#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 7 "Sing Me A Song' Recap

Sunday, December 4th, 2016


Sunday's 90 minute special from start to finish was action-packed, humor-filled and even had more than a few hints at Negan's dirty humor. So, shall we get started?

'Sing Me A Song' opened up with Michonne on the move. She came across the pile of burned mattresses that Negan and the Saviors left. She got an idea... So she whistled for walkers, and they came. She killed them and dragged them away.

Throughout the episode, Rick and Aaron were on the run to find whatever was valuable to keep the Saviors at bay. Weapons supplies whatever they came across. 

The following scene, we saw two saviors chilling at the back of the supply truck coming from The Hilltop. It appeared they were waiting on some walkers to pass before they continued. When they did, Jesus and Carl got to business. Jesus left a trail to follow back. He jumped out. Carl stayed in the truck. When Carl arrived at the Sanctuary, he grabbed a semiautomatic rifle and hid again. When a savior spotted him, he shot him. He fired more shots and scared off the other saviors; then he asked for Negan. The Man appeared, taking cover behind one of his men and told Carl he liked him but he scared him, too. He then tossed a savior at Carl, Carl shooting him dead and then Dwight pounced. Dwight was ordered of him by Negan and Negan offered his hand. 

Daryl watched on as Negan stood atop Carl, more than likely wondering what he would do to him. Negan told Carl that he was lucky to have an arm, even Daryl was fortunate to have one, too. After a while, Carl took his hand and stood up. Negan told Dwight to send Daryl for a tray of food while Carl was accompanied by Negan. Carl wanted to know where they were going but Negan told him one to remain the badass kid he liked and two not to spoil the surprise. Negan brings Carl to a common area where everyone kneels while in Negan's presence. He then turns to Carl and says "Respect." Then, they move on.

Rosita and Eugene go on a run. He wants to tell her where to go, but she already has a plan in mind. Spencer realizes that she isn't going to find items for the saviors and he confronts her. He tells her that she may not like it, but she needs to accept it. She won't. He says that he can do better than Rick and Rosita tells him to get the truck he has stashed for himself and then she tells him to leave her the hell alone. She walks away. She and Eugene leave. 

Negan takes Carl to his wives room and has words with Cheryl. Negan asked her what had happened between Mark and Amber. She told him that what goes on while he is away is none of his business. This went on for a while before he touched her chin and asked: "Have I ever hit anyone of you?" She said no but what he does is much worse. They started before he finally walked away. He confronted the sobbing blonde known as Amber and said she had options. But she chose to stay with Negan. He went back to Cheryl. He then kissed her as Daryl and Dwight came in. Daryl wanted to know why Carl was here but Negan told him what went on while he was not there was none of his business, glancing at Cheryl. He turned to Carl. He and Carl left. Daryl and Cheryl shared a moment, Daryl fighting Dwight then left, leaving Cheryl gulping Negan's liquor. 

Negan's Wives in the black (from face burning scene)

Negan's Wives in the black (from face burning scene)

Spencer and Father Gabriel argue over Rick and how good he is for Alexandria. Spencer won't accept Rick is good for the group, but father Gabriel backs Rick up. Then, he gets out of the car and walks back towards Alexandria. Spencer steps out and runs into the forest. He finds a walker chained to a hunter's post. He gathered a crossbow, a pocket knife and a note in some foreign language.

Negan and Carl enter Negan's room. Carl asks If all those women really are his wives. Negan said how he always wanted to screw a bunch of other women so why stop at one. They talk, Negan tells Carl he wants to see his eye. Carl obeys him and unwraps it. Negan jokes about it; Carl gets hurt then Negan apologized. Then, fat Joey walks in with Lucille. He hands her over, Negan joking then orders him out. He leaves. Negan wants repayment for Carl's kills. So he wants a song sung to him. Carl stutters for a moment before he thinks of one. Negan swings Lucille and throws Carl off, but he continues after Negan tells him not to be distracted by his actions. Negan seems pleased. He tells Carl Lucille enjoys being sung to, almost as much as bashing brains. After a few more words, Negan and Carl move on.

Negan takes Carl to a room that looks to be inside of a warehouse. A man is tied to the chair. He will be receiving "The Iron." While giving a speech, Negan tells his people that there are rules and said rules aren't meant to be broken. During this speech, Daryl and Dwight's exchange glances. Negan tells everyone to rise, and they do. Negan puts an iron to Mark's face and burns a chunk of flesh off as punishment. Negan tells Daryl to clean it up, the doctor to check on him and Dwight to help out. He meets back with Carl, says "let's figure out what to do with you," and walks away. 

Rosita takes Eugene to the bullet factory and takes him up on his word to make her a bullet, but he won't. They argue for a while before he finally agrees to make her one after multiple hurtful words.

Negan and Carl are back in his room. Carl is tired of Negan's ways and stands up to him. Negan likes it. He smiles, and he and Carl go for a ride. Negan tells Daryl he's taking Carl home. Daryl tells Negan he better not hurt Carl then Dwight comes and grabs Daryl. Jesus was atop the cargo van when they started to leave, but when they left, he wasn't there anymore. 

Daryl was inside of his box when someone slipped a note under his door with a key that said "Go Now" scribbled on the front.

In the next scene, a woman was blocked by a pile of dead walkers. Michonne. She ordered the woman to take her to Negan.

Negan knocked on a door with Lucille. It was on Olivia's door. He wanted to know where Rick was. She told him. He liked that idea, Rick getting him things. He made a snide comment to Olivia about "practically starving" that hurt her. He apologized followed by asking her if she wanted him to "screw her brains out." She slapped the hell out of him, and he said: "I am 50% more into you now." She didn't want anything to do with him, so he had her make lemonade. Then, Carl gave him a grand tour. Negan was enjoying himself. Then, he found Judith...

Rick and Aaron run across something more than promising... Highly armed with plenty of ammunition if Negan and the Saviors have not been in contact...

Spencer, Rosita, and Eugene meet up back at the gates to find out that Negan had arrived. Negan Is on the porch with Carl and Judith, Baby Judith just melting into Negan. He adores her but then he sets her on his knee and says "Maybe I should just bury you and him in the flower bed." Referring to Carl's earlier remark about why Negan was keeping him and Rick alive. Then, he kissed Judith's forehead.

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin