#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 3 "The Cell" Recap


'Luckily today, Lucille isn't thirsty.'

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead proved once again that no character is safe in the world of the dead. Even fan favorite, Daryl Dixon. 

Many fans had speculated what could have happened to Daryl. Some were right, some were wrong and other were sickeningly spot on.

Episode three opened up with "D" in Daryl's vest drinking some kind of alcohol. Then he played some kind of drinking game with a woman. Some show was playing with annoying music. It showed him buzzing around the compound collecting items for a sandwich. He collected fresh bread, lettuce and tomato, pickles and mustard from someone's personal stash and fresh eggs from chickens. Once he finished prepping his food, he was seen overlooking a walker pit. He watched over two (I just guessing here) prisoners arrange walkers. But he was fixated on a single walker. 

Next scene, Dwight was seen with a can of dog food and slapping a huge chunk onto a piece of bread and pulling another piece on top. He put it on a plate then brought it to the cells. Daryl was seen cowering in a corner, naked, bandaged and shaking. He handed him the plate and Daryl ate it. This preceded for a while before Dwight brought him a change of clothes. Basically, they looked like rags. Then, he drug Daryl out of the cell. He took Daryl to the compound's infirmary where they ran into Dwight's old woman, Sheryl. There was a pregnancy test on the table but it was negative. There was tension between them. The doc looked Daryl over, mainly the bullet wound, then sent them on their way. 

Negan appeared in the hall as they walked. Everyone knelt, Daryl forced down, and Negan requested to talk to Dwight. Dwight sat him down in a red stool across from a room that looked too homey. A Savior held Daryl at gunpoint. Daryl observed the room and it looked as if he was missing home too much. When Dwight returned, he brought him out to that walker pit. He taunted Daryl with his crossbow but when that wasn't working, he shoved him up against the fence, making Daryl's surreal reality even more present. He brought Daryl back and shoved him back in the cell and put more of that annoying torturous music on. 

After that, Negan and Dwight met up. They conversed, Negan giving him praise for bringing Daryl closer to the breaking point. Wrong. But he wanted to reward him. So he dangled Sheryl in his face then pulled it back but offered him any woman in the compound... As long as she said yes. (In the comics, Negan does not condone rape. Looks like the TV series is following that.) Then, Negan said "Oh... Is everything okay down there? You know, your penis? The guy took a pretty big bite out of it." Dwight said that he was fine and he would decline but then Negan says "I am giving you a night's pass to the p*ssy bar, Dwight eats free and you say no? That's not very cool." Dwight explained that he wasn't done with his project and he wouldn't feel right doing that. Then, he got an "orange call." Dwight went out after it. 

When the commercials came back, Daryl was given another Fido sandwich but by a chubby Savior who left the door unlocked. Daryl made sure there was no one in the halls then made a dash. He was three quarters through the maze halls when someone got behind him. It was Sheryl and she almost got punched out. She told him, "You need to go back. What ever he has done to you, there is always more." He had a look of disbelief in his eyes but he had to keep going. And, he did. Daryl found a door and saw his chance to escape. He took it. But Saviors surrounded him and then here came Negan...

'I am everywhere.'

As Negan appeared, he entered the circle with Daryl. He basically told him that there was no escaping. He told him that Dwight had given him three options and there was no door number four. Daryl stayed silent then Negan went to swing Lucille but Daryl didn't flinch. He smiled and said "You don't scare easy." He told him that he needed to choose. When Daryl still stayed silent, Negan turned grumpy and scary and told him "Lucille isn't thirsty... But I am... So let's go have a drink!" He walked out of the circle as the saviors commenced to beat Daryl down, Daryl getting a few good licks in first. 

Dwight was on his call, walkers tried to get at him, his bike broke down and he got injured but he found the guy who escaped. It was the guy who he was with in the beginning of the episode. He was tired of Negan's ways and he couldn't take it anymore. He listed some good points about Negan's ways being wrong and that it changed people. Dwight held him at gunpoint, the guy begged him to kill him but Dwight wouldn't. He told the guy that if he didn't come with him, he would dig up his dead wife and feed her to the birds. He agreed and stood up and went to walk when Dwight shot him.

Daryl was in his cell when Sheryl appeared outside the door. She called to Daryl then said "Back in the forest...I said I was sorry and you said I was gonna be? Well... I am." And then she left. 

Sheryl and Dwight met up in the stairwell and shared words before he returned to Daryl. He brought Daryl another dog food sandwich. Daryl threw the sandwich at Dwight then Dwight taped a photo to the wall next to Daryl. He closed the door, turned on a sad, sappy song and waited. Daryl had thrown the photo on the ground but picked it up. It was Glenn's head bashed in. After a moment, Daryl began to cry. When it was heard, Dwight walked away. 

When Dwight came back, he found Daryl laid out, a puddle of vomit next to the photo and an uneaten dog food sandwich. He brought Daryl to the room right across from the red stool. Negan waited for them. He gave Daryl a glass of water, Dwight putting a straw in it, then gave a little insight to his and Dwight's background including how the woman from season six, Tina, was Sheryl's sister and Negan's soon-to-be fiancé. Dwight asked for forgiveness and to save Dwight from death, Sheryl agreed to marry Negan. So for punishment, he received a burn to the face. Negan then began to, in a roundabout way yet not, threatened Daryl. "Who are you? I'm going to ask one more time. Who. Are. You." Daryl looked up at Negan and said "I'm Daryl." Dwight got mad but Negan said that it was alright. But it was a mistake. 

When Dwight returned Daryl to the cell, bloody nosed,  Daryl spoke. "I understand why you did what you did. You had someone to sacrifice for. But I can't." Dwight looked at him before he finally said "You don't know... But you will." He shut the door. 

Dwight was seen over watching the walker arrangement when he spotted a particular walker... It was the guy, his friend who he shot, who had turned. He was now a part of their project...

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin