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#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 10 'New Best Friends' Recap

Sunday, February 19th 

Sunday's episode was a further character building, ally creating, feel good episode that has only been felt twice so far this season. Daryl and Richard created a bond after their testosterone-fueled scrap, Rick and Co has a new and dangerous group in the works and Shiva made a new friend. Daryl!


Episode 10 opened up with the Kingdom delivering their weekly supply drop to The Saviors. The head mission guy, Jared, was still on edge about Richard clocking him back in episode 3. Gaven, another Savior, tries to tell Ezekiel the load is a little light this time but Ezekiel tells him to check again. He retracts his statement. Jared wants Richard to be disarmed of all guns. Rich isn't for it. He and Jared go barrel-to-barrel before Ezekiel tells him to give it up. Jared was about to clock Richard with the gun but Morgan stepped in and knocked it out of his hand. Jared went to hit Morgan and Benjamin stepped it and knocked Jared away. Ezekiel said enough and they parted ways. Jared took Morgan's staff even though he pleaded with him not to. But, he wasn't getting it back.

When they got back, Morgan spoke to Daryl. Daryl wasn't happy knowing Morgan didn't do anything to stop the Saviors. Daryl tried to get out of Morgan where Carol was but Morgan remained tight lipped. Daryl left. He walked up on Richard practicing the bow. Richard told Daryl that Morgan said he was a bowman. So he gave him a crossbow. (Daryl's back, baby! Ehem... Please excuse my excitement)


After the opening credits, Richard took Daryl to his secret weapons and supply stash. He handed Daryl two rifles as he concocted a Molotov cocktail. Then, they headed out. Richard took Daryl to a road that the Saviors use often. He formulated a plan to take them out three at a time. But there was a problem... Carol was near and she would be suspected of doing the damage. Daryl remembered what happened when they raided the Saviors compound and how Maggie and Carol almost died. He's out. He didn't want Carol hurt bit Richard doesn't mind sacrificing Carol considering she's acting like she wants to die being alone anyway. But Daryl isn't having it. He and Rich fight. But they come to a bloody conclusion (mainly Richard is bloody) to leave that plan be for the time being. Daryl tells Richard that if anything is to happen to Carol, he'll kill him. He wanted off.


Ah yes! The Junkyard Kingdom! 

Remember where they left off in the last episode? Rick smiling like a mad man? Well, it was resolved. Rick spoke with the leader, Jadis. Jadis sported a funky hairstyle but she was nothing to sneeze at. No. That woman meant business. She retrieved Gabriel per Rick's request. Rick explained the situation between the Saviors. He asked them to join. At first, she said no. But after Gabriel's good words, she wanted to test his grit. So, she took him to go visit 'Up Up Up" which was the spikey, knifed out walker. Rick battled him, getting a rebar pipe stuck through his hand and a tare in his pants, but he came out victorious. She agreed to fight their fight after a difficult negotiation meeting, a third of the Saviors supplies, loads of guns and to keep what they stole. Rick agreed. Then, they went home after rick replaced Michonne's kitty sculpture.


Carol, Carol, Carol... 

The King, Jerry and three other guards from the Kingdom showed up. Carol has told them over and over again that she wishes to be left alone but they can't seem to acknowledge that. Jerry gives her some fresh cobbler. They leave. But just as she sits down to read, another knock is heard. She gets up. It's Daryl! They embrace, then he asked why she left. She told him because he had to. 


Carol invited Daryl in. As she was heating up grub, they talked. Carol tells daryl the reason why she left was because she couldn't handle killing anymore. She could do it but there wouldn't be anything left of her. An empty shell.  He can respect that. She asked about the situation at home, about the Saviors and if everyone was okay. To ease her mind, he told that the situation back home was okay (not telling her about the deaths). After they ate, Daryl headed back to The Kingdom. 


When Daryl got back, he went to visit Shiva. He and the tiger bonded. Morgan was impressed with how he handled her and he knew Ezekiel would be as well. Daryl told Morgan that the guy must not be too bad having a tiger as a pet. He told Morgan that he told Carol the situation but Morgan knew that he hasn't told her otherwise she'd be there. Daryl rubs Shiva then tells Morgan he's headed back to The Hilltop to prepare in the morning. And, he did. 

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The Walking Dead returns Sunday at 9p.m. only on AMC

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin