#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 4 "Service" Recap

Sunday, November 13th, 2016


Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead had many fans on the edge of their seats, yelling at their television sets. And at the end? Crying. Negan is a nasty villain with a good side, sadistic humor and all around son of a bitch. 

Sunday's 90-minute special opened up with Michonne and Rick in bed. No, nothing nasty. Recovering from their wounds. Rick laid one way, she the other. She got up, dressed, and snuck out her stashed rifle from their mantle. As she stepped out to leave, Rick was seen in the doorway watching her go. She was walking in a field, climbed atop a rusted and busted car, sniping a walker...or attempting to. She never hit it. She ended up lobbing its head off. 

When the commercials ended, we were brought back to Alexandria. Rick greeted Judith as Rosita and Spencer prepared to leave on a supply run for the Saviors. But, they got stopped. Negan and the saviors appeared by the truckloads. "Little pig little pig. Let. Me. In." Spencer opened the mesh gate, Negan smiling like a crazy man. He told him to let him in, and Spencer acted like a dumb person. Negan said he knew his impression was big enough. Then, Rick appeared. He let him in. Negan tossed Lucille into his hands and marched right in the "Safe Zone."

After a cat and mouse game between Rick and Negan, Negan informing Daryl was not to be looked at or spoke to; Negan had a woman by the name of Arat and the saviors sent to work. They went through the Alexandrian's homes and took whatever they wanted. Including their furniture.

Dwight spoke with Rosita and told her that he wanted Daryl's bike. He took their guns, dumped their water and even her hat.

While the saviors did this, Rick and Negan walked around Alexandria. He even cracked a can of soda. Negan wanted to know where the widow of "number two" was. Then, father Gabriel appeared. He scared the crap out of Negan with his crazy smile and his outfit. Then, asked if he wished to pay his respects. Negan did, along with his Negan-type apology. 

Everything was going well until Arat found Olivia's weapons records. She found that there were two missing, a clock 9 and a .22. Negan threatened Olivia's life so Rick pulled everyone together and told them that things would be much smoother if they accepted. They needed to give up the guns to protect the community, and it's people. No one fessed up so Rick, Gabriel and Aaron went on the search. Spencer had hidden them along with a bottle of liquor and food. He brought them to Negan. 

Rosita and Spencer found the bike. He loaded it up as she went for a gun run. She took a gun from one of the dead saviors, and they headed back. 

Michonne was seen looking at the walker's tracks and come to find out; she's shot a deer.
Negan and the saviors were packing up to leave, Negan saying his final good-byes to Rick when Rosita and Spencer came back. They gave the bike to Dwight, Dwight taunting Daryl and then he sped off. Rick asked if Daryl could stay, but Negan wanted Daryl to convince him that maybe he could stay. He stayed silent. Rick sudden asked for a moment before they left because he spotted Michonne in one of the burned down houses out front. He went to her, convinced her that it was best that they handed over the gun. She walked back to Alexandria with the deer on her shoulders. Negan told Rick "he loves a woman who brings dinner and doesn't expect him to put out." After a few choice words from Negan, the saviors left.

Spencer said to Rick as he walked away, "We should've made a deal with them while we had the chance," then went, to taunting him about how it lead to the dead of Abe and Glenn. Rick told him that if he ever mentioned that again, he'd break his jaw and knock out every tooth. Then he walked away. 

Rick was at the house putting their bed back together on the floor when Michonne appeared. She wanted to argue, but Rick spoke first. "I had a friend. I don't talk about him much. He got Lori and Carl to safety right after it all started. I was in the hospital when it all started. I didn't know what was happening. My friend, his name was Shane, he and Lori were together, they thought I was dead. I know Judith isn't mine. I love her; she's my daughter, but she isn't mine. I had to accept that role protect her. So I could keep her alive. I'll die before her. Hopefully, that's a long time so that I can raise her protect her and teach her how to survive. I did what I did to protect everyone so that nobody else had to die. This is how we live now. I accepted that." Michonne picked up a blanket to help out Rick, and she told him "I'm gonna try."

In the final scene, Michonne was at her shooting spot. She saw something and went to investigate. When she saw what it was, it mortified her; the saviors had burned every last one of their mattresses.

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin