#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 6 "Swear" Recap and Review


Sunday's episode was another slower paced episode, Tara, and Heath battling through a pack of sand soaked walkers, an unconscious Tara winding up on the shoreline of a village and struggling her way to survive the inhabitants and sand soaked walkers.

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"Swear" opened up with a woman and a kid on a shoreline killing walkers. They stumble upon an unconscious Tara. The little girl wants to kill her, but the woman doesn't. After an argument, the girl leaves, and the woman drags her to shore. 

Tara and Heath were seen in the RV eating and arguing as well. He wanted to go back, but she knew there were people depending on them for ammunition considering the current deal with the Hilltop. He tells her that no matter what, they'd go back tomorrow.

The woman from the beginning was studying a map. Then, she glanced up at a clock. She went to check on Tara, leaving her two bottles of water, a burlap wrapped fish and a spear. Tara woke, chugged a bottle of water, watched the woman then followed her back to camp. But Tara got more than she burgeoned for and wound up almost getting shot. Tara tries to talk her way out of it, but the commercials interrupt.

Heath and Tara were atop a boxcar blocking off part of a bridge. They investigate but everything seems either dead, gone or abandoned. They stumble upon a dirt pile, and Tara sees a bag. She pulls it. Wrong move. The pile collapses and sand walkers invade. Tara and Heath fight them, but they surround her. And then Heath disappears...

Tara is waiting on the head of this village. The old woman, Natania and her two guards, Cathy and Beatrice. They wanted to know where she came from, how she got there and why she got there. Tara told them a bogus story about her and her "friend" had been on the road for a few years and they got separated. That's how she washed up on their shore. Cathy wanted to know why she was snooping and Tara told her that she wanted to know if it was safe or not, and she still wasn't sure. Natania and her girls leave Tara to rest. When they come and get her, Cathy takes her to Natania's bungalow. They have dinner. They discuss the Villages' history and they want to know about Tara. Tara tells them about Alexandria and that they've committed awful things as well. Tara says that they can come, too, so Natania sends scouts put with Tara to report back to the Village. 

Natania sends Cathy and Beatrice with her as scouts. When Tara was walking past Rachel, the little girl from the beginning, she spits at Tara's feet. Tara flipped her off, and they set out. They were halfway to the bridge when they heard a walker. Tara took the lead to kill it but made a break for it, Cathy and Beatrice shooting and in hot pursuit of her. Tara dodges them for the time being. She gets the jump on Beatrice, but she wins and aims the rifle at Tara. Beatrice tells Tara how the saviors killed all their men over ten years old. Then one night, they left. That's why they kill everyone they don't know. Beatrice was about to shoot Tara when Sydney, Natania's granddaughter saved her from being shot. Tara ran. Sydney caught up with her, made her swear not to tell and when Tara agreed, they went to the bridge. 

Sydney and Tara had shared a moment of bonding before they kicked it into hyperdrive. Sydney covered Tara while Tara rn for the other side of the bridge. She killed them with the spear Sydney gave her while she snipped for Tara. Then, Tara had a flashback. She thought that Heath had abandoned her, but he jumped up on a truck bed and shot walkers. Tara was fighting off three when she fell over the bridge. That's how she washed up on the shore. When Tara refocused, she saw a Heath-like walker. But it was a female... Thank god... Tara makes it to the other side of the bridge, finds Heaths' broken glasses and tire tracks. Then, she finds a key card, with 'PPP' on the front...hmm...

Tara treks back towards Alexandria. She takes cover in some souvenir shop and sees a bobble head that reminds her of Denise... And sunglasses. She stays the night, eats and gets back on the road the following morning. When she arrives at Alexandria, Eugene is at the gate. It broke my heart!

In the final scene of the episode, Tara sat in Denise's home. Rosita leaned against the cabinet, and she apologized to Tara. Tara held the bobble head doctor, and she apologized. Rosita begged her to inform her of something, of weapons located somewhere, something but Tara simply said "There's nothing out there,"

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin