to pile in...

In the midseason finale, we saw as the wall fell and the horde that once surrounded Alexandria now engulfed the safe zone. People ran for their homes, and some took cover in houses that were close. Rick, Dianna, Michonne, Jessie, Ron, Sam, Carl and Judith held up in Jessie's home. They discovered Dianna was bitten. They gathered a plan as other did as well. Eugene, Denise, Tara and Rosita were in a garage while Morgan and Carol were held up in his brownstone.  Rick and the others fought off the walkers that broke into the house. They blocked off the main level. They kill walkers, cover themselves with the gunk to hide their scent and sneak out into the thousands of walkers... Then Sam says 'Mom...' I mean, really kid? It's the fricken apocalypse... 

In The Walking Dead midseason sneak peek clip, we saw Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham in the gas truck. But they ran into a problem... 8 men on motorcycles sat waiting, armed to the t, stopping them. Come to find out; they were the first of Negan's men known only as... The Saviors. And they had come to take everything they had. 

In the midseason premiere, we started where we left off with Daryl, Sasha, and Abe being held up by some of Negan's men. One of them makes another take Daryl to the back to search for everything they have. While doing so, the head guy in this scenario tries to give Sasha and Abe a scare and almost shoots them when a ball of fire engulfs the bikers and blows them to bits. Back at Alexandria, the group walks through the most pit of the dead. Rick pulls them aside because he realizes that the first plan is too risky. So Father Gabriel takes Judith, and they go back to the church to hide. Rick and the others go on, but Sam freaks out and gets attacked, then Jessie follows. Ron was about to kill Rick when Michonne stabs him. Ron pops off a shot and in the trajectory of Carl. Carl got shot in the eye. Rick picks him up and runs him to the makeshift infirmary inside of Denise's home. She works on him while Rick grabs his one and only Red Handled Hatchet. Be goes on a killing spree. Then others join in and before you know it, as many as 15 people are hacking down walker after walker, corpse after corpse before Abe, Daryl and Sasha show up, not only saving Glenn's life (he was being swarmed by walkers) but the whole Alexandria community. They back 'Patty' up and drain her into the lake then Daryl lights the water on the fire and the walkers go to it, burning to nothing. At the end of the episode, Carl is in a bed, recovering, Rick by his side. His hand moves after a touching moment. He'd be okay.

In episode ten, Rick and Daryl go on a run, Eugene mapping out the areas they should check. Shortly on the run, they find a truck full of goods. They stash the rig and drive it home. But they stop. Daryl finds 'The doctor's order' orange soda. But they're ambushed by a guy named Paul Rovia, "but his friends called him Jesus." He tricks them and takes the truck. They find him, tie him up and leave him, but he's on the roof. They tangle with him; he almost steals the truck again before Daryl gets him, accidently knocking him out and the truck rolling into a lake... Whoops... Rick convinces Daryl to play nice, so they tie him up and bring him home to Denise then Morgan's home. Then... Michonne and Rick get intimate. Ooh! Richonne became a thing.

Episode eleven is where we met The Hilltop. Jesus told Rick, Daryl, Michonne and a few others that they traded with other communities for goods and other things as well, Rick and the group were intrigued by the idea of more people, so they put a plan together to go to the Hilltop with Jesus. But along the way, they ran into a car wreck. Rick, being the way he is, thought it could be a setup. It turned out not to be, and they saved three or four Hilltop members, a doctor included. Upon the meet with Gregory, Hilltops' leader, Maggie was the chosen spokesperson. When things didn't go Gregory's way, our survivors were going to leave. But an unexpected fight between a member of Hilltop and Gregory caused a fight to happen after Gregory is stabbed. Maggie then precedes to make a deal with Gregory for protection against the Saviors... bad choice... They agree to give the Alexandrians half of their food in return for protection. In the end, big mistake. Maggie and Glenn saw their baby for the first time, and they were nothing but relieved smiles.

Episode twelve was strictly business. They had one mission in mind; get back the missing member of the Hilltop and take out the Saviors' compound. They did just that. Everything was going great until a savior came out of his bunk room and got the temporary drops on Abraham. Sasha had him covered, and this started a war that, in the end, our survivors won. Tara and Heath left for their medicine and supply run. One of the saviors attempted to escape on Daryl's bike, but Daryl tackled him and beat the ever-loving snot out of him. Then, the radio sounded... Carol and Maggie were captured. 

Episode thirteen showed how Maggie and Carol got captured, held hostage and almost killed. Carol, going through some weird moral crisis, pleaded for them not to get hurt, for any of them to harm her and especially Maggie. But Carol pulled it out, killed them all, Maggie killed the one that sliced her belly with a walker then the others were incinerated. Rick and the others came to the aid of Carol and Maggie and took them home.

Episode fourteen Daryl got roped into going on a medicine run with Denise and Rosita. Come to find out, Denise and Daryl had quite a few similarities including their brothers'. While on their run, Abe and Eugene went on a run of their own. Eugene had found a place suitable for making ammunition. But, they got in a fight and the two parted ways. That made his grumpy self-feel something he hadn't in a while. After the run, they were on their way back when Denise found a cooler, but a walker was in her way. Damned if she wasn't going to get that cooler, but she paid for it in the end... While giving a well-needed speech (in my opinion), Denise took an arrow through the eye, the blonde man from the burnt forest (Dwight) behind the bow. Daryl's bow. They stood toe to toe, firearm to firearm. Then, Eugene came into the picture... He knelt in front of 'D...or Dwight.' Whichever they liked better. After bullets had flown and wounds were made, they went home, the Saviors receded and went back. Eugene caught a bullet, but he'd be okay. Daryl and Carol buried Denise. Then in the middle of the night, Carol left Alexandria.

Episode fifteen is when they figured out Carol left. Tobin told Rick that she'd left sometime during the night.  One of the front cars was missing. Then Daryl jets off.  But he tells Rosita at the gate. Glenn and Michonne get in a van then Rosita hops in with them. They jet off after him. Then Rick and Morgan go off to find Carol. Carol kills a truckload of Saviors except for one which tracks her down and tries to kill her. Morgan and Rick track her for a while, but Rick needs to head back for the trip to the compound tomorrow. When Morgan finds Carol, the guy that she didn't kill was shooting her, slowly killing her. Morgan kills the guy, saving Carol. Back at Alexandria, Maggie cut her hair then suddenly has a severe pain in her belly. She goes down. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita meet up with Daryl and try to convince him to go back. But he can't. His conscience won't allow him. I can't say I blame him, I mean the man just watched yet another person he cared for be killed in front of his eyes. He's been through so much. Rosita knows he's right, so she goes with him. Glenn and Michonne were headed back when they were surrounded by Dwight and more Saviors...Daryl and Rosita must have been close because they tracked them down but what happened next... Oh, my God. Dwight snuck up on them and shot Daryl...

On the season six finale so much happened... Because Maggie had an accident, they had to make a stop at the Hilltop to make sure Maggie was medically cared for. After all, it was something to do with the baby... So they packed up the RV, Abe, Sasha, Eugene, Carl, and Aaron hit the road with them. But each attempt came up useless as they were continually blocked by Negan's men. I believe after five attempts; they decided to do a sneaky peak and send Eugene down the road in the RV, and they would carry Maggie through the woods on the stretcher. Vital mistake... The Saviors ended up trapping them in a pit of their people, surrounding them... Making them feel small, inferior and Stupid. They had Eugene already knelt, made everyone else kneel and brought Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and Rosita to the lineup. Then, Negan arrived... After laying down the law on who was now in order, he chose who he was to "Lucille" through a game of "eeny meany mini moe." Then, he brought down the bat. And the camera went to blank...

We only have days to see who remains... So who will it be? We will find out Sunday at 9 p.m.

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin