#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 2 "The Well" Recap & Review

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

Last Sunday was a whirlwind of emotions, a rollercoaster ride from the get go, and all around messed up episode but this week's episode was a slower paced, awesome episode revolved around Morgan, Carol, King Ezekiel and the Kingdom.


This week's episode was a complete 360 from last week's mind-blowing premiere, and it was an amazing debut of The Kingdom, its King and beloved tiger, Shiva. 

The episode opened up with Carol being carted away, Morgan next to her with the guy (who many speculated was from the Kingdom) who found his missing horse that Morgan borrowed in the season 6 finale. On the way to the Kingdom, they were ambushed by a pack of walkers, when (like knights in shining armor) more Kingdom guards arrived and helped beat the mini horde. Carol, in the middle of her mid-apocalypse crisis, saw the guards like they were killing people, not the dead. After the ordeal, they took her and Morgan to the Kingdom. 

When Carol wakes, Morgan takes her to meet the man who runs the Kingdom, and his right hand tigress. She puts on her facade of this cute, innocent woman and buffalos him... For the time being. When he wheeled her out, she told him that the Kingdom is a circus and the people are just playing make belief. She then told Morgan that when she gets a chance, she's leaving and he can't stop her. They argue back and forth before they head back to Carol's room. 

Morgan, a few of the guards from the Kingdom and King Ezekiel go out on a hog hunt. Morgan wants to know why the hogs need to be wrangled using walkers but the question remained unanswered. Morgan saved one of the people who were with them, Benjamin, a young kid, and King Ezekiel were impressed. So when they arrived back at the Kingdom, he asked Morgan to train the young man. After negotiations, Morgan agreed.

While Carol is up and about, training is underway between Benjamin and Morgan. That's when King Ezekiel and a few others call to him and the kid. They meet up with the ones that took the hogs away. The swine was harvested, and come to find out if was for The Saviors. Some of the Saviors came to pick up the meat (tainted meat!). A young savior who looked like the Wolves leaders' son started a battle between a Kingdom member and himself. The guy who was in charge of this run called it enough, and they left. 

Carol was a busy bee packing up and getting ready to leave all while they were at the trade.

When Morgan got back, he ate dinner. He chatted with Benjamin and found out a bit about his past then brought Carol a tray of dinner only to find that she was nowhere to be found.

Later that night, Carol was in the Sanctuary's garden. She thought she was alone when she was spotted by Ezekiel and his right hand man, Jerry. Ezekiel and Carol had a long, amazing conversation about his origin, how he equipped Shiva, how he became king and that he, in a round about way, didn't want her to go. But she felt she needed to. So the King arranged for her to leave in the morning. 

Morgan escorted her out of the Kingdom, two horses below them. She decided to start in that house they came across in the beginning of the episode. She was putting wood into a fire she built when she heard a growl. Ezekiel and Shiva were at the front door, a pomegranate in his hand and said, "You really need to try one of these."

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin