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#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 5 "Go Getters" Recap and Review

Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Maggie with Hilltop Doctor Dr. Carson

Maggie with Hilltop Doctor Dr. Carson

Sunday's episode 'Go Getters' was the feel-good, slower paced episode that was needed. A break from the Saviors mayhem was overdue. Maggie and Sasha were a force to be reckoned with at the Hilltop and Jesus was back in action with his Hong Kong Fui, proving once again who should really be running The Hilltop.

Episode 5 opened up with Maggie looking at a vase of flowers (resembling Rick and Beth's hospital wake-ups). She was with the Hilltop doctor, Dr. Carson. He told Maggie that her baby was okay but due to severe trauma, the placenta had detached from the uterus. With rest, she and the unborn child would be okay. Sasha waited outside for Maggie. When she came out, they visited the graves. Abraham and Glenn had been buried at Hilltop which apparently wasn't approved by Gregory, The Hilltop's ass-of-a-leader. He told Jesus and the girls that they were to leave. Jesus convinced him that they would be able to stay at least the night. He would talk to Gregory later.


Next, we saw Carl, Aaron, Rick and Michonne talking. Rick and Aaron were going to go on a run for the saviors for when they returned. Carl didn't want to go, neither did Michonne. So they stayed while Rick and Aaron went. Michonne was given a radio and before he left, she gave him a smooch that I'm sure had fans going crazy. (Richonne for the win!) Carl was watching Enid preparing to leave when he stepped up. She wanted to check on Maggie. He wasn't going to stop her. She went. But while she was biking her way to Hilltop, a car came flying in, crashing into a walker and killing it. Carl and Enid went to The Hilltop together.


Back at Hilltop, Jesus gave Maggie some clothe that were his so they'd be more comfy. But when they were all cozy for the night, trouble struck. Music played, walkers intruded and hell broke loose. Sasha, being the badass she is, went after it. She killed walker after walker running to the vehicle that played the music. A hand with a middle finger lock was on the car. Maggie told Jesus that Sasha needed help so He jumped down and he went to business. Then, she told a few other Hilltop-ians to close the gates and they did. Maggie had a surprise in mind as well. Sasha and Jesus at work, Maggie grabbed the tractor and mowed down some walkers and the music car. Sasha and Jesus killed the remaining walkers.


The following day, Jesus was in Gregory's office trying to convince him that the girls could stay. Sasha and Maggie busted in, Sasha sacrificing her safety for Maggie's then some Saviors showed up. They came in, Simon in charge, Jesus hiding Maggie and Sasha. Gregory, like a dog on a six inch lead, followed every one of Simon's commands and looked pathetic. When the saviors left, he confronted Jesus about hiding Maggie and Sasha in his closet. Maggie laid down the rules, sucker punching Gregory, then Jesus made a call that would put Gregory out of leadership, deciding that he wasn't what was best for The Hilltop anymore.

Enid and Carl were seen outside of The Hilltop's walls as Simon and the saviors loaded up their supplies. Enid and Carl had a mutual understanding that they both wanted Negan dead, but for personal reasons, not for the good of Maggie, Sasha or Rick. Enid snuck in while Carl stayed behind.

Enid was seen at the graves with balloons on the right grave. (Abe's). Sasha and Maggie knew but Maggie didn't have the heart to tell her. She gave Enid the pocket watch that her father gave Glenn. As they ate dinner, Jesus went to work again. He jumped inside one of the Saviors' truck and poured one of the booze bottle out. Carl popped out behind one of the boxes. They were both on their way to the Saviors main compound...


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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin