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#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 9 "Rock In The Road" Recap

Sunday February 12th

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead proved yet again that you cannot not have violence in a zombie apocalypse. The gang was back together, looking to gather new forces, and hiding a particular Fugitive. Overall, episode 9 was a good mid-season premiere and it put all of the babies in their corner.


Episode 9 opened with Father Gabriel on watch. He was skimming through the Bible, saw something, and went to the pantry. He gathered up all of the food and supplies, loaded up a car and left.


When the show came back from commercial Break, Rick & Co were talking to Gregory. Gregory being the ass that he is, he turns them down on their deal. Maggie and Sasha weren't happy given what they did for the Hilltop, so they were asked to leave. Talking about it, they were interrupted by Enid. She had gathered the Hilltop community and the people decided to band together because they wanted to fight against the Saviors. 

Walking away from the Berrington house, Daryl was talking about blowing them up. The only issue they had was they didn't have enough numbers. Given the strategy that they already know, they have a decent standing  but they still needed more numbers. Jesus  brought up  King Ezekiel and the kingdom. Jesus took them to the kingdom. Almost word for word from the graphic novels, the roving guards met up with Jesus, Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Tara, Rosita and Carl. Richard agrees to take them to the kingdom and request an audience with the King with the exception of a gun hand over. While on the way to the kingdom, Richard tells Jesus that they need to take out the root of their problem. Upon seeing the kingdom, Michonne, Sasha and Rosita are pleased with the numbers. If trained right they can have a small army. Tara was looking around and saw Morgan. A happy reunion between the group was seen, then Morgan told them what happened to Carol. Daryl wasn't happy that she didn't want to be bugged but they all respect your wishes. Then, they met the King.


King Ezekiel is pleased to see Jesus but wonders why Rick requested an audience with him. Rick and the group were shell-shocked when they saw Shiva. Rick spoke his piece about his plans in taking down the Saviors. Then King Ezekiel asked Morgan his opinion.  As you may recall, Ezekiel has become very fond of Morgan, and he trusts his opinion.  Morgan tells the king that maybe they don't need to kill Negan but perhaps capture Him. Then Rick tells King Ezekiel  a story;

  • When I was little, my mother told me a story. She told me that there was a kingdom similar to this that people trusted. But there was a rock in the road. People didn't think about the rock because it was small but  the rock horses legs broke wheel wells and were in the way. So one day a little girl was on her way to the kingdom to sell her family's whiskey.  They didn't have money; they didn't have food.  The whiskey was their only chance. She hit the Rock In The Road and the bottle broke. She cried then dug at the rock. Her hands are bleeding; she continued to dig until the Rock was uncovered. What was below it? A sack of gold. The king thought that whoever would take the time to dig up the rock should be rewarded.

Ezekiel said he'd think about it and he left for the evening.


Benjamin was in the forest training himself.  He ran into Carol. He asked how she was she said that she was fine.  He told her  that Ezekiel missed her.  She then asked  why he carried food and water in his pouch. Benjamin told her it's in case he runs into people considering there aren't that many left anyway. Carol gives him a few pointers then he's on his way. Ezekiel was reading to his younger brother when Benjamin got back. Benjamin tells Ezekiel of what he found out with Carol then he tells him why he believes they should go with Rick. Ezekiel tells Benjamin bad his father would be proud of him and that he is proud of him. The following morning, Rick and Co take a gander around the kingdom when Ezekiel meets up with them. He tells them the kingdom came with a high cost and that he does not want to jeopardize that deal with the saviors. So he is turning down their deal. But he does offer Daryl safe sanction for the time being. Frustrated, they leave but Richard still wants to fight. Daryl doesn't want to stay but Rick tells him it's the smartest plan. Then he tells him to at least try and talk to Ezekiel and if that doesn't work, stare him into submission. They leave.


Jesus takes Rick and Co towards the sanctuary.  There's a roadblock in the way. They move the cars. But Michonne spots something uneasy.  She spots Dynamite on the main freeway. Rosita disarms the dynamite. And they Salvage  what they can.  But there's a heard approaching. And it's large.  Quickly,  they work together to put the cars back. Then, Michonne and Rick wire the cars. They drive the cars with the rebar pipe and mow down half the herd. They get back to their SUV and leave. 


When Rick and them get back, the Saviors arrive. Simon's in charge on this excursion. They're looking for Daryl. Rick plays dumb. Then, they turn Alexandria upside down but come up empty handed. They leave with a promise to reek havoc if Daryl were to show up. Then, they leave. Tobin tells them about Gabriel. Rosita is pissed but Rick doesn't believe it. He goes to look and finds his bible and a note.  


Rick, Aaron, Michonne,  Tara, and Rosita go out on the search. But what they find was unexpected. They found boot trails from the houseboat they raided and follow them only to be surrounded by a new community ten deep. And what does Rick do? He smiles like a crazy man!


What did you think of this episode? Tell me in the comments below! 

The Walking Dead returns Sunday at 9p.m. Only on AMC

Editor:Joeleen Gatlin